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Check out our products.

Coin Sniper: headshot the markets

No need search between thousands of cryptos for overbought/oversold coins: CoinSniper is here to deliver the best entry and sell points as they happen!

  • TradingView integration.
  • We always catch the highest gainers.
  • Verifiable stats: easily check and keep track of past performance.
  • Friendly platform.
  • Powerful forecast algorithm.
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CrossFire: Altcoin arbitrage to the next level.

An everyday-growing list of 6000 trading pairs must have some arbitrage opportunities right? Master arbitrage opportunities with the most complete arbitrage tool of the web: CrossFire

15 exchanges supported, with more on the way.

Advanced filtering: search by exchange, base market or currency.

Built-in wallet checker for the most popular exchanges.

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Xypherian: your personal trading assistant

The favorite Telegram bot of cryptocurrency traders. Behind that friendly face lays the most powerful Telegram bot for crypto traders ever created

Technical analysis

Perform highly customizable technical analysis.

Market movements

Know exacly what happened in the last hours of your cryptos.


Get candlestick and market depth charts from your phone

Price checks

Check updated market prices and cap data

CrossFire integration

Analyze any market pair supported by CrossFire.

CoinSniper integration

Get the most oversold and overbought coins from CoinSniper.

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Whale Sniper

Spot the crypto whales at the moment. Never miss important market action again.

Stay up to date in this fast moving market

Spot accumulations, infamous pump and dumps, and other unusual activity on the markets


Smart Wall Monitor

Catch the buy and sell walls placed by whales at the moment.

Those big walls can make a difference

Be the first to know about them with Smart Wall Monitor

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Coming soon: HypeX

Markets can be predicted by numbers, but they are highly driven by emotions.

There's too much information...

It is impossible to keep track of every altcoin. Too many places, forums, and social networks to follow. HypeX is Xypher's own social analysis tool, specially designed to track the crypto hype and FUd

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For the ones looking to test.
  • CrossFire
  • CoinSniper
  • Xypherian
  • Whale & Shark Sniper
  • Smart Wall Monitor
  • And More!
  • Get a taste of our powerful tools.
  • Full Support


For Pro Traders.
  • CrossFire
  • CoinSniper
  • Xypherian
  • Whale & Shark Sniper
  • Smart Wall Monitor
  • And More!
  • Most purchased plan.
  • Full support


For the Whales.
  • CrossFire
  • CoinSniper
  • Xypherian
  • Whale & Shark Sniper
  • Smart Wall Monitor
  • Beta features
  • And More!
  • Most money-saving plan.
  • Full support

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