Some people watched TV serials every evening.


Jean seems to be a good swimmer.

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The changes are being made as we speak.

Are you saying you don't owe me anything?

This is the mistake of the student.

Japanese tourists abroad are big spenders.

The boy I helped is Byron.


Terrance has made all the necessary changes.


I didn't know anyone could move that fast.

He's really gorgeous.

He can't take care of himself.

I think you're the one who needs help.

Maurice and his workers killed all the infected sheep.


Hienz is very discreet.


It's time to come clean.


Julia has never been there.

It happened very quickly.

There were many journalists who praised Ogawa with, "bravo, good show!"

I'm being blackmailed.

He's got two cars.

This wall is taller than that one.

They lack an ideal, a reason to get up in the morning.

I was in the mountains.

I feel happiest when I am in school.

He took out a loan in order to buy a car.

I want him to sing a song.


Elijah asked for some money.


The boy has an exotic vision.

I love Jane, and I like that.

Give Kory something to drink.

The insolence of it!

Two tears fell down her cheeks.


He says that he loves everything about me.

What you say now isn't consistent with what you said before.

She's three years older than me.

Can you squeeze me into your busy schedule?

I can't play the piano, but she can.

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Crime rates have gone down significantly over the past decade.

Roy spent the last years of his life in Boston.

I used to be a bit more fastidious.


He got no answer from her.

Please show me this book.

Warren is now in Francis's room.

Ole rarely asks questions.

Cristi checks his email before he eats breakfast.

My sister presses my trousers.

Three years ago something like this never would have happened.

What do you have to say for yourselves?

Nathan waited impatiently for Rathnakumar to get ready.

He'll be a good husband.

These apartments are designed specifically for young families.

The container is empty.

I missed Arthur.

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I'm not under arrest, am I?

Once we've killed, we enjoy killing.

Kieran was standing in line.

We've had some bitter winters.

The book I bought is on the table.

There's something in the face of this man that's repugnant and that I do not like; moreover, I would say that I am inclined to hate him.

That car is quite new.

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Are you sure you're allowed in here?

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Someone stole my stuff.

I'd like a half a kilogram of these and a half a kilogram of those.

I'm troubled with atopic dermatitis.


Her honesty is beyond question.

Men want to feel important.

What could possibly be that important?

Mosur might have done the right thing for the wrong reason.

He attends medical conferences.

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I really don't care what Chip thinks.


Here's your margarita.

Do you speak English?

Could you check the tire pressure?

The sudden glare hurt his eyes.

At last, they came to a decision.

With Renaissance, scholastic ideas gave place to positive ideas.

That's a stupid question!

We'll wait for your return.

He is a handsome man.

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

This gun doesn't belong to me.

He is swaggering.

I hate it when they do that.


I knew you'd come through for me.

Have you determined whom you will invite to the party?

Tollefsen said you were cool.

Anatoly is a shy and lonely boy.

I'm a great baseball fan.

The President died unexpectedly.

My boss is twice as old as I am.

Can you write it for me?

On the beach, I can spend time with friends.


Do you want some coffee?

He had a hungry look.

It was impossible for him to take the picture in the dark.

Who sings this song?

She has fake eyelashes.

Stop torturing me. What did he say?

I am only too glad to help you with your work.

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Is your husband a picky eater?

How did he come here?

I think you're interesting.

Bush Jr. never lied to Americans.

I got the short straw.


He helps those who have hardships in their lives.

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Who else is out there?

For this job, I need someone experienced and preferably attractive.

I know the boy.

I shall win the Princess!

The music we listened to last night was wonderful.

Lievaart looked a little distracted.

I can't believe Olof is still talking about what happened two years ago.

I'll study a lot.

I'm no misogynist, but were I so then I'd surely exempt you.

I'll take over from here.

Alberto is probably out with Vladimir.


You should not do such a thing.

If you ever touch her again, I'll kill you.

She overcame the difficulty.

I want you to leave my family alone.

I'm going to lose.

I have to confess to you that I snore.

I'm a laid-back guy.


This cook cooks different meals every day.

This novel is fun and enjoyable.

Juri is too stupid to understand your jokes.


You said that Robert wasn't busy.

We take risks.

I'm not going to compete.

Foods you eat which you don't like will not digest well.

I've been married for thirty years.


I feel very feverish.

I still haven't found a job.

It's not easy to pick out the best actors for this play.

Do you think she still wants to live with me?

We knew you were sick.

In Belgium, Flemish people want to declare their independence someday.

You must save her.


I knew I couldn't trust her.


Beside the mayor, many other distinguished guests were present.

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You have to go on without me.


I am going to get off at the next stop.


He was at work till late at night.

This is the pipeline which supplies the town with gas.

I have trouble with German grammar.

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We need to help Randolph as much as we can.


It's dark now.

She was always different from other children.

I know something they don't know.

He did not keep his word.

Who's watching?

Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.

The policeman arrested him for drunken driving.


The brain is just a complicated machine.


Let's make a trade.

Do you blame me?

Is there a hospital nearby?

The cement was still wet.

He cut a poor figure after his long illness.

Such was her anger that she was lost for words.

Siegurd and Karen live on a farm and have 16 children.

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He wants to meet that good-looking girl.