Bradley isn't very different from anybody else.

Isidore was confined to the house because it was too hot to venture outside.

Molly is ready for dinner.

On this day I had difficulties with speaking.

I want to survive.

Michale smiled, wanted to say something, but didn't dare.

This time, you won't escape punishment.

Thus the term has two distinct usages.

Are you sure this is the right number?

I've made up my mind what I'm going to do; and no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


It is not possible to be free from every sort of disease.


The ball rolled across the lawn.

Chet is having trouble making ends meet.

Ask your mom if you can come out and play with us.

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Vistlik wants to watch.

You almost forgot your money.

It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.

Stephan didn't really expect Suwandi to answer his question.

It's the first in a long series!

Let's hope it still works.

Obviously, it's time to leave.

Being a wiry person, he is thin but still looks strong

Mason causes me a lot of trouble.

All you have to do is try hard to master English.

Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas.

I am Japanese, but you are an American.

She is not very well off.


The fountain is lit with multi-colored lights.

The fifth of May is the day when Napoleon died.

Arlene is obese, isn't he?

Marcia tried to help Marnix understand what was happening.

He refused to inform them.

To complete this work, the following working items are recommended.

Were you able to find her?

Dan took a position at a respectable law firm.

I don't tolerate incompetence.

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I became a director.

I don't want you following me.

Birds fly south in winter.

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Don't get too excited.

Even though she was invited, she didn't go to watch the World Cup.

Laughing is the most effective antidote to bad temper.

Today, Wilmer stayed late after class.

It will be cold.


We will post the announcement in all the staff lounges.

The mountain whose top is covered with snow is Mt. Fuji.

The results of the study were sobering, to say the least.

She was angry and confused.

Piete went down to the kitchen.

Can we go shopping for shoes?

I'm fucking.

I couldn't afford to buy everything I needed.

You should have your eyes examined.


Does this fit?

When was the last time you painted your house?

I don't mind helping.

I just want to go to school.

I want to be pampered.


It may seem odd.

You translate from Quenya to Klingon? Awesome.

I sure hope you're right.

I wonder why Shawn left that there.

Rusty loves you so much.

Please clean this place up.

Robbin is the only boy in his class.

Please read after me.

Questions and answers play an enormous role in interaction.


Suzanne is planning to stay home tonight.

Do you want to come along with us?

Lorraine says that he can't help.

I guess what you think, but what I think wouldn't even come to your nightmare.

That's really close.

I'll make an exception this time.

He wanted my permission to use the phone.

Please put my room in order while I am out.

"One egg is not hatched yet," said the duck.

I think it's really ugly.

Take things as they are.


He is far from happy.

I couldn't call you; the telephone was out of order.

Don't let this get out of control.

He knows how to drive a truck.

I wonder what Ravindranath can do that I can't do.

We've tried everything.

Movement it's transmited by belts and pulleys.

I assume you only hire people who speak more than one language.

The earth moves around the sun in 365 days.

I knew you wouldn't like the way Trying did that.

Denis didn't have a chance to get out.

We'll get right to it.

She is his friend.

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Some children broke the window, which made Mother very angry.

Tell me who did this to you.

I'm okay because I'm alive.

I have been and always shall be your friend.

You don't know Vern's last name, do you?

Since Mikey had a little free time, he took a nap.

Taurus posted an unboxing video, but it's extremely boring.


Where do you plan to spend your summer vacation?


Loyd is unconvinced.

I've got to go and get him.

They've fired him.


He is a Russian by birth.

I don't like to go out without a coat on such a cold day.

Hugh winked.

May I have a blanket?

He's not open to my arguments.


Are you expecting something to happen?

What a load of horseshit!

They escaped when the door was opened.


I'm depending on you to help me.

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It's me, Marika, your wife.


Shatter doesn't want to study French.

Alexander isn't as clever as he thinks he is.

For one thing, I'm busy; for another, I'm not interested.

She wouldn't even say hi to me.

Sophie, who was hungry, ate everything that she could grab.


The boss told Cecilia that he had to wear a suit and tie to work.

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I rode the elevator to the third level.


Women are always buying hats.


I can't put up with him any longer.


I want to hear your story. Go on, please.

Thank you for the correction.

When you go abroad, it is useful to learn at least some polite phrases in the local language.

I do not know if it will rain tomorrow.

Things are very different today.

I decorated my room.

I am afraid she may have lost her way.


Evan reached into her bag.

There were people everywhere.

Taurus planted three apple trees in his front yard.

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

Do you think Shirley is lying?

The decision was put off.

The tea set isn't complete.


Fay barely escaped being killed by a tiger.


Do you anger your parents?

The store is not open today.

How many people died in the earthquake?

Hans should be able to do better than this.

Srivatsan lives in a flood zone, but he doesn't have flood insurance.

You have washed the laundry.

He devoted himself to the volunteer activity.

We could've waited, but we decided to leave without Kate.

Her unusual behavior caused our suspicions.

Angus doesn't let Loren get near him.

I told Roy to leave.

They had started earlier than we had.

Where is Harmon?

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How is that done?

Have any of you seen her?

You didn't see him, did you?

Keep your coat on.

I thought he was your friend.

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One learns by experience.

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It doesn't sound so unlikely.

It's just like you say.

In some parts of the ocean, krill populations have dropped by over 80 percent.

Devon angrily walked out of the room.

It shouldn't be a secret.

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We can't send her out there.

The diving competition is one of Oskar's favorite events to watch in the Olympics.

The aphids are making the leaves turn yellow.

I don't really think about it.

Kee was momentarily disoriented.

My brother's murderer got off with just a year in jail. If that's not a travesty of justice, I don't know what is!

Darren is playing tennis with Steen.

In 1911, a revolt broke out.

Don't you care what your parents think?