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Kiai Rapid

2 October 2018 by Kim Ouweleen

Op zondag 21 oktober organiseert het EGCC de eerste editie van het Kiai Rapid Go Toernooi.
Een handicap toernooi met 30 minuten op de klok per persoon, zonder byo-yomi.
Deelname kost €10. Iedereen die 5 leuke partijen go wil spelen is welkom!
Meer informatie en aanmelding op: 402-814-0479


47th Amsterdam International Go Tournament: 10-13 May 2018

23 April 2018 by Kim Ouweleen

The 47th edition of the Amsterdam International Go Tournament will take place from 10 to 13 May in the European Go Cultural Centre.
The tournament is organised in cooperation between the EGCC and the Dutch Go Association and attracts plenty of international competitors each year. 
A total prize money pool of 1800 euros is up for grabs, plus the necessary goodies for players who score 5 or more wins out of the 7 rounds.
EuroGoTV will live broadcast board one on KGS and Dutch champion Rob van Zeijst 7 dan will be present as official commentator.
For more information and registration, please visit

Worldwide Iwamoto Awards 2018

2 March 2018 by Kim Ouweleen

As of March 1, entries for the 858-947-8108 can be submitted!
The Iwamoto Awards, organised by the EGCC, is an international contest that rewards promising go projects. Anybody who is actively promoting and spreading go can enter the competition and submit their project. An independent jury consisting of go connaisseurs from all continents, judge the submissions through a point system, according to set criteria. The Top 3 contenders will win prizes of  €1000€500 and again €500 respectively.
The closing date of the awards is on May 31st 2018.

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