I don't think Axel suffered.

He'll succeed for sure.

You can tell her.

The problem is you're not Canadian.

Rajesh is wealthy.

Isaac played the piano and Kolkka sang.


She always arrived too early.

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Laurie and Fritz went to school together.

Which of my servants did you see?

You must conform to the rules.

The radio doesn't work.

Is there a shop here?


I saw it coming.

Ning ran down the hill.

What kind of meal did you eat?

They both laughed again.

What is Freedom Flotilla?

What is she doing in his office?

The story was amusing.

I will bring back a lot of food.

I know very few people who can speak French.

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I'm sure Guido understands what we want him to do.

I needed a place to sit down and rest.

Shut up or I'll shut you up!

Why do I have to help him?

Did I tell you that I'm claustrophobic?


I can't believe that just happened.

The room was lit by a single candle.

Someone stole my watch.

Can any of us speak Spanish?

Donne stood with her hand shading her eyes.

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My town is surrounded by tall mountains.

We found a nail stuck in the tire.

She bore the air of a lady.

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I knew you'd understand what I meant.

I can no more swim than I can fly.

The river is the widest in Europe.


Many students bought the book.

What would you suggest?

Nowadays mobile phones are very popular.

She doesn't even remember me.

There is a global problem of comprehension.

The baby is speaking Esperanto.

We'll whip you soundly!

Kent ordered a beer for himself and a gin tonic for Edwin.

Don't lie, Honey.

I have three teenagers.

When she told you her plan, were you taken aback?

Cindy is quite dedicated, isn't he?

She's making progress in cooking.

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I can't just give it to anyone.


I fell asleep while reading.

Leo doesn't want to be my friend. He thinks that he's too cool for me.

Are those guys your friends?

You don't know where he is.

Can you show me the way to the gym?

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Success in exams doesn't mean a thing to her.

In a war of ideas it is people who get killed.

I saw Sanche's pictures.

I'm not laughing.

Earl said that you and he had lunch.

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Who did Doyle say was looking for me?

A colleague is coming to visit me.

A constellation shines.

We've got a lot to do.

The statesman barely coped with the intricate issue.

If you don't like it here, then leave.

I'm really surprised you got a prize.

Kristin thought he'd lost his wallet, but eventually found it after searching the house for an hour or so.

Where are you sitting now?

Patrick bought himself an expensive watch.

Did something happen at home?

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I want to get better.

Those dark clouds will probably bring rain.

I adore your daughter.

I don't know how you do that.

Dan was surprised by Linda's reaction.

My sister took care of the dog while I was away.

That problem has been shelved for the time being.

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What were you wearing?

Ramiro felt trapped.

That was very careless of him.

Terri is learning very quickly.

Stand by for my orders.


I'll be out in a moment.

Will you be participating in the celebration?

The bird that sings in the morning is caught by the cat in the evening.

We're letting you go.

Can you account for all the money you spent?

How much does a wooden chair cost?

Bryan didn't bring them.

The scholar carried on his lifework.

I was in the basement when the doorbell rang, so I didn't hear it.

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I know Fred is hurting right now.

Shirley is lazy and spoiled.

Their job is to wash the cars.

He is punctual in keeping appointments.

Is it really necessary to do that?

Bucky doesn't have a ticket yet.

You should bookmark this webpage.

What sort of house do you have?

His failure in the examination drove him to despair.


That's simply not possible.


He acted strange.


You're nothing.

Thank you for always sticking up for me when necessary.

This squirrel is hibernating.

The white building was destroyed by the earthquake.

Hitoshi ate all my candy.

I will know the people of the country better.

I am stuttering.

I don't speak to them.

You can avoid foodborne illness by having separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables.


I flunked two of my tests.

Did something happen at work?

They will lose weight.

What's your favorite way to cook potatoes?

What is the population of Boston Massachusetts ?

Let's consider the problem in all its bearings before making a decision.

I watch the news every evening.


It grew cold.

The accent of "guitar" falls on the second syllable.

We don't talk much.

If you visit Spain, come and see me.

Ravindran is always complaining about his job.


I've never seen anybody die.

I'm a farmer.

I don't regret arriving late.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

I'm a huge fan of cat videos.

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They say that Margot came to Brazil.


Heidi might not want to go.

I got hungry watching a cooking show on TV.

You can't just not go to work.

I need to get this done.

We don't say that anymore.

I couldn't bear it.

Have you forgiven Lois?

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In my country the customs are different.

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We don't need anything else!


I didn't know that Curtis was Shahid's mother.


Why are you looking at me?


Dan has never taken change well.

In Japan, even the whites who spoke Japanese fluently were not dealt with as Japanese.

We're going to get him back.

It would be better if you didn't drink so much coffee late at night.

Alastair still felt uncomfortable.

Kim is probably a little upset.

Winnie can't keep his mouth shut.

How can you doubt his word?

All we know is that Tai is guilty.

Don't let him call Taninna.

Is it all under control?


That child stared at me, his mouth agape.

Some things just don't matter.

Cup ramen are bad for your health.

I'm quite well.

He cocked his head.

Far from reforming his ways, he gets worse every day.

I'd like a room facing the ocean instead.

Blood is thicker than water.

What is your opinion?


Claire disagrees with Edmond on that matter.

Brandon looked at the ring Jon gave her.

What time did Tai leave?


Your blood pressure's low.

I heard my name called twice in the dark.

You used to have a sense of humor.