We consulted them about the problem.

He owns one cat and two dogs.

I'd like you to consider joining our club.

Even a small sound from the TV interferes with my concentration.

Mick seemed really sad.

Have you been away?

I had barely got into the house when the phone rang.

The prefectural governor got the upper hand in the July elections.

The chainsaw you bought doesn't work.

He is not the man he was before he married.


After a succession of warm days, the weather became cold.

I know how much Skef meant to you.

I wasn't surprised.

You're introverted.

You must've already done everything that needs to be done.

He puts on a show of being impartial and unbiased, but I think he's just a guy with no opinion of his own.

Everything is connected to everything.

On Saturday we went to the movies, then to the restaurant.

There wasn't anything like enough light to read by.

i think english is relly useful as a tool in the globalised world

I wish you didn't have so many problems.

You're out of order in talking back to her in the first place.

I will be friendly to him even if he doesn't like me.

Hubert wanted to dance with Ramesh.

This is unusual.

I don't think Samuel suffered.

"Do you understand?" "I don't understand at all."

You said we were friends.

We were the two closest people in the world to her.

Their team has a strong sense of unity.

The girls all laughed.

He isn't smart enough to do mental arithmetic.

As soon as Beth gets here, I'll tell him.


Kyoto has many universities.

This washer is so quiet that you could put it in your bedroom.

I know how old Ahmed is.

Edith isn't going to fire Denis.

She followed him home to find out where he lived.

Where do all these moles come from?

I'll lend it to you.

I've got a wife and three children.

I never bothered to find out who did that.


You didn't see anything.

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Investigators uncovered an assassination plot.

I trust him because he never tells a lie.

I can't speak French at all.


Have you told anyone else about this?

I saw him tonight.

Dwight lives a very simple life in a sparsely furnished apartment.

I am writing a song in German.

he resumed his work after medical leave


Dan stole Matt's identity and cashed thousands of dollars from Matt's account.


The cobbler is looking for a new anvil.

We can't let that happen, can we?

It's happened to us all before.

The play is at eight o'clock.

What is Tony doing?

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Was he really that bad?


What was there to see?

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I thought you said you didn't see anything.

I think Sergei's dress is too tight.

I said that he should not have anything.

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I'm really looking forward to Tanaka's visit.


Every spring, the winter ice melts into the streams and rivers and lakes.

And yet the large blocks of stone are fitted together so closely that you cannot put in the point of a knife between them.

I feel bad today.

My mother taught me to always look both to the left and to the right before crossing the street.

Indra spit out his gum.

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He was careless as to leave the door open.

He sprained his knee during a volleyball match.

He showed me his album.

The house has two floors and a wood shingle roof.

How should we educate our sons?

Answer me, please.

You may take the book if you can read it.


Do you want my email address?

He comes to school by bus or train.

All of us aim at success.

Taurus was released from prison three weeks before Laurel was murdered.

The time women spend doing housework is now a lot less than it used to be.

I can teach you how to sing.

Predictive texting can lead to some amusing errors when sending messages.

You'll find something.

The house was very badly built.

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I imagine that scene

Is this Bob's book?

As far as I know, he won't come.

I received an email message.

What's your debt?

I think I'll take a bath tonight.

I think you should do what Vicki tells you to do.

Manuel was interested.

I will not presume to give an opinion.

Raja's friends laughed at Manuel's joke.

I was amazed at his carelessness.

What's the name of your dog?

She pointed her finger at him accusingly.


I would be happy to be of any service to you.

Srikanth likes science fiction.

Stop twisting my arm!

Many people are upset.

He always connects to his childhood in his books.

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Christina is a Boston native.


Beware of smooth talk.

Syd kissed Wilson on the back of her head.

Kamiya has grown a beard.


Srinivasan didn't want to take over the family business.

We didn't know on which train they'd be coming.

Please, have a seat.

Lisa and Tal had been married for three years by then.

She patted her back.

You'd better go with Courtney.

We're going to watch the game together.

Where is the hospital shop?

Take the one you like best, whichever it is.

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She's at work.

Jong and Mitchell know each other well.

Often does a woman change her heart, mad be the man who will trust her.

I was disappointed by the news.

You did this.

The same sounds well!

Emily is a college student.

Why are you driving us out?

Her daughter is not a good cook.

I hope you brought a fan.

I've decided to go home early today.

Nudists regard nudity as normal.

Why don't you want me to know?

You are a student.

I don't know how much longer we'll need to wait.

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You handled the situation well.

She took a lot of baggage with her.

My neighbour has renovated his house completely.

I hope we can prevent this from happening again.

Hohn looks dazed.


It is not acceptable to our moral code.

I couldn't afford to get you a new drum.

I want to live in Brazil.

I'll never hurt you, Jinny.

I don't have a good appetite.

Gerald has been talking to Kelvin about that.

I'll be gone by the time Harry gets here.

Klava cuts her expenditures.

I didn't ask them to go there.

Piercarlo is very inflexible.

I am grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt.

Seenu must be mad to take such a chance.

We didn't see a single house for five miles there.


Cathrin was talking about me when I entered the room.


I haven't read any of his books.


I went for a walk after breakfast.

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I'd like to hear from them.


Toss the ball to her.


I didn't invite you.


Some men treat women like property.


Won't you have another cup of coffee?

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This is the right answer.

He sided with the opposition group in the argument.

That's exactly what I wanted to see.

I need his power.

He had not even known that she was sick.

I'll buy some cheese and bread.

Many people were arrested.


It's time to leave for school.

Novorolsky will never quit.

I never expected to see you here.


It's really not so bad.