I need to go there.

Ranjit said he regretted doing that.

Anyway, I'm getting more experience.

The hall was built in memory of the founder.

I will visit Nara next week.

I knew I felt something.

Let's give Subra some room.

We were supposed to protect Tony.

I'm impressed, Lenora.

I'll get to the bottom of this.

She's probably just gone to visit her parents.

We're just pretending.

What was the final score of the game?

I didn't do it for Fred.

You'll be punished for this.


You must take care not to break it.

"The answer's a lemon." "Why?" "Suck it and see."

A lot of people came to the lecture.


Don't forget me!

There are six people including him.

There is a look of appeal on her sad face.

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Private detectives were hired to look into the strange case.

The fireplace, lacking firewood, flames already starting to lose their vigour.

Just do it right away or don't even bother talking to me again.

What's the time?

I put up with her as long as I could.


I returned home at seven o'clock.

Delight is the opposite of sorrow.

I know what needs to be done.

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I'm not quite prepared for this.

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By 7:00 she will have eaten dinner.


We're not asking that you betray anyone.

Go ahead and tell the others we're coming.

I'm sure I can help.

Gold is more expensive than lead.

The applicant impressed the examiner favorably.


Plants grow towards sunlight.


You like fruit.

The doctor performed the operation.

Jock doesn't want to admit how much he misses Indra.

He tried to push me into the water.

The city of Bonn just invented the "hookermeter", to tax prostitutes who cruise its sidewalks, and I just invented the word for that.

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I had finished my homework when you called me.


He does not run as fast as I.


He's not the kind of person who finds fault with others.

Do you know who invented the machine?

The teacher would only allow us to speak French in the classroom.

He said that he had met her, which was a lie.

When I'm in a bad mood, I like to think of stoats to cheer myself up.


Few people live to be one hundred years old.

Micky lived in Boston until he was ten years old.

I used to work full time in a restaurant.

Clarissa went back to school.

I like when he speaks to me, regardless of what he tries to say; I like the simple fact that he wants to talk to me about something.

You're not getting it.

The hotel fronts the lake.

I'm too tired.

That's right. Surveys confirm it.

We're no longer working for Diana.

I invited all my friends.

Pride tends to develop into hubris, which is close kin to madness.

Canada abounds in timber.

Why doesn't Grace have a cell phone?

Can I get back to you on that?


I think it's time we found out more about Tanya.

Frederick often eats out on Monday nights.

I think you should stay where you are.

Tahsin seemed surprised when I told him.

Why would anybody want to hurt Florian?

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Syd should be back at 2:30.

This school is ours.

There are many books about George Harrison, and it seems there is no mention of a Florence.

I have so many devices on my desk that it makes me feel like a secret agent.

Today is not my day.

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What have you heard?

Takayuki's dog left muddy paw prints all over his new carpet.

I worry about my future.

Try and look busy.

May I have the menu, please?

I've decided to tell Roxanne that I love her.

Let Jayant have his fun.

He gave a loud cry for help.

Why we did it in the first place is beyond my comprehension.


This is Laurie's dictionary.


Some people believe that thirteen is an unlucky number.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, after all.

Stop being so ridiculous!

Why are you carding the wool?

Do you think Dieter is all right?

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He has a capacity to gain everybody's confidence.


What horrible weather!

There were five classes in the first year.

Get it ready at once.

The whole world hungers for peace.

Tomorrow is payday.

Do you want to touch it?

It should be vetted through a well-designed testing process.

Let me show you what I've got.

Little did I think that I would win the prize.


Sjouke is coming to Boston.


Stevan nodded with a smile.

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How much have you had to drink?

She lost no time in starting to work on new project.

My faith in this country was never shaken.


I'm not at liberty to tell you about the incident.

I don't think Tracy is going to like that.

Do not put any objects on the console.

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This won't help us.


She was depressed by all her problems.

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Do whatever you think is necessary.

The island is cut off far from the mainland.

She prayed to God on her knees.

I'll find out if Jagath wants to go.

He is radical in thoughts.

No city in Europe is as populous as Tokyo.

Naomi's friends were mean to her today.

Since I live near Canada, I'd prefer to learn the kind of French spoken in Canada.

How did Sugih know that Ned wouldn't be here?

The baby is stuck. A caesarian section is necessary.

Hamlet proclaimed that he was not mad, but only pretended to be mad. Could it be, that he was mad all along? Or maybe he wasn't mad at first, but later on - as things became more and more complicated - he started to really lose his mind? Or maybe, he wasn't mad at all?

Do you have any idea how lucky you've been?

Joon was never convinced that John and Juha were husband and wife.

Corruption is wrong.

There are many rats on the ship.



The captain gave the order to abandon the ship.

Lonhyn opened the picnic basket and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich.


Can you get a message to her?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

She eats facing her husband.

We both hate you.

France is the largest country in Western Europe.

He is living apart from his wife.

Convenience stores and supermarkets can sell medicine since 2009.


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

We made inquiries into his past.

The tree is four feet around.

This is the second time that I have met him.

Do you still need tea?

It will burn.

He goes to sleep with the lights left on.


You should believe me.

You should talk to her.

Don't tell me they actually believe that nonsense.

I don't want to talk about myself.

The cheering ceased.

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Is that the truth, Avery?


Judy is quite a bit taller than me.

Do you think Part is going bald?

I am acting for my father.

Do either of you know him?

After saying everything that I had to, I felt relaxed.


He had to share his bedroom with his brother.

Lowell lost the bet.

A large amount of money was spent on the new bridge.


Ann handed the key to Ravindran and she opened the door.

Do you know where to go or whom to ask for information?

I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

The only time printers don't work is when you need them to.

He works as a speech therapist.


I don't want Greg to go.

Manny is truly a great guy.

Vance is still trying to get here by 2:30.