Lean Suitcase
Cuyana Overnight Bag and Travel Case Set

The Fewer, Better Travel Ethos of Cuyana:

By packing less, you allow space to experience more. Take only what you need for your adventure and leave opportunity for something found: a silk scarf from Italy, a hand forged knife from Japan or a handwoven Moroccan Rug from the Berber villages. The experience of finding and packing the item, and the memory it embodies, will hum soundly for a lifetime.
Nue Co Supplements

Nue Co care tip:

A healthy gut is your best travel companion; not only are you likely to be more regular upon arrival, but your in-flight bloat will be less dramatic and you’re boosting your immune system. It’s thought that up to 80% of your immune defenses reside in the gut, so it’s worth making sure everything is thriving pre-travel.
Soludos Mules

Hit the ground running with Soludos:

The tumbled leather mule, a serious travel uniform upgrade. We at Soludos believe that the best days are the ones without an agenda. Dressing for them starts feet first, and you should be focused on the adventure ahead, not the packing list. This essential silhouette is effortless, goes with everything, and packable. Designed to help you breeze through the TSA line in style and be the only shoes you need. PS: We’re 100% sure you’ll love them once you reach our destination, too! Throw out the to do list and let inspiration lead the way.
S'well Bottle

Hydration at your side with S'well:

Hydration is key when traveling, no matter how near or far the adventure. Whether trekking to the beach or jet-setting abroad, it's always best to bring along your drink of choice (water, coffee, or rosé are a few of our faves). While you’re at it, skip the single-use plastic bottle and opt in for a reusable — an eco-friendly alternative.
Lean Suitcase
Quip Electronic Toothbrush

Keeping your routine, with help from Quip:

Keeping up your daily oral health routine is important, even when you're traveling. But traveling with an electric toothbrush can be, quite literally, a buzzkill. quip, named one of TIME's Best Inventions, changes that. Sleek and budget-friendly, quip (from $25) runs 3 months on a single battery — so you can cleanse the memory of carting around a clunky charger. There is also a nifty travel case, which, thanks to a suction strip, doubles as a mirror mount. The sonic vibrating bristles feature a two-minute timer that pulse every 30 seconds, signaling when to switch between quadrants of the mouth. As one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the American Dental Association, you can sign up for refills (from $5) delivered every three months to get a fresh brush head, toothpaste and a charged battery. Stay fresh, at home and on the go.
Supergoop Sunblock

On SPF from sun experts, Supergoop:

We think a big part of traveling includes getting out there and exploring, adventuring, wandering and keeping your skin sun-safe while you do all of it! After all, no one’s ever really put sunscreen on just to sit on the couch and watch TV, right? Here at Supergoop!, we make it easy for you to wear SPF when you’re heading from point A to point B and that’s why all of our products have on-the-go, travel-friendly, TSA-approved packaging, so you don’t have to leave the best part of your daily routine behind. And here are three more reasons you shouldn't forget it: first, the sun’s UVA (aging) rays penetrate through clouds and car windows; sand reflects about 15% of UV rays and snow reflects up to 80% of them, so when you’re beaching it, and especially when you're skiing, UV radiation is hitting your body from both above and below; finally, with every 3,200 feet you climb in altitude (on a plane, or if you’re hiking in the mountains) UV levels increase by around 10%.
Bite Lipstick

Pared back color theory, courtesy of Bite Beauty:

You only need two lipsticks in your travel makeup bag: an everyday shade for an effortless look and a bold shade to dress it up. Mix them to customize the color no matter where you’re headed. Travel isn’t always kind to your skin and lips, so rely on the nourishing ingredients in our products to help keep your lips hydrated and smooth wherever you go.