How many days does a leap year have?

Will you please arrange for me to meet Mr Doi?


I am at the bank.

Shannon is on the porch reading the evening paper.

Krista's curt, businesslike tone put off her clients at the maternity ward, especially on their special days.

Elvis is willing to do whatever it takes.

Have another glass of beer, please.


What time did Judge call?

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Hui's the best.

What's causing the delay?

It looks like you just saw a ghost.


Are you sure Mah can do this by himself?

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Julius isn't what I expected.


Regarding the matter of house-rent, I have come to terms with him.

Please let me know how you are going to solve.

Why didn't you buy that?

Do you realize you could've been killed?

These shoes have lasted one year.

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You said I was lying.

We look up to Elijah as our leader.

You should write as nicely as you always do.

Arnold is an old man.

Do you enjoy living like that?


We wandered aimlessly around the shopping district.

Danielle knows this area very well.

Sekkura is a qualified chef.

My parents don't like my boyfriend.

Catherine wondered if it had really been an accident.


How long have you been awake?

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Celeste behaved like he was happy, but deep inside, he was very sad.

He became a policeman.

Let me know as soon as anything happens.


I'm glad you're okay.


Kathleen has gone to lie down.


Thank you for writing.


On clear nights we see the Milky Way.

In North America it is against the law to fail to fasten your seatbelt.

My pencil fell off the edge of my desk.

Mechael doesn't know how to deal with people like Roland.

Kindly clear the table after you finish your meal.


The enemy ran after our first attack.

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I thought we could do it.

That man who committed that crime was out of his mind.

There is little harmony in international affairs nowadays.

Norm was elated.

I don't know Raphael's full name.


Those particular persons would run.

You could come and live with me.

They lived a happy life there.

Have you ever thought about quitting your job?

I'll talk with her tonight.

I wish I could remember it.

He ditched the car in an alley and took off running.

Sanjeev is on a diet because he's a little overweight.

Elsa looks slightly uncomfortable.

Why are you doing that?

Randell went on a business trip last week.

I thought I'd never find them.

We're not afraid of new elections.

I wasn't content to work under him.

What the heart thinks, the mouth speaks.


I thought you wouldn't like Antonio.

I want to learn how to ski.

You can't let Joe stay here.


I apologize in advance for his behaviour.


Are you hiding from her?

Jeffie still wants more.

I decided to stop trying to convince Kerri to do anything.

Did Klaus accept to teach you German?

Vincenzo and Kirk have the same hair color.

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There are some things money can't buy.

We had to close the windows so that the mosquitoes wouldn't come in.

My sister went to Italy to study music.


Please show me something cheaper.

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You need to attach your photo to the application form.

I've got to find them.

I wish to speak with you.

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This party is kind of boring, don't you think?

Who is the photographer?

That was disconcerting.

Instead of being here to work, you get the sense that he's simply a permanent fixture here.

This can be a daunting task.


Do you know the name of this flower?

Set Len free.

They passed the hat round to raise funds for the new sports centre.

Tell her what she told you.

Dan vacuumed his car.

I must help her at any cost.

Casey asked several people the same question.

My father died in Vietnam.

I had to try to convince her.


Sundays I don't go to school.

He told me his name was Claire.

Are you serious about that question?

I'm very pleased that your dream came true.

The Hollywood-style cultural dance was clearly aimed at westerners.


How many books have you read so far this summer?

You're actually early.

The food is terrible.

She hates rules.

My sister is a clutz, and that's her drawback.


There has to be a way.


I'll see what I can come up with.

I swam two pool lengths.

They were desperate to get to Europe.

She left Osaka yesterday.

Fay told me how to do that.

This is the door. I expect you to use it.

When did you give up?


Was that you I saw with Malloy near the river?

I'm afraid of nothing.

I forgot my scarf.

He professed himself satisfied.

You really have to control your jealousy. It's like a beast inside of you.

The scent of earth after rain is called petrichor.

I found a job.

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Never have I seen such a beautiful scene.

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Srinivas doesn't know whether Piete is telling the truth or not.

I'm sure you're correct.

She called me the following day.


Last night, he told me everything.

Jeff and Christophe enjoyed themselves at the party.

The German translators, always late, hadn't translated this sentence yet, and Pratap and Julian worried as to whether they should go through another translation to reach the sentence in Lojban.

Pandora sipped his tea.

I demand a refund!

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You're the only one who's seen Nils.

What time is it by your watch?

We're different.

We put vegetable seeds in the field.

I checked every part according to the instruction book, but it did not run.

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Don't beat yourself up about it.

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He probably meant that people go to demonstrations just to show up instead of actually protesting.

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She has no sense of duty.


Victoria is allergic to nuts.

Sjouke is a pretty tough kid.

Look! It's snowing!

She must be very happy.

Have a good look at this picture and find me in it.


One's teachers should be treated with respect.


Monday morning I was bitten by a dog.

Everybody had changed so much that I could hardly tell one from another.

I miss Boston.

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I think I can learn from my mistakes.

Japanese and British people usually wait at a bus stop in a queue.

We need to think together about the future of Europe.

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Tomas said that for the laugh.


I used to play here.

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Floria makes $900 a week working at a resort hotel.

Dawn understood what Noam was saying.

I watched a great movie recently.

Karl has agreed to work for us.

My brother left his school when he was fourteen years old.

I was made to go against my will.

Everyone laughed except them.


Paula obtained the list of all the hotels in the area.