The president announced that the United States would put a satellite into orbit.

I ate a banana.

I can't.

Excuse me, can I have a word with you?

When refined, crude oil yields many products.

The reconstruction with a translation can be limited.

This English essay is far from perfect.

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Fire on my command.

I don't believe that anymore.

David's time is very valuable.


We should be fighting with Stanislaw.

I'm not allowed to go to Marco's house.

Why did he quit his job?

Horst chain-locked the door.

May I ask why?

I had to drop Pascal off at school.

Her free time goes in playing golf.


The slopes of the mountain and the trees were all covered in snow.

Where did all the people go?

You should run for class president.

If I had enough money, I could buy this camera.

A thief broke in and made off with all my jewelry.

Do you like it all?

I am studying languages. I can help you if you want me to. And maybe I'd like you to help me.

There's smell of naphtha.

You're good at that.


Which search engine do you use?


What brand of popcorn do you think pops the best?

I'm thirty years older than you.

Tell Van what he should do.

I have exactly the same dictionary.

He is also here.

Do you think I should write?

The newest staff members get all the donkey work when they're at the bottom of the ladder.

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Every picture tells a story.


He is taking his final exam.

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I see the fellow.

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That's something I never do after lunch.

I wrote the answers carefully.

All we know about him is that he likes goat cheese. I wish you success in your work, guys!

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The legend gave the name to the place.

We can travel together.

Stan isn't afraid of snakes.

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In everything, one should consider the end.

Hi, I'm Bart.

There was a big parade today.

Keep your eyes wide open!

The child followeth the womb.

Appearances can be deceptive.

Will you live in Sasayama next year?

Thank you for your sympathy card.

This is a play on words.

The pay is terrible and the hours are long.

Alison never saw Fay.

I hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt.

Can people buy these?


The substance can also destroy plants.

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That's the word.

Give me your money.

Dan gave Linda an ultimatum.

Children should keep away from the danger. It's dangerous.

They are immune against attacks.

Don't come back until you've done what I've asked you to do.

What's wrong with this plan?

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We've only got three bracelets.


What good is that to me now?

We have something else in common.

When I was a kid, we used to play hide and seek quite a lot.

Audrey is a coward.

Everyone can make a difference in the world.

He did that for his sister.

When I was a boy, I was addicted to reading detective stories.


Alfred couldn't fall asleep so he got up and took a walk.

The sentence is useful.

That shouldn't be a problem, either.

What can't you tell me?

It was wrong to take his words at their face value.


This year, I need to buy a car.

Klaudia can't believe what he's just seen.

They all made for the door.

That young man deserves a raise in his wages.

The house is two miles off.

I saw Kristian getting into a dark blue van.

Would you please boil an egg for me?


Don't speak ill of Jim in his absence.

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What's wrong with being naked?

I knew you weren't really dead.

Everyone is free to contribute.

I'm not going to tell you again.

I'm a civilian.

Siping knows he's being lied to.

There's a serious split in the party.

When suddenly faced with a dangerous situation, hold your horses - make sure of the proper action, then act.

How's about cooking something up with me?


That's not how I feel.

Wash your face.

Once you start eating popcorn, it's almost impossible to stop.

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You have great talent. You are truly gifted.

Although the alarm rang I failed to wake up.

Izzy has a yoga ball in her office.

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Pack eggs in dozens.

I can't just leave her there.

Konrad took off her earrings.

Vic wouldn't hear of it.

I don't like visiting big cities.

The criminal and his companions ran away while we took our eyes off.

Have you already paid for everything?

Get the hell out my way!

I have mixed feelings about that.

The dog rebelled against his master.

She's cute, and more importantly, has class.


I added his name to the list.

Izumi knows how to play the guitar.

That boy was so clever that he was helpful to the merchant in dealing.

I'd follow Sergeant anywhere.

Then I can have some peace of my mind.


I'm not going to turn her in.

Allen has been in prison for a very long time.

He was my comrade in arms.

We have ordered one.

No sooner had the child seen his mother than he burst into tears.

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I needed to know why.

I go to school every day by bus.

It's so typical.

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The north wind blew all day.

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He doesn't come to work because he's ill.

I want to do something special.

I tried to keep my teacher at a distance.

There is a hut at the back of our house.

She betrayed his hiding place to the police.


Why would you want to be so mean to Rathnakumar?

He lives in New York.

Everyone's laughing.

I need to get a hold of him.

Are you saying you can fix it?

The window was open.

Frederic came just in the nick of time.

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I avoid those things like the plague!

Bugger off!

I know that you still love me.

Why is your immediate reaction always so negative?

Let me stay here.

Are you confused yet?

You might want to try studying in the library.

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Lately I see a lot of parents getting divorced. I wonder if the idea of kids being a bond between their parents is just a thing of the past.

Your skirt's on backwards.

I bought a bottle of salad oil.

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How many are you?


I need a few hours of sleep.

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We played catch in a park near by.

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There's no cruise control on this car.

Matt is quite timid, isn't he?

That train is going to Niigata.


The tongue of a cat feels rough.

Imogen of the Internet calls people out for openly liking the same fan fiction that she does secretly.

By the time Sidney realized what was happening, it was too late.

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It's a massive undertaking.

It has been agreed that the meeting will be held on Friday.

You can buy it at newsstands.

Nothing is as it seems.

You'd better have a good explanation for this.

What do you usually eat with red wine?

We've had our problems.