Mehrdad prepared lunch for Pratap.

I am walking to the bathroom.


Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

We did that just for fun.

It was nice of you to help Sri do what needed to be done.

I want to know who told you that.

Do you love nature?


For a moment, Tai was too stunned to move.


We were in the middle of lunch when he gave me a ring.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

If I were healthy, I could go on a hike.

I want to be ready for anything.

Do you want to go together?

I can't ask her to lie.

Who'd want to hire her?

You hate Shel, don't you?

I've never been more serious in my life.

Arrest the police!

Does Gypsy make you happy?

She wore suggestive clothing.

He is the best father in the world, even as I am the worst son that can be found.


Slow economic recovery has sent auto sales plummeting.

Did it rain in Boston while you were there?

We took cover from the thunder shower.

The house is not ideal, but it's all right.

Lee is allergic to latex.

Everything is now back to normal.

I want you to lie still.

Parliamentary immunity is a controvertial issue.

Moore wants to cheer Edwin up.


I've never seen her so upset.

Where can I find a hospital?

She could see the driver from where she stood.


When all was said and done, the world was not destroyed on December 21, 2012.

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Eli is shaking.

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Something's happening here.

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I gave it to you yesterday.

This species of moth has evolved an ingenious camouflage for blending into its surroundings.

I am still in shape.

The atmosphere in that workplace is not very inclusive.

Liber lives in the house where he was born.

I'm glad I left Boston.

I cannot help it.

I'm dubious about claims to speak more than five languages fluently.

This clip runs viral in Twitter.


Whether written or spoken, formally monologic or dialogic, discourse is studied as interaction.

The wood was kindled, the flames arose, and a mouldering heap of ashes was soon all that remained of Mrs Askew and her fellow martyrs.

Eileen had expected Anderson to be there, too.

They crossed over the bridge.

Ah, so that's it!


What's the fastest way to get to the airport?

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A sound sleep made me feel much better.

I only need you.

Liyuan is strange sometimes.

Under Europa's icy crust might be an ocean of water.

It snowed yesterday.

Dylan can't help but be jealous.

You know what it's like.

Take the jam down from the top shelf.

These pictures were taken three months ago.


There is no going back.


Some people are difficult to please.

We want her to stay and help.

The teacher is in charge of the third year class.


She always destroys my mood with her caustic remarks.

You're not being objective.

They don't know their neighbors.

Horst is careful, isn't he?

Can you tell us where you were that night?

That's not true!

See you around, Kikki.

What church do you attend?

You're always smiling.

The South Pole is a lot colder than the North Pole.

That aircraft company deals in freight only.


Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe that?

I live in Bucharest.

Do you think you can really do that?


Give Cary everything he asks for.

How! He loves me! I had never noticed.

Let us know how it goes.


Claudio is being bullied by Jerome.

Cole didn't think he had a chance to succeed, but he at least wanted to give it a shot.

We have the most money.

This dog is the biggest in this town.

Here's my return ticket.


I want to give him a party.


Who touched my gun?

She got fat.

Pria seems to know the secret.

No liberty for the enemies of liberty.

I don't want to seem insensitive.

I like climbing.

He translated a Japanese novel into French.

What colors do you like?

Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.

You're my kind of people.

We'd do anything to help Ninja.


I haven't got all day, you know.

I like your idea.

Is it snowing out there? Look, it's already starting to appear on the ground there!


Kurt usually eats in a rush.


We knew that.

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My teacher has a very soft voice.

Every pupil was asked one question.

Hillary likes to spend quiet time alone every day.

Could you speak more slowly?

I didn't see the accident.

Their swords clashed.

You said you needed a favor.

I'd defeated the four sub-bosses and got through the damn long underground labyrinth.

Nici told Vishal that he was tired.

Shakil is looking through his notes.

My grandfather led a moral life.

Syd's been blacklisted.

Piet uses that word a lot.


Why did you bring me here?

Stop saying where you're located!

We rode on a boat.

I'm going to make a tour of Kyushu this summer.

What do you want to do now?


Look at that big dog.


The large chain store created a new branch.

I hate it when Ragnar and Bobby fight.

The vise is closing again.

He learned that she feigned her pregnancy.

My strength has improved.

I had no difficulty in finding his house.

What's the nearest planet to the sun?

Did I tell you about my party this Friday?

Don't hesitate to ask if you want anything.

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We hurried down the stairs.

I sponged a dinner off my uncle.

You should do what I suggest.

I'm not afraid to die.

It was really a lot of fun.


Harmon promised to come, but hasn't showed up yet.

I didn't hurt them.

She felt an aversion to him.


He looked furious.

I plan to get a job as soon as I can.

Your English leaves much to be desired.

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Do you want to do that?

I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.

I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

Naturally, the wife is always right.

I don't have any ideas at this time.

Walter said he heard Linder singing this morning behind the school building.

It is polite of you to write me back at once.

They had me blindfolded.

What office does Mac hold?


Our first lesson is math.

You said you'd do anything for me.

Cold weather is really good.

Julianto is chopping wood.

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I plan wedding receptions in a historic mansion with gourmet cuisine.

Hello, ladies.

I am like my sister.

Are you for or against the project?

This word has three syllables.

Will you take us for a drive next Sunday?

She risked her life for it.

I play with my son.

Have you guys seen Dean today?

You know what they say about Uri.

Love will survive.

The infantry soldier is only a pawn in the game of war.