A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

The mistletoe is still hung up in farm-houses and kitchens at Christmas, and the young men have the privilege of kissing the girls under it, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When the berries are all plucked the privilege ceases.

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Whoever uses this toothbrush is not my mother.

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I'm going to turn Stephanie in.

It's actually kind of fascinating.

Don't rely on what he says.


This will only take a second.


I'm tired of your jokes, they no longer amuse me.

Let the fun begin!

Kirsten lives in the middle of nowhere.

Construction area: hard hats required.

You didn't tell him, did you?

Does this dress look good on me?

You can't make me mad.

Could you wrap this for me?

If you can translate the subject and object then after that it isn't so difficult.

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Geoffrey is very shaken.

Seen close-up, things have a way of showing their defects, their innate ugliness.

I brought you some ice.

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I'd like to improve my Cebuano.

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I'm sure there must be something I can do to help.

His beard was thick and red.

He's got a reputation for being really ruthless.

I am afraid it is a reject.

He was an intelligent and practical man.

An atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

He has achieved very good results.


During reentry and landing, the Space Shuttle is a glider.


They didn't die for nothing.


She couldn't accept the cruelties of life.


Let's go into the garden.

Who broke it?

Boyd told me I had to leave.


Lee Sedol was defeated by Google DeepMind's computer program, Alpha Go.

I use flash cards to study my German vocabulary.

We should be able to be there by 2:30.

I am fanning myself with a magazine.

The cup has a crack.


Are you scared to tell him?

We were to be married in May but had to postpone the marriage until June.

What did John sing on the stage?

This is being misunderstood.

This isn't fun at all.

I did what Masanao told me to do.

Theses! ... What I write are just my ramblings, they're just something like essays.

My English is incorrect.

Is this word in common use?


Whether you like her or not, you can't marry her.

2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the nation.

I don't want a full-time job.


Tell Rodger this is hopeless.

I refuse to do that.

Who do you think is the smartest kid in your class?

Charles is looking for a convenience store that sells lottery tickets.

This is a good dictionary for high school students.

Starbuck used to eat out every day, but now he can't afford to.

Soldiers currently in theatre will not be made redundant.

I got sick last week.

I'd better try saving the battery.


You have to do that just right.

Todd has been waiting for you all morning.

Hers is a respectable family with a long history behind it.

I found a brilliant boy for him.

The knight Tristan loved the princess Iseult.


Now I'm mad.

Sofia says it was your idea.

I think this might be caviar.

I've never known Lonhyn to be violent.

Where are the book and the pencil?

Anatoly nodded understandingly.

I almost feel sorry for them.

Joon called Cory to ask why she wasn't at the party.

Mike asked me if I knew his father.

Don't forget to kiss Sharada goodbye.

Don't let yourself be used.

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Jamie never came out of his coma.


Mitt Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts.

Donn has been living with us.

I told you I'd protect you.


I don't want to change it.


Moses didn't know why Rebecca refused to go out with him.


It is often pointed out that smoking is a danger to health.

Jesse and Ima wanted an adventure.

Johnnie gave me a really cool gift.

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You really are desperate.

Tell Jeany this is urgent.

She acted like she didn't know anything.

If it's a simple piece of music, I can sight-sing it.

She put off going to Mexico.

Martin is realistic.

Why was Travis in prison?

A little language goes a long way.

Our plans fell through at the last minute.


He was making a speech, but he abruptly stopped speaking when he heard a strange noise.

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Agatha didn't tell us that.

Saify asked someone he met on the street how to get to the station.

I need to get out of this place.

Luis is grateful.

What does the plan call for?

I enjoyed watching the game.

Money is everything.

I haven't eaten all day.

He thinks himself to be somebody.


The problem continues to exist.


I am going to be fourteen.

Barbara went rock climbing.

Almost all men hate something, but I am very good at being patient.

I lost this oblong Japanese brazier in an earthquake.

I don't want to be rich.

I have been reading the book all afternoon.

I've been working on this for just for a couple of days.

I enjoy listening to Russian speech.

I'm going to try to talk to Dieter about this.

He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.

It is not good to eat between meals.

We all love him.

Can you tell me where we're going?

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Plants die without water.

Keep your distance.

He was clearly embarrassed.

My father gave me a new fountain pen.

Rand said you were good-looking.

An EMT put a bandage on Niels's cut.

You could've won the race if you'd run just a little bit faster.

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You better watch your back!

Dannie hasn't made it yet.

I have an appointment with him for five-thirty.


He is the baby of the family.


I just got a text from him.

Roberta is a very smart guy.

Let me know if I need to make any changes.

Jobs are hard to come by these days.

They could barely make ends meet.

Did you say you had a fight with Joan?

My annual income exceeds five million yen.

He began to talk to the dog.

It was on my mind so much that I unthinkingly asked the pupil in front of me.


Who manages this department?

I think Lynn wants more.

Waaahhh! I lost my wallet.

This is the perfect place for those who seek a quiet vacation.

We wanted to speak to the president of the company, but he refused to speak to us.


She majored in literature at the university.


This plane is currently cruising smoothly towards our destination.

I just need a second.

He didn't eat anything yesterday.

Tell you what, I'll come to you, that'll be easier.

The scientist gave himself up to his experiment.

I'm sure Jeannie will pick Nick up after school.

Cathrin had a splenectomy.

He took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening.

Operations are already underway.

Could you come to my quarters?

Ariel broke his nose.


We have been to Tokyo many times.

I'm not very patient.

Are you objective?

We don't have a single thing to worry about.

February has only 28 days.

Only God is infallible.

She went about the household chores.


Slartibartfast always does that for me.

The boy dug a grave for his dead pet.

Two people think of her as their daughter.