She wore pajama pants.

Wilmer couldn't help but notice all the beautiful woman on the beach.

I plan to write Judy a letter.

When can we leave?

I don't think Serdar knows where I live.

This is kind of a waste of time, isn't it?

I thought there was somebody in the meeting room.

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We've already lost three days.


I will have to read the book.

Even the sky conspires against us.

On Facebook, there's a "like" button, but where's the "hate" button?


The mother has generated a new existence, making the world more and more alive.


The supervolcano of Yellowstone hasn't erupted in ages, but telltale signs such as deformation of land and earthquakes showcase its activity.

Vernon seems motivated.

I thought Phill was stealing from us.

I've done everything you've asked me to do.

Varda pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

You've assessed the situation perfectly.

Harry wrote a message on a slip of paper.

Who that is honest will do such a thing?

Rebecca wished he could understand French better.

We were eating eggs.

The police were very cooperative.


I will get you sorted out, sir.

It's been easier than I thought.

Panos tried to forget his love sorrow by playing the piano.

According to AMeDAS, the amount of precipitation in the village has exceed 1,200 mm in three days.

Kim needs to sleep now.

They cannot get the operating system to work.

He realized Paul had stood him up.

He hit three home runs, scoring eight runs.

He returns from Beijing tomorrow.

Kikki almost never watches TV.

I don't like homework.


I've been in love before.

Andrew wanted a place in the country he could call home.

I only have personal items.

I can't work with you.

Do you like me?

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No one is bound to the impossible, except me!


Pierette was very quick to volunteer.

Aimee would've been able to do it.

I want to know how this happened and why.

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Brender drove Sangho home from work.

Can't we tell her about it?

We were all so excited.

You'd better knuckle down to work.

Julius will probably be reincarnated as a squirrel.

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I want to be like Picasso.

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The reason of the strongest is always the best.

The stable is right behind the farm house.

I only need to buy one.

You didn't come at night, you didn't appear during the day either. Do you think we're jacking off? No, we're fucking others!

I'd like to apologize.

There's a telephone here.

He was very close about his past.

Could you just help me out for a minute?

The starving man devoured the food.

She likes the teacher.

You need to be prepared to pay more.

Now, what am I supposed to do?

I grabbed this for you.

Don't try to talk now.

Socorrito would just like to talk.

I have a little time for reading these days.

He holds stocks in this company.

Valerie eats with his left hand, but he writes with his right.

Jayesh can do what he likes.

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I'm sorry you had to do that.

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He's a dandy.

They're talking about you, Wilson.

Honesty is a virtue.

Do you feel guilty?

Luke ignored Lee's warning.


We are all out of cigarettes.

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I have confidence that he is honest.

Brent never wanted to give up, but he had no choice.

He regretted not having taken my advice.


I didn't get along with her.

Peter said that he saw the body move.

What did the doctor say?

Some farmers are working on the farm.

I think she hates me.


My city Asuncion, whose fame reaches far...

Is it true that Bryan doesn't know any French?

They should thank me.

Ritalynne had to wait for three hours.

Keep the meter running.

I heard you lost your job.

He received a telegram saying that his mother had died.

She was anxious about his health.

Most of the food we buy in supermarkets is overpackaged.

A verdict and a sentence are different things.

She tried a new technique.

She told me not to tell lies.

We met before.

You're not even a student here.

The power has been cut off since this morning.


There is a bookstore across from my house.


He drinks beer.

Eliot said he couldn't find a decent place to live.

Are those yours?

I approve your project.

The highest amount of points possible on reports is 10 points.

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It's Ted's turn to deal the cards.

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No doubt, Mwa understands the value of this.


How did you know I wasn't sleeping?

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That doesn't mean that the danger has passed.


He finally got ahead of the rest of class.


The airplanes climbed very high.

I'm planning on staying in the city.

Is lunch included in this price?

The town hall was full of people.

All of this is very worrying.

Mwa told Kerry to behave herself.

They are going to emigrate to the United States.

Put our heads together.

You have him there.

I doubt that Pascal would ever consider going to Iraq.

I just wanted to see if Rudy was OK.

I don't want to tempt fate.

Do we see reality as it really is?

She went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

Don't kick the dog!

He would give an arm and a leg for that.

We had good intentions.

We'd probably be best off beating them to the punch before they notice that fact.

I need to arrive in Boston before noon.


Would you take my jacket to the cleaners?

Try to make the most of your time.

An alternative is possible.

She left home five years ago, and has never been heard of since.

He kept finding many pretexts.


You're turning red.

He was fair and delicate as a prince, and beautiful as an angel; and how she loved this child!

They worked hard in order to develop a new machine.

I'm thinking about putting my house up for sale.

I've just eaten breakfast.

Are you certain that's what you want?

Let's pay Novorolsky a visit.

I'm sorry you can't stay.

People used to think that women who looked odd were witches.


The new phone book has arrived!

I cast aside my chains.

We elected him president.

It wasn't her idea.

What's today's date?

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Why don't you go ask Rob?

It's not going to be easy to finish this job on time.

That was unbelievable.

We need to have a little talk.

Both parties took a step towards a solution.

Gregge didn't seem overly concerned.

They all loved it.

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He was all alone in the house.

Visiting a foreign country must be expensive.

The road to simplicity is paved with hellish complexities.


You can't prove a thing.

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What brought the price down?


Did you serve in the military?


You can make your dream come true by working hard.

Why do you stay with them?

I have to visit them.

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He enjoys his sleep and doesn't like to have it interfered with.