Your parental control over mobile devices

  • Allows you to control mobile devices remotely in real-time
  • Everything is very simple and user-friendly. You do not need any special skills to use the service
  • Works with all Apple and Android devices
  • We guarantee full anonymity and protection of your personal data
  • It's absolutely free


App control

Install and uninstall apps remotely, create black and white lists and keep an eye on what gets installed

Remote locking

Lock a device remotely and set a custom unlock password

Remote access to photos, audio & video

Access photos, video footage and microphone recordings remotely any time


Location tracking

Find out where a device is at any point in time


Send free non-SMS messages with guaranteed delivery and reading enforcement

Device cleanup

Wipe a device entirely to prevent data breaches

How to start

It's very simple. After registration you can connect any device to the controls. In order to do this you need to install an agent application onto your mobile device and proceed to connect that device to your account on the website.

After completing this you will be able to control your devices in real-time, send commands and receive data. The service works with all iOS and Android devices.

How it works

You install a special app on your kid's smartphone. This app will continuously scan the phone's content and manage it. When you kid does something on the phone the app will send the information about it to our website where you can check it in real time.

Moreover you will receive daily report about all your mobile devices' activity during a particular day.


What is it all about?

The Internet is a dangerous place for kids. Children's behavior, activities, and movements must be controlled. If you do not agree with these statements this website is not for you. What we offer is a way to monitor and restrict your child's activities on their mobile device remotely and protect your and their personal data.

Why is this free?

Child protection is one of the key responsibilities of each parent. We know this first-hand and having the right technologies available we'd love to share them with other parents. At the end of the day good parenting means a happy future for all of us.

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  • 1 device
  • Storing 1 month of history data
  • E-mail reports every week
  • Real-time requests
  • 24/7 support
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per month

  • 3 devices
  • Storing 3 months of history data
  • E-mail reports every day
  • Real-time requests
  • 24/7 support
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per month

  • 10 devices
  • Storing 1 year of history data
  • Scheduled e-mail reports
  • Real-time requests
  • 24/7 support
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