Sam was able to enter the school's basketball team.

I heard from someone that she got married.

What was wrong with the old way?

I'd like to visit Egypt someday.

He took notes at every opportunity.

You'll be safe here.


There's nothing easier than speaking.


If you have not yet paid this bill, please let us hear from you.

When she heard this Elsa grew white with horror, for she thought she was selling her soul to the evil one.

It's not safe for me to be here.

They said Saify was dead.

I'll write to Martha again.


I have finished the course.

I require your advice.

It's not easy to control the languages that you can speak!

Kitty left after breakfast.

They are eating bread.

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Stan and I have been close friends for a long time.


She can wait till the cows come home but he'll never come back.

She was standing on a ladder painting the ceiling.

How much do eggs sell for?

Is there anybody in there?

I'm starting to feel a little guilty.

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Change target.

Do you play in a band?

Lynne is the only one likely to be able to do that.

Drink with me, Elias.

I groped around in the dark for my flashlight.


I'd better call her again.

I already know who you are.

Nobody will be in the house.

You can't accomplish anything without taking a risk.

I know exactly how you feel.

Beth took off that way.

It goes without saying that he keeps his promise.

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The ice cream vendor is waiting on customers at his outdoor stand.

That feels pretty good.

There are many books, aren't there?

It's cold in my city, Warsaw.

My kids bought this for me.

I hope you learned your lesson.

A professor is teaching Czech.

Apologize to the teacher whenever you're late.

You may stay at my house as long as you like.

It's possible that he will not come.

Do you know kabuki?


He was afraid of hurting her feelings.

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We should let you see them.

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They have to go there at once.

Past the west coasts of Europe and Africa to the tip of southern Africa.

I'm sure you'll come up with something.

I tried to convince her.

Terrance doesn't usually play backgammon.

Would you mind giving me your chocolate cake recipe?

I didn't hack into anybody's computer.

I was not yet born when a war between Japan and the U.S. broke out in December 1941.

We want you to have a good time.

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He only had 100 dollars.

She's trying to balance her work and home lives.

I am no longer tired.

Lorraine hired Shatter to be his secretary.

Cristina has changed jobs.

Gail works out in a gym near his house.

The juggler wowed the crowd by keeping ten oranges up in the air.

Vishal doesn't have a clue, does he?

I'm not cracking your mugs.

I know it wasn't easy.

Our experiment has revealed that his report was unreliable.

I like all of them.

Cindie's parents are both still living.

Lisa doesn't like to be disturbed.

At last, we reached our destination.

Let me cook you dinner sometime.

She becomes drowsy after dinner.


Let's look ahead to the next century.


Hey, that smells good.

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We've been ambushed.


Please think positively.

I was lonely.

I helped Drew clean his room.


Art told Mara where to sit.


I don't think that you really believe that.


I don't like being surprised.

They've seen Jagath.

Don't you miss me?

I found out that you knew the victims.

Antonio and Timo moved in together last month.

Frank wants to talk to you about what happened in Boston last week.

Stop kicking me.

My nose is really big, and it's crooked as well.

No one listened to me.


To my mind, the worst part of air travel is the hanging around in airport lounges.

You hate the rules.

I left for America at ten o'clock.

I don't have much money in my bank account.

London is large, compared with Paris.


He served his master well.

I think Shirley speaks French well.

I was hoping you'd do that.

Bill didn't need my help.

I enjoy watching children play.


If you study, you'll become an important person in the future.

I didn't know you could dance.

That could be what happened to Laurel.

We'll need you in a few hours.

Let's get up a party for Bryan's birthday.

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Help me take this apart.

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Sundar seemed genuinely upset.


Weren't they speaking Chinese?

It seemed too good to be true.

I have a suggestion.

We won't have to wait long.

"Do you know what day it is today?" "No..." "It's my birthday!"


I lost.

I'd like to reconfirm my reservation.

The world did not recognize him.

Do you like singing?

I appreciate anything you can do.

The demand that I make of my reader is that he should devote his whole Life to reading my works.

This is an exciting day.

Why didn't you wait for us?

I'll have to take him with me.

His breath reeks of booze.

The well-known poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.

Why won't anyone tell me what's going on?

Hillel shot a deer.

Witch hazel tightens pores without drying skin.

I have not kissed her yet.


She needs to change before the party this evening.

There is a difference.

Sofoklis is a great motocross rider.

I want to find out what happens next!

Sassan tried to open the jar.


Lui was shot while robbing a convenience store.

In general, things are all right.

She earns her living by playing the violin.


The Seine flows through Paris.

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My parents telegraphed me to come back at once.

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This is the magazine I spoke to you about.

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Your opinion matters.

Srikanth thinks he may be able to help you.

Do you go there by bus, train or the metro?

Bonnie is dressed a little more casually than usual.

The window is made of glass.

Novorolsky lived in Boston until he died.

You aren't young.


When you criticize his work, you should take into account his lack of experience.

I'm helping him out with something.

Seymour is sure curious.

He became a successful lawyer.

I tell you, this can't end well.


I know how to handle them.

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Interoperability means compatibility with other systems.


That is exactly the opposite of the truth.

Fortune favors the bold.

What music do you listen to?

Polly is a very nice man.

Is this a sexual thing?


Drew forgot to set his alarm clock.

Ross keeps a change of clothes in his office.

They probably don't know.

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What cultural differences did the author find in working with Dutch and American students?