She was kind enough to show me the way.

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Three of the hostages have been released.

The boys will be happy.

Are you sure you don't want me to help you with your homework?

Did you know Oliver used to live in Boston?

Kobe is the city which I was born in.

Tours are available.

All the jobs I aspired towards were successively denied to me due to haemophilia

You can talk to me.

You may never be able to walk again.

That was his personal opinion.

I'll show it to you.

But you don't want to bend the knees too much.

I know you're in here.


They determined the date for the trip.

I wish I could stop thinking about it.

At last, the bus stopped.

I hit it really hard.

He had a job interview in English.


Let me explain what's happened.

It's going to be really cold tonight.

Emma wrote a message on a slip of paper.


Michiel hasn't committed any serious crimes.

Everybody knew it, but I didn't care.

Lenora came to ask for help.

He took delight in talking with friends.

Aren't you feeling well?

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Why are people afraid of her?


These days few people suffer from tuberculosis.

That question is extremely difficult.

You all look so busy.

I said get down!

Boys are strange sometimes.

He had to write an account of the baseball game.

What a nice idea!

You have to move cautiously in this matter.

When I opened my eyes again, all of a sudden an unknown lady was standing right in front of me.


We are trapped in an alternative reality.


Roxane told a joke.

She punched me in the face.

It's worth at least three million dollars.


It was a pleasure meeting you, Tuan.

Have you ever kissed any of them?

I didn't mean to surprise you.


Sanjay seems to have it in for me.

The police constable arrested the teenager for shoplifting.

I used to work in a restaurant when I was in college.

My sister's work is teaching English.

Your cake is very delicious.

It is hard to discern between the true and the false.

I watched him closely.

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George, I have something to tell you. You have a mother, don't you?

Only take it if your hand's clean.

Eddy looked a little confused.

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This problem is beyond me.

The president will issue a statement tomorrow.

Rex dared me to do it.


This table is the same as that one.

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She lay down on the bed.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

I have another two letters to write.

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Dan hid the gun in a locker.

Do you know what you need?

This girl looks boyish.

I have a deposit of a thousand dollars here.

My tooth is giving me unbelievable pain.

He tells us what makes him laugh.

I am peeling apples.


The zombie dragged his rotten leg behind him with an eerie scraping sound.

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I hope Dana is careful.

I hung the painting on the wall.

You're not supposed to be doing that.


It's Greek to me.


I'm direct.

In my country, it's difficult to learn German.

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.

These problems must be dealt with carefully.

She became thin worrying about his matters.

Hank gave Denis a bracelet for her birthday.

Florian told me to close all the windows.


Can you add these numbers?

It wasn't Miek who left the water running.

She was afraid to make a speech.

Dimetry believes that's correct.

Van and Teri are friends of my family.

I have no reason not to do what Troy asked me to do.

Tell me what this is about.

Don't flirt with me, Ritchey.

In England the waiter asked us: how much beer would you like? A half pint, or a pint? Because we still didn't know how much that was, we asked him to show us the glasses.

A church in Los Angeles has decided to press charges against a homeless man who stole a few cookies from the church's cookie jar.

Jerome pointed at the person standing next to Tracy.

He likes sarcasm a lot.

Gregg is a long way from home.

It proved the truth of the rumor.

There are different rhythms in languages.

Death is seeking for his prey.

Emma wouldn't be interested in this job.

Where is Donnie now? Do you know?

The price hasn't changed in years.


I am afraid of bears.

That country's economy is growing.

The request became a hot political issue in the presidential campaign.

We're going to have so much fun today.

Yesterday was what day of the week?


All those things are true.


Life is all in all.


I'm thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend.


Weren't you just a bit surprised by what happened?


Are you sure there's nothing left to do?

What kind of guy do you think I am?

I don't want you to think about it anymore.

Roy denied having visited her yesterday.

Seed pods keep dropping off the tree.

I visited my father's grave.

Charlie isn't very good at this.

Britain began to industrialise in the late eighteenth century.

Try and get some rest.


My sister is a moron.

We had a thrilling time at the theme park.

My dress was ruined when it came back from the cleaner's.

You may still be in luck.

Such a thing is of no account.

She's always putting on airs.

In silence, she placed her left hand in my right hand.

We're remodeling.

Nothing is more like a madman than a drunk.


Don't you pay attention?


If I were you, I wouldn't worry.

It has become very warm.

Who's going to help me wash these dishes?


I'm pretty sure that Izchak used to live in Boston.

I know what Charlene would do.

Rogue has a veterinary background.

Take mine.

Everybody's in bed.

Roderick often sings in her car.

Storytelling rekindles the interest in narrative.

I had sooner sleep than eat.

I think Allan is creative.


Her apology was nothing but show.

Look at the mountains covered with snow.

For me, alcohol is the worst enemy of women and children.

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They eat half of the world's halibut.

Take your time. You're working too fast. You'll make mistakes.

She's going to be in charge.


As a social being, he seeks to gain the recognition and affection of his fellow human beings, to share in their pleasures, to comfort them in their sorrows, and to improve their conditions of life.

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Everyone admires the pictures painted by him.

I'm sorry, I can't help.

Her decision to move to Chicago surprised us.

Nobody was listening to the speech.

There was no stopping her.


In copying this paper, be careful not to leave out any words.

It's like water on the duck's back.

I know who I'm going to vote for.

I had to work on an essay.

Why didn't you go with Charlene?


We've done what we can for Jean-Christophe.

Herbert is the one who's been taking care of that.

Son stopped talking when Jem entered the room.

I will try it.

Hillel will be arriving at about 2:30.


The trouble lies in the engine.