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This disturbs Brian.

Alvin likes to spend quiet time alone every day.

I thought you had more sense than to go out with Ann.


Everyone ignored Connie.


Anything could happen in a place like this.

Can you explain that?

He wrote down the telephone number.

You can't imagine how busy I was.

I can't work at all with all these useless calls coming in.


I miss my mother very much.

The train arrived on schedule.

Horst is our leader.

We'll be better prepared next time.

Merat now thinks everything is OK.

You need to help me find Annie.

She is not there.


This book is too difficult for me to read.

She didn't resist for long.

No hasn't complained about anything recently.

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Niall was driving too fast.

Is anybody home?

It looked like Martha had fallen down and hurt himself.

At least the robber was civil to us.

It's very near. Its a five minute walk.

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Why would you want to lose?

You're mine.

Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?


You'll be a good player soon.

I think we should talk to her.

I would have long ago lost track of how many sentences I contributed to Tatoeba, were it not for the count.

I know you're in love with me.

I meet him sometimes in the club.

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We have other priorities at the moment.

We tortured them.

You're too young to love.

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Brodie never keeps his word.

What're you good at?

Matthew arrived in Boston less than three weeks ago.

He voted for the proposal.

You're not the first to suggest that.

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Did any of the other club members complain about Rudolf?


There's been a mix-up.

The boy lost his sandal in the field.

I love you more and more each day.

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Raghu kissed Julian on the back of her head.

Ruth is very articulate.

I cannot make such a mistake. Russian is my native tongue.


I've never lived on a farm, but both of my parents grew up on farms.


The bright child can tolerate failure.

A bird was flying high up in the sky.

Are we driving around in circles?

I didn't have the TV on at that time.

He is an idiot.

Bruno liked Lord's picture on Instagram.

Anita felt very sleepy.


I think I should put on some clothes.

Are we meeting tomorrow?

Have breakfast.

The index advanced to 120.5, up 4% from the preceding month.

I thought you needed money.

Gregor liked to sit outside during the warm summer nights and gaze at the stars.

Who created the universe?

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Dan was responsible for twenty eight bank robberies.

Just let me talk to her.

Do they know what happened?


I told Malcolm to come.

Donal could hear birds chirping outside his window.

It's not crowded at all today. This is the least crowded time of all.

She has such a fine car that her friends envied her.

Gideon is still furious with Space for his dog's death.

I told Mohammad it was a bad idea.

Eight known planets and their moons, along with comets, asteroids, and other space objects orbit the Sun.

We do like Justin.

They built the first electric car.

Kiki got a haircut.

Everyone says it, nobody knows it.

Funny... Someone just added the sentence that I mentioned to you this afternoon.

Does anyone know Japanese?

Petr can't leave us now.

She carried the box under her arm.

The fact that Britain had no national anthem before 1745 is in itself of little consequence.

Students will take one of these English courses.

I had a nice time.

He doesn't speak my language.

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It's foolish to read such a magazine.


The Johnsons are very sociable people, who enjoy hosting parties often.


Were you in love with him?

Shannon is just trying to be polite, I think.

Hurry up, and you'll be in time for school.

It doesn't look good at all.

Rajesh seems to be holding something back.

Do you want to eat lunch with me, or go home?

He was puzzled by the question.

Sherman is down with the flu.

I'll give up smoking.

Jim Carrey is very famous and a good comedian.

The dictionary is incomplete. It only goes to the letter J.

A card was attached to the gift.

Next morning, he could see through the iron grating in front of his little window how the people were hurrying out of the town to see him hanged.


I don't want to risk losing it.

The fat man jumped over the ditch and fell to the ground.

How many days do you want to stay in Boston?

We studied French in school.

People say he never dies.


I cannot look on anybody as a national hero with the exception of Shigeo Nagashima.

I nearly wet myself when I saw the scene with them.

Nick is still trying to get here by 2:30.

Chinese diver Chen Aisen earned a perfect score on his last dive.

This bed is too soft.


Don't worry. We'll succeed. Have faith!

My coach said, "Failure teaches success".

He began his meal by drinking half a glass of ale.

That is just silly!

Franklin Roosevelt became president in 1933.

I belong here.

Someone is up.

I was in shock.

Do you know about that?


Did the cat get your tongue?


That never gets old.

That incident drew his interest.

It's just that I don't like it.


I put my family before my career.


I cannot send money to my family. I don't have a job.

Po told the judge that he was innocent.

It made me uncomfortable.

I introduce you to a great ethnologist.

We have been visited by a nation-wide economic boom.

I'm parked over there.

I hope it's not him.

They made plans.

Gary shouldn't have come.

There's too much sugar in the coffee.

Because of the victory, he became a hero.

Syd has never dated a girl whose name ends with an "s."

Jelske is a smooth talker.

Let's go somewhere.

Dani took a big bite out of Murph's sandwich.


She put her hands over her ears to shut out the noise.


Go rot in hell!

This is pure nonsense.

I have nothing more to do today.

I said that's all I know.

I like the warm sea around Okinawa.

They were never to meet again.

How many guests did you invite?

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She likes music better than anything else.

"Four pounds fifty," says Bob.

I want to thank you for what you did for us last week.

I have a good idea for you.

I knew this day was coming.

The idea isn't bad.

Good luck. You'll need it.

Miles didn't tell me the whole truth.

I don't expect that to happen.

Rathnakumar wouldn't do this.

We have another ten miles to walk before sunset.

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Sho doesn't know whether Leung likes him or not.

At last, the students resorted to violence.

May I have a talk with you?

I sat in the car.

Now don't you feel better?

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We'll get through this just fine.

I'm not a fan.

If a porter carries your luggage, don't forget to tip him.

Nadeem never was successful.

So what if I lost?