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Parenting your teen can be a pretty challenging time! There are many ways to maneuver through it, but what you do as a Chill Mom can make for a fun and rewarding venture! 

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Meet The Chill Moms

Meet Renee

Renee’s not just another woman trying to make a difference in the world, she’s a young-at-heart, active mom who earned the award “still crazy after all these years” at her 10-year high school reunion. 

Working hard, having fun and continually learning to strike a balance between the two is what keeps her on her toes!

Idea girl, music lover and founder of Chill Mom, Renee has raised two beautiful daughters and still raising a smart, athletic teenage son. She’s often found thinking up new product and marketing ideas in the corporate world, planning the next adventure with her kids or enjoying yet another event through her community outreach.

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn has a lifelong passion for food, fitness, and family. Ever the Entrepreneur, she is continually evolving in her decade-long career as a Life Coach to reach more and more people in whichever city her wanderlust has brought her to.

As co-founder of Chill Mom, Carolyn hopes to inspire, motivate, and encourage other Chill Moms around the world to follow their hearts, live their dreams, and hang out with their teenagers!

If she’s not in the kitchen whipping up healthy dinners, Carolyn is most often found at the gym, singing loudly in the car with her two kids, or networking in the business community. 

Inspiring Moms to Elevate Teens

Chill Mom is a real community of moms with teens.  We crave balance in our personal and family lives and so we have this awesome social media platform to go to for valuable educational resources, ideas for the Chill Life, cool merchandise, the opportunity to connect with other Chill Moms, and a place to find some humor in this phase of parenting.  

Community is what it’s all about and we want to support our local community!  A percentage of sales will go to benefit local after school programs and other non-profit organizations that support children’s needs (especially teens).