The Fintech Consultancy Group, or Fincog, specialises in fintech consulting.

We provide bespoke solutions in strategy consulting, market research, and commercial due diligence for a broad swathe of stakeholders in the financial services industry such as banks, payment service providers, wealth - and asset managers, as well as investors, governments and new, innovative start-ups. Our solutions give detailed, actionable insights, and our business strategies propel businesses forward.

We are a collective of independent consultants that possess experience in every facet of financial services, meaning we can create tailored solutions that provide our clients with the insights they need to excel in a competitive financial landscape.

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Our services

Strategy Consulting Wherever your strategic questions lie, we work with you to find the right answers.
Market Research Our in-depth research across a number of sectors gives you unique insights.
(316) 242-4790 We thoroughly evaluate potential investments in companies for informed decision-making.

What we value

As a company that focuses on fintech, we believe it has the power to help banking become more efficient and reach broader audiences with improved services, being a driver of growth for not only companies and their customers, but financial inclusion as well. We also believe in going beyond delivering services. This is why we seek out the core of what is of importance to our clients.

Our competence in a wide range of fields allows us to expertly analyse and interpret data in ways that improve customer experience, enhance operational efficiency, and bolster financial inclusion in fintech. In these ways, we bring a fresh, capable, and impact-driven approach to creating the most relevant and sustainable solutions for our clients.

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Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is more popular than ever before. However, many CVCs fail to meet their objectives, either strategic or financial. As part of a series of articles on the role of CVCs in the fintech ecosystem, this first blog examines the reasons for establishing a CVC fund, common pitfalls and key factors required for success. 7804813685

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