Tokyo is Japan's most important and modern city.

Carmen is a Spanish name.

They will be very glad.


Can I be there when you tell Julius?

There were no stores in the Yukon.

The future isn't written in stone.

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No one is there but Christie.

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Let's go shopping downtown.

This work is hard for us.

I will make him pay the money.


I believe in the life beyond.

Why all of a sudden did he ask me such a serious question?

He was born and brought up in Tokyo.

In aftermath of the accident he lost his sight.

"I smell a rat", I said to him.


When both girls told John they had feelings for him, he was in a quandary as to which girl he should be with.

I like to be thorough.

Make sure that the gas has been turned off.


Wouldn't it be better for us to go to the movies rather than to a theater?


Pam intrigues me.

Hein doesn't seem to be interested in politics.

Please shine those shoes.

He accumulated his fortune by hard work.

You still have a chance.

He did it out of spite.

I am sure of her innocence, without a shadow of a doubt.


Anatole is going to contact you.


He voiced his opinion in a letter to the Newsweek magazine.

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I will see her again soon.

I have a feeling that Vicky and Mat aren't going to stay married to each other long.

We'll see who finishes first.

Isn't that a little juvenile?

He gave her a fond look.

It's Christmas.

I watched a Swedish movie last night.

Rudy didn't sound as excited as Robert.

You swam in this lake, right?


We hired a company to get rid of the insects under our house.

So, I'm arrived.

I go to school at seven.

I hear we're going to have a grand toast for the CEO!

We'll do it some other time.


I'm already rich.


Earle smokes three packs a day.

No one will go through this door as long as I live.

Who loves the son?

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I'm supposed to eat with Hwa this evening.

"Stop crying. You'll ruin your mascara." "Don't worry, it's waterproof."

Tolerant told Pradeep that he'd be late.

You should've seen the fire.

You must save him.

Knute says it's important for us to be there tomorrow.

You're making this personal.

Don't abuse my patience.

You're better off without them.


She identified him as the murderer.

I know that you feel helpless.

This whisky is too strong.


What've I ever done to them?

When do you need it?

What are our chances?

Sandeep was trying to help you.

I don't want to see her.

Tuan doesn't seem to be aware of all the problems he's causing.

I'd like to see him tomorrow afternoon.

The thing does not interest me in the least.

His name heads the list.


Nobody knows what it is that has been bothering him so much.


You are about my age.

Nathan arrived home from work later than usual yesterday.

I have a few things to do.

If "every rule has at least one exception" is a rule, then at least one rule has no exception.

I had shopped around for quite a while before I found a good deal.

"You can't have fun all the time." "Why not?"

Metin made no attempt to answer the question.

It's going to be OK now.

It's a pity she couldn't come.

You need to go with us now.

Maybe you can help.


I keep nothing from you.


The other day I came across a book that you might like.

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Every family has a skeleton in the closet.


This house is too big for us.

"I lost my wallet," lamented John.

I don't spend the whole day on Facebook.

Well may you ask why!

What a memory you have.

Allan died at a very old age.

Denis said he isn't going to be here tomorrow.

The new equipment enabled us to finish the work in an hour.

Are you expecting someone?


Where do you want to go tomorrow?


You should leave immediately.

The Japanese live mainly on rice.

I've already sent for them.

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A beam of white light is split by a prism into rays of various colors.

Childhood is a period of rapid growth.

Don't blame others for your own fault.

Don't you dare touch anything.

Let's sing a song.

Anatoly nearly died tonight.

I told you to stay away from me.


Scatter, you chickens!

Knock when going to the bathroom, OK?

Cool down and think it over again.

It was not my flight and I am fine.

Electric irons are heated by electricity.

Today was a tiring day.

Does modesty prevent you from seeing my naked blade?

We're overreacting.

This is where we absolutely disagree with you.

How does Darin know that?

We need your help right now.

We are happy to see you again.

Tell Knut that he needs to make sure he doesn't forget to renew his passport.

My coffee addiction's back in full force.

Liza went out onto the street.

How long will I have to wait?

She is in the habit of jogging before breakfast.


You're asking for trouble.

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The pie is fresh.

The painter produces many fine works of art.

Is French your native language?

I hope I can get that job.

We have some questions for you.

You'd better not tell Matt.

Our dogs were poisoned.


The flow is not that strong.


I'm going to take a shower.

Why didn't I think of this?

I'm going to watch the baseball game on TV.

I thought I'd prefer going by myself.

Trey ought not to have spoken to his teacher in that tone of voice.


We are to meet together at 9 o'clock tomorrow night.

Mann asked me to lend him some money.

My camera is the same as your camera.

How many pies did you bake?

Can we hurry this along?

We enjoyed swimming in the river.

Unfortunately I can't find the lyrics for this song.

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I want you to meet someone very special.


The girl noticed someone go out of the door.

Dutch is closely related to German.

You're unfair.

He has very little, if any, knowledge about art.

My husband likes to have a drink in the evening. He drinks 6 or more bottles of sparkling wine and 5 or 6 bottles of warm sake. Sometimes he has a day where he doesn't drink, but it has never lasted for more than two days.


It snowed all night.

Takao never used to be so obnoxious.

Do you want to have dinner with me sometime?

It was Steve who told me what happened.

Don't look at her.

I think that's up to Joni, isn't it?

What does he say?


I should've guessed you'd be busy.


My heart was in my throat.


Andrew denied that he was the thief.


They live in a little village in England.


I'd appreciate it if someone translated my sentences.


It's good to see you again, Think.