how to save my marriage

Are you asking How To Save my Marriage? Are you at the end of your rope with your better half, but want to save the relationship. Is your spouse not willing to work at saving your failing relationship?

A bit of advice, you can find ways to save your relationship. In order to save your relationship, be the first to change. A great quote from Gandhi, “you must be the change you wish to see.” This is how to make relationships better. If you put all the emphasis on only your partner being the one to change, you could lose the chance to bring your love back.

Are you on the verge of a relationship breakup?

Are you heading for a failed relationship?

Did you know that most relationships CAN be salvaged

A committed relationship can be a fantastic experience. It can bring you true happiness that fills you completely with joy. But finding out that you are having relationship difficulties, and may be heading for a failed relationship, could be crushing to you. Perhaps some advice on how to improve your relationship could be vital.

Is lack of trust causing relationship difficulties or causing your soul mate to take you for granted? Most relationship and marriage advice focuses on trust as the foundation for a long lasting romance that will stand the test of time. Although trust develops with time, working at creating trust should be your predominant priority for your relationship to work. How can this be accomplished? First, always love and respect your soul mate, and be dependable. When you promise to call, do so. When you say “I’ll be home by 10:00”, be home when you promised to be home. Do not make promises you don’t plan on keeping, like “I’ll take out the trash later.”

Have you been the victim of another “HONEY, WE NEED TO TALK ” session?

Relationship difficulties are bound to happen. One minute you’re happy in love and the next, he’s doing that annoying thing again, and you find yourself yelling at each other. This could lead to a relationship breakup. Disagreements do happen to all couples, knowing how to diffuse the situation is more important than stopping it from happening. The skill to diffuse tension after an argument can help to avoid a relationship breakup.

In new relationships most people find themselves walking on eggshells. You do not want to risk doing anything that would upset the new relationship. Often times to avoid conflicts you find yourselves avoiding certain issues as to not cause problems.

Soon the newness wears off as the relationship continues. You soon find that the issues and problems will have to be discussed. Remember that listening is an act of love. Working together you will find solutions. All the problems are not caused by just one person, you are both part of the issues. You must work as a team. Equal effort is required by both. There is give and take for both parties. A healthy relationship cannot thrive if only one of you is doing everything.

Honesty is the key in all marriage and relationships. Lack of honesty between you and your partner will lead to certain failure. A healthy relationship cannot survive lies and deceit. The closest person to you should be your partner. They are your soul mate, your other half. They complete you. You should not even have a relationship if you cannot be totally honest and open in all aspects of your life.

Relationship Issues!

Deception does nothing to further your commitment to keeping your relationship healthy. Deception in your relationship, either past or present will surely end up in a problem relationship. Sometimes small white lies, such as, no, you don’t need to lose any weight, your perfect just the way you are” , is not why relationships go bad! If the lie will have consequences beyond the next few minutes, like your sexual needs or time to yourself, you will compromise trust.

Extramarital relationship!

Sometimes a lapse in judgment will lead to an extra marital relationship. They may have thought the grass was greener on the other side, or they thought it was a bigger, better deal, than realized it wasn’t what they really wanted and needed. The hurt this causes their partner can weigh heavy on their mind. They find themselves asking,” how do I fix my relationship”, and may do anything it takes to get their healthy relationship back.

Bring love back into your relationship:

In marriage and relationships, lack of communication is at the center of their relationship problems. The ongoing stressors of life disrupt daily communications that are necessary for a perfect relationship. All couples need to communicate daily to improve their relationships. Making time to connect with each other daily must be paramount for your relationship to thrive. Maybe you can work together and get the kids off to bed a few minutes early and take the next half hour to just sit and talk. Or, if children are not an issue, set aside time for a daily walk. Remember that daily communication is the glue that holds your relationship together; find time no matter what it takes.

Talking to your partner about everything and anything will help to keep your relationship healthy. If you are looking for a perfect relationship, do not hold secrets from each other. No situation should feel uncomfortable in a healthy relationship. In a perfect relationship, love and respect must always be present!

Love and sex is the glue, and is how to keep a healthy relationship. Unconditional love and respect will help avoid a relationship breakup. The power of true love is unstoppable. A relationship rescue is always possible as long as there is still a small desire to work things out.

For all couples, sex should be the glue that holds your relationship together. Some couples jump right into intimacy while others move more slowly. Either way it is always on your mind. Engaging in sexual passion is a predominate component in a new relationship in order to fall in love. Making love is a large commitment in your relationship. For past generations, sex was reserved for marriage only. It was not taken lightly or casually and was usually reserved for marriage. In today’s world, sex seems casual and too freely given. One night stands seem to be common place where only raw feelings are involved. It is just raw sex. As always, exceptions can be found, some one night stands can last forever. Love matters!

Do you need help in fixing a relationship?

When relationships go bad, friends and family always ask if you have considered a counselor. And for good reasons. Marital conflicts are the specialty of relationship and marriage counselors as they have studied and trained for many years resolving personal and relationship difficulties.

In most relationships only one partner is willing to seek relationship guidance. Usually the unwilling partner has already given up on the relationship and doesn’t feel like putting in the effort. If this relationship is worth saving, don’t give up! Don’t try to force your partner by badgering or hounding, just use love and respect for your soul mate.

Seeing a counselor is important but not the only solution. The success rate of marriage counseling is not always 100%.

Salvaging a relationship!

In a society where divorce is so common place, how can you find ways to save a relationship? You should begin by looking at the conflicts in your relationship and see where you yourself can make improvements. Remember you can only change yourself not others! If you insist on counseling but your partner is uncooperative don’t expect any worthwhile changes or improvements. Usually if you set the example by changing your actions, your partner may follow suit. The only way to improve your relationship is to make changes in yourself first.

Another vital way to help build a healthy relationship is to make quality time available to be with each other.

Most relationship breakups stem from lack of quality time with each other. Once the relationship becomes distant, you have no desire to work things out. This situation can be easily resolved if your both willing. A couple times a week do something you both enjoy together and use this quality time to resolve issues within the relationship.

Make sure that this time spent together is not all about constantly rehashing old issues, but just enjoying being together and finding ways to improve your situation. Remember a date night is not a night to discuss old issues and problems; it’s a night to just enjoy each other all over again. Remember that being intimate and having sex is the glue that binds you together. Intimacy allows you to focus only on each other and helps make the outside world melt away. Your partner should be all that is important in your life, nothing else matters. Ideally a good working relationship should include at least one date night per week. Plan well ahead of time for someone to watch the children if needed. There are many options open for a date night, it does not need to be expensive, be creative. The actual activity you are doing is not as important as the fact that you are just enjoying being with each other. This can transform an unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship.

Relationship self-help books!

Looking on line for self-help E-Books to improve your relationship, can provide useful information, even when one partner is uncooperative and wants to put an end to the relationship. Many of the E-Books found on the enternet are written by Doctors and counselors and can be very helpful.

Salvaging a failed relationship is indeed attainable. Open your mind to any and all possibilities. Remember that love and understanding, not force, will help save your relationship. Maintaining an emotional balance and staying calm is important and will lead to effective communication in a relationship.

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