I hope it works out that way.

She's trying to balance her work and home lives.

Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt in the year 51 B.C.

Sam owes what he is today to his father.

Text me when you get back home.

We should try that.

The illusion is perfect.

We admire his hold on the situation.

She got him drunk.

"Which name do you prefer?" "They're both nice."

I have small hands.

Until that day, I had never eaten dog meat.

We'll have a good time there.

Why are computers so intelligent? Because they listen to their motherboards.

You know what our instructions are.

That's because there weren't any large carnivores in New Guinea.

You don't need to work on Sundays.

I'm not going to let you go to the dance with Nils.

Even though Russ tried to explain it to Donald, she still couldn't understand.

You are Simon, son of John.

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It looks harmless enough.

Alfred decided to call for help.

These totals check with mine.

Button it!

Great pains but all in vain.


That's exactly what I've been telling Shatter.

Christopher is feeling it.

I won't try to predict the future.

I know what got Susumu rattled.

Let's help these guys.

I can't remember the meaning of the word that I looked up yesterday.

I'm sorry, I have to answer messages.

What can you tell me about Gunnar?

His boast that he is the best pitcher is true.

The opposition is rubbing their hands together in malice.

The meeting ended.

You're always hungry.

I can't just give up now.

Which do you like, green tea or black tea?

I like stories.

Stephanie put her finger on my lips.

Her sister Joanna was bright and slender as a lily.

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He put on a hat.

Just take water.

Are you sure Gilles didn't do it?

You are the master of your own destiny.

At this very moment, nearly 10,000 Tweets are being sent.

Let's start now.

You haven't paid your rent in a month, have you?

Jordan is a cripple.

I don't think you understand what this means to me.

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I can't buy a book this expensive.

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Don't let the opportunity get away.

Let's play another hand of poker. I want a chance to win my money back.

It was all good.

I believe in my abilities.

List didn't look very well.

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Emma is one of my best friends.


Everybody has some good points and bad points.

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Catch a signal.

Do you want to go too?

I'll sell the jewelry to customers.

How many hamburgers did you eat?

I'm not looking forward to seeing Raif.

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I'm glad you're here to help us out.

The kitchen of this house is very large.

Don't ever give up.

His face was sooty.

I accept that he was telling the truth.


Smoking is strictly forbidden.

Will you put us up for one night?

Chuck walked in and quietly closed the door behind him.


Tracey vanished into the darkness.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create the world's largest dictionary?

Oscar stayed there a long time.

Obstetricians also bear a high risk of suits.

Let me put it another way.

She told him to keep away from bad friends.

I came here today to talk to Sidney.


In Greek mythology, Ares was the god of war.

Get that stupid look off your face.

She's a real friend.

There were six people at the concert last week.

The girls' chatter was endless.

That company is on the rocks because of bad debts.

The girl was carrying several books. Not textbooks, but thick hardback books.

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This is your own doing.

Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?

I made it for you. Do you like it?

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Cindie told me that I had no choice but to do what he said I had to do.

Some words don't have a direct translation in all the languages.

My car is covered in pigeon shit.

I got him to wash my car for a hundred dollars.

We wish you luck.


I'll take your suitcase to your room, sir.


Spass went without lunch because he didn't have enough time to eat.

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A small car is cheaper than a big one.

You said something was going on.

A guest has sharp eyes.

These warm socks are made from alpaca fiber.

I have to go get her.

Tell Noam I want my belongings returned to me immediately.

I can never predict anything.

You can't beat me.

How do you want me to handle that?

Let me wash that apple for you.

Vacation? What's that?

Is she still angry?

I'm still worried about him.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

He couldn't help himself.

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He started his voyage around the world in his sailboat.


Ha hasn't confessed yet.


"This conversation has never occurred." "What conversation?"

I do not know the exact place that I was born.

Erwin said he was afraid to go there.


Niels needs to talk to a lawyer.

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Thierry grew up in Australia.

There were many things that I thought were important at that time that I no longer believe are important.

Dan crossed the border to Mexico but was immediately arrested by the local police.


No one has a perfect body.

Nou is ten pounds heavier than Jack.

Mayuko made a fair copy of the draft.


I just worked 13 hours straight.

I'll take you to her.

The chairman is elected for a two year term.

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I know what I'm feeling.

I thought you were going to be at home last night.

He's a senior.

I'm improving my knowledge of Breton.

The boy said a wolf would come.


She's off the grid, and European authorities want her arrested.


It's a great pity you don't know him.

She waited until the water boiled before making the tea with it.

Do you still miss Elric?

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He has just become a principal.

It would be great if you visited your friends in Poland someday.

Perfect! See you later.

I was quite satisfied.

She got a present from her boyfriend.


We don't have any privacy.

These letters reveal her to be an honest lady.

I went to the beach with her.

Teresa failed the exam.

Supposing you could travel, where would you go first?

Could someone make an example sentence in German using the word "Beispiel?"

I like this book very much.

The setting sun flushed the high roof.

Mr. Shoval submits plenty of sentences to Tatoeba.

I went to the library to read some books.

I'd prefer a sandwich.

You're doing fine. Just relax. Be yourself.

You'd better call her up.

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Dan wasn't reacting normally.

She'd like him to leave right away.

It looks terrible.

Dan's enthusiasm is infectious.

The torture had dramatic consequences on his personality.


Valeria wanted to grab a bite to eat on his way home.

Josh is unnecessary.

I told him not to be late again.

He is anything but honest.

Is the bank open today?

That's more like it!

Lindsay has a sister who likes to play tennis.

Josh may have an alibi.

I eat in the classroom.

Herbert told me he wanted to live on a secluded beach.

I don't want to hurt Rudolph again.