Who We Are ?

Octo-Parts offers comprehensive solutions that are indispensable for enabling
your innovations. We collaborate with customers to tansform possibilities into reality.

"The CVD system we purchased from OctoParts produces uniform, smooth, reproducible high quality thin films, which greatly helps us achieve our research goals."

Professor Zhang | Southeast University | Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

"I found myself wishing I had simply purchased complete solutions from a company that had already invested the time to engineer a reliable system. As a new faculty member, funds are a limited resource, but time is even more so. Quickly getting the ball rolling on research is worth more than what one might save with a home-built approach."

Dr. Guan | Assistant Professor | Simon Fraser University | British Columbia, Canada

"OctoParts provides a very versatile platform for synthesizing various semiconductor films. The configuration allows for consistent film growths."

Dr. Lou | Nanyang Technological University | Singapore

"Our tools from OctoParts are our main workhorses guaranteeing stable and reproducible processing of our organic devices. In particular the combinatorial features have proven to be extremely useful. "

L. Perez | Head of the Laboratory | Universidad Complutense de Madrid | Spain

"The OctoParts CVD Application & Research Lab provides our company with one-stop graphene film process capabilities and technical staff support that we simply cannot get anywhere else and that help us accelerate the commercialization of our proprietary thin film technologies"

Lin Wang | Research Engineer | Graphene Industrial Park | Chongqing, China