Introducing Gift & Go

delivered by Amazon Business

We are a new gifting technology platform, enabling businesses to create powerful loyalty stores and promotional sites whilst utilising the vast catalogue, logistical superiority and global footprint of Amazon Business.

It’s never been quicker or simpler to setup promotions for your customer base. With our powerful campaign and theme builder tools your marketing teams can build promotional sites in minutes, populating them with items from the vast catalogue of Amazon Business with options to ship globally to any customer, no matter how remote they may be.

Build, Populate & Publish

Create a promotional site for your customers with all gifts delivered by Amazon Business

Theme Builder

Create the ultimate loyalty experience quickly and simply. Customise your loyalty site in minutes, edit images, text and backgrounds. Preview your loyalty site on desktop and mobile, publish to a unique URL or in an iframe.

Campaign Manager

Full with tools to enable your promotions and loyalty marketing initiatives to achieve! Stay on-budget and manage campaign performance with detail and precision. Automated reporting and popular CRM integration.

Amazon Business

Fully integrated with Amazon Business. Browse from millions of items to engage your customers with and add to your promotional site. Rest easy as your customers receive their rewards via Amazon Prime.

Say goodbye to your bottlenecks

Theme Builder lets you create the ultimate loyalty experience. Customise your campaign in minutes or choose from hundreds of industry specific templates

Choose from hundreds of style combinations and industry specific templates or simply create your own theme from scratch.

Customise your content, upload backgrounds or pick one from the range. Upload your company logo, change fonts, styles and text.

Preview your site in desktop and mobile views, ensuring your customer journey is as optimal as possible. Publish to custom urls and iframe.

Go Live Globally

Simple to setup, simple for your customers to redeem

Once your theme is finished, publishing your site live to your customer base is simple. Use our Campaign Manager tools to generate unique coupon-codes to send directly to your customers or on-pack manufacturers and distributers. Customers enter their code on the first screen and tap to claim their reward.

Customer redemption in seconds

reward your customers dynamically with unique codes that allow them to redeem individual or multiple rewards, delivered by Amazon Prime

Once a code has been entered on the landing page, the customer can select an item that’s been pre-picked from the Gift & Go catalogue, provided by Amazon Business.

The customer selects the Spain soccer jersey and proceeds to enter their delivery information and accepts the promotions terms and conditions and taps confirm.

Congratulations! The customers’ reward is on its way, delivered via Amazon Prime. No matter where your customers are located, Gift & Go can deliver globally.

We’re launching in October 2018

Contact us at for an online demo today.

Our beta trials have now closed. For more information please contact us at