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Fully Managed Workspaces

Accessible from anywhere

Digital Workspace provides you with a fully managed workspace for your entire company anywhere that you have internet access. Access your workspace from Windows, Mac, Android, ChromeOS and iPad devices anywhere. Start working in the office and resume at home. We manage app installation, back-ups, anti-virus and patching so you can focus on running your business!

Easy install apps

Install apps for all of your organisation with just one click in your control panel. Or, give users the ability to install their own apps with total flexibility.

Reduce your IT costs

Reduce your IT costs by paying only for the users that you have working, scaling with your business. No more costly server purchases or upgrades.

Consistent & Connected

Access your personal workspace anywhere you are with any device. Start working in the office, resume working on the train and finalise the document from the comfort of your home. Your workspace can be paused and resumed anywhere, anytime.

One click deployment

Deploy new users with just one click in your control panel. Your new user will be provisioned in under 2 hours. No more waiting days for setting up computers or waiting for on-site technicians!

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