Kanthan knows a lot about science.

I'm not as busy as Dalton.


Pray do not talk of that odious man.

I remember doing that.

I hope you get the information you need.

I was just looking for you.

Life is like a box of matches - treating it too seriously is stupid, whereas being careless with it is dangerous.

We offered him a nice job.

I tilt my head. Not the pawn, but the knight?

I thought Pierette was one of them.

I know that Claude likes classical music.

Why did you say no?

Herbert could tell that Ronald had been crying.

Dick got a call.

The pledge to stop smoking cigarettes ranks among the top ten New Year's resolutions year after year.

The pizza delivery guy hasn't come by yet.

I am content with my circumstances.

You've earned this.

They do it faster than me.

The chick is hatching.

That's one of mine.

Damon claims to be a singer, though she doesn't sing well at all.

What was Andre talking about?

May I have another piece of cake?

The people were evacuated because of the flood.

You'd be crazy to leave now.

Kelvin was very quick to volunteer.

I'm a prisoner.

My fellow citizens of the world: Ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

We'd better take a look.

She wrote a letter to herself.

I want to see what the message says.

I don't know your name.


He broke his word, which made his wife angry.

I think I should check on her.

I prefer to wash myself in the shower and not in the bathtub.

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I'm from Diyarbakir.


Everyone knows I'm Phiroze's girlfriend.

I dirtied one.

I caught sight of her in the crowd.

I'm not going to worry about it.

Rich wants me.

I know people who get theirselves up in new problems every morning.

Wolf's answer surprised me.


He worries excessively on the eve of exams.

Vice was the first one through the door.

Her books sell pretty well.

Hitoshi looked into the room and saw that nobody was there.

There were bullet holes in the windshield.

I know you'll enjoy the food at Chuck's Diner.

I need a bag. Will you lend me one?

He finished his work.

Hail, milord.

Do I have to pay you back?

We decided to cease financial support.

I think we can make it.

We met under a lonely tree.

I don't think it's him.

Were you worried?

Vegans do not use animal products, or by-products, in their everyday lives.

He's super hot.

Swimming makes your legs strong.

No dogs are allowed.

Even the pastor's sermon is not beyond criticism.

The Aichi sea isn't all that clean.

The room is quite small.

We were married five years ago today.


That game was awesome.

We probably shouldn't talk here.

Someone has robbed us of all our money during our absence.

I love it.

I like Japanese rice pillows; they are good for my neck.

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That's completely verboten.

They agreed with one accord.

The plan was a success.

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Wolf has nice legs.

She woke up just in time to go to school.

When the Earth passes through an orbiting stream of debris from a comet that has broken up, what's known as a meteor shower occurs. Meteor showers take place on about the same dates each year.

Employing him would amount to employing nobody.

Juliane can't do such a thing and get away with it.

Our school stands on a hill.

My father gives my mother all of his salary.

You may take this book so long as you keep it clean.

Don't feed the pigeons.


She is in the pocket of big corporations.

It drew strength from the not-so-young people who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on doors of perfect strangers, and from the millions of Americans who volunteered and organized and proved that more than two centuries later a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the Earth.

Are not you ashamed of yourself?

Leora received a letter from Shakil.

I was very much surprised at the news.

The men entered the warehouse with their guns drawn.

Let's get on with the meeting.

There is no one but knows it.

Tatoeba has risen from the dead.


I believe in the power of positive thinking.

She mistook the sugar for salt.

The policymaker made sure to carefully consider the pros and cons in his work.

He's a citizen of China.

Andrea knew exactly what he was going to say.


Negligence is a type of damage or offense.


No one was listening to Ritalynne.

The enemy launched an attack on us.

What do you want to do next?

The face of thy mother's reflected in the sky.

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.

She is open to people who have a different point of view.

She listened to him.

Some people are just weird.

My opinion is similar to yours.


Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

Don't be afraid to trust your intuition.

Simon had a rich uncle who left him a lot of money.

That town has many tall buildings.

Where can I park?

We've got to get you a better office.

Are you sure we can trust them?

I just gave them one.

A good teacher must be patient with his pupils.

He is superior to his competitors in everything.

I always brush my coat when I come home.


I learned many of Takuboku's poems by heart.


Big changes are afoot.

I can't afford to lose my job.

You won't get anywhere arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

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Do you miss Graham?

Oy, why do you hit me?!

Where are the sanitary napkins?

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Avocado is a fruit.


It'll take you a few weeks to get used to wearing a wig.


The city is gaining popularity as a major tourist destination.

Have you started studying for the exam?

I'm itching from mosquito bites. Do you have any ointment?

At last, I caught up with my friends.

You never liked Tammy.

Let's have a little bit of a primer on weight and mass, especially if we start talking about atomic weight and atomic mass.

Would you care for drinks?

This was your idea.

I have to take Cory home now.


Micheal was getting ready for work.

I found the keys underneath the mat.

I heard you were rich.

I'm learning the Basque language.

He has a platinum credit card.

I nodded to show that I agreed.

I'm just tagging along for the ride.

I don't think it's very healhty to cut out whole groups of foods like fats.

Ask Oliver to call me. He has my number.


She wants justice.

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Sitting on a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one.


Just go back to what you were doing.

We amused ourselves by playing games.

I'm going to miss that.

Should I comb your hair?

This is the house where the famous crimes took place.


There never was any real danger.


I'm staying for another three weeks.


Change your thoughts, and you will change your world.

I arrived too early.

Novorolsky wasn't aware that Cindie was hoping he'd kiss her.

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She caressed her baby lovingly.

It works incredibly well.

We have no call to appoint him to the post.


The recent scandals involving altar boys and religious leaders have undermined the faith people have in the Church.


Can I bring him?

How much money did you make last year?

How many tiles should we buy?

The most beautiful words are those that speak of love.

They're Canadians.


Put on a happy face.

Have you finished your duties?

I just hope no one saw me.