It was quite fantastic.

Gigi is frying an egg.

Smith argues that no international laws can be applied to this case.

I was surprised to find five Suzukis in my class.

Why are you sitting out here?

A moment's hesitation may cost a pilot his life.

The boy went to bed with his socks on.

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I assume it was an accident.

Have you ever tried it?

You're supposed to help Nora.

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That's how I did it.

Dangling particles should be avoided at all costs in English.

Walt didn't even say good-bye.

It doesn't matter whether he comes or not.

You two just looked so happy together.

I wouldn't have been able to do that without Olivier's help.

Sergio is tired.


You enter, with the key word being a requirement.

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Leave your umbrella at the front door.


These prices are ex-works.

Yes, there are two important reasons.

Can you spare a minute? I'd like to discuss something of importance to both of us.

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I hadn't noticed.

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You had better take into consideration that you are no longer young.

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They ate in silence.

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What do you recommend to me?


Was this for me?

This is how I want to be remembered.

It looks like rain tomorrow, but I'll try my best.

Don't you love your wife?

I don't have a problem doing the laundry, but I hate folding the clothes.

None of that means anything to me.

Call me tomorrow afternoon.

Learning vocabulary is a neverending struggle.

Kyiv is mother of Ruthenian cities.

Don't lose heart now.

He's my father's father. He's my paternal grandpa.


All future meetings will be held in this room.


You can smell the ocean from here.


You're in no position to tell me what to do.

She was born in England.

Joachim is studying in the library now.

Knudsen yelled something in French just before he dove into the water.

Do nothing in haste, except catching fleas.

Is Elaine's condition really that serious?

Were there any problems?

Page got straight A's.

Nobody can stop it.


The music you listen to reflects your inner world.


She was banished for life.

He took it out of my hands.

Tony studies after dinner.

I can't ask you to give that up.

Lucifer pressed his nose against the glass.

It's something very special.

Laurianne hasn't been to Australia yet.

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They won't see me without an appointment.


There was a crowd of people at the entrance of the theater.

I'm good at many things.

I think it's unlikely that Irwin will get back in time for supper.

She is not what she used to be ten years ago.

They got to the hotel after dark.


Roman could hardly wait to hear the news.

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She fell asleep the moment the teacher started talking.

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The committee consists of seven scholars.


Pam went fishing the day before yesterday.


I want to be here for you.

You can't blame him for the accident.

He will stick to his promise if he gives it.

Your name was number three on the list.

Cyrus thinks Dory is mentally ill.

Is he going to help us?

If you spend too much time worrying, you'll never get anything done.

Probably not.

I came to talk to her.

It took more than a month to get over my cold, but I'm OK now.

I have five here and as many again.


Miek didn't mention it.

Roland has trouble keeping up with the rest of his class.

That must be tempting.

My flash drive isn't being recognized.

Thus goes the Bible.

Let's play some blues.

Stewart has something to ask Louie.

That is not safe.

You're going to tell Subra what happened, aren't you?

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I have to translate the sentences.

Most Americans have a sense of humor.

A man of sense would be ashamed to do so.

Stoning is a good deal easier than convincing.

Lester sang better today than I've ever heard him sing.


Why don't you just tell Jerry to shut up?

I haven't finished my breakfast yet.

Given her interest in children, I am sure teaching is the right career for her.

I own this store.

It will work next time.

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Sanand just sat there with his eyes closed.

There's no stopping him.

Fortunately I was well trained.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

Warren hopped into the car and put it in gear.


Turn your face this way.

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He didn't go to school because he was ill.

I'm not in so great hurry.

Ms Jaguar offered Mr Clinton the position because she had faith in his capabilities.

We're all created equal.

You must think I'm an idiot.

I'm not going to let it lie.

Socorrito and I love each other.

I wouldn't want it even if they were giving it away.

Kelly just missed hitting me by a hair.

Earth, do not cover my blood; may my cry never be laid to rest.

How long's Sanity been in Boston?

I don't think this shirt goes with that red tie.

She advised him to listen to his doctor.

They did not plan to break their promises.

I know it's bad.

Clare still hasn't abandoned hope.

You can't give up on us.

Suyog finally persuaded Kent with these words.

I don't plan to hang out tonight. I need to prepare for my lessons.

How long have you been in Kushiro?

She jumped in a cab and went home.


Mr Suzuki may well be proud of his son.

The excessive use of salt should be taboo.

We have no deep convictions.

Look at your clothes!

The king's realm was terrorized by a dragon.

Thanks to digital photography it seems that no one has their film developed anymore.

I'm going to report you to the police.

We just want to talk to them.

Tareq and I often eat together.

Chew your food well so it can be digested properly.

We're out of options.

I said nothing.

Duke might run.

I willingly have done whate'er I could.

It doesn't matter who says so, it's still wrong.

I don't play the oboe.

Let's just go to sleep.

Just get down here.

The job of a driver is harder than it looks.

The Jacksons are going with us.

I don't see how that can be true.

Do you know how to use these command line tools?

Jennifer isn't here just now.

Lojbanistan is on the border with Esperantujo.

I've been trying to get a little exercise every day.

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You were encouraging this woman to love her husband.

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Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

The capital was bombed again and again.

How much time do I have left?

Ed sat and listened to Ricardo.

This is Luca's car.


The squirrel ate the hazelnuts.

Do you know how to contact them?

There are no other alternatives.

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You can't come with us.

It is sometimes difficult to make yourself understood in public.

He was put to death finally.

That was inevitable.

She didn't live a single day of her life without violence.

We loved one another.

How far is it to your house?

I'll go to France to study painting.

The passage illustrates Robinson Crusoe's landing on a wild desert island after his shipwreck.