Who is the woman standing there?

Cristi opened the windows to air out the room.

Yikes, wait a second!

What made you laugh?


I've always liked baseball.

I'm going to tell him.

All the answers to this question were wrong.


Lois won't deal.

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I saw an old film featuring Charlie Chaplin yesterday.

It's faster to reserve a taxi.

People regretted his sudden death deeply.

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Eduardo promised to return before 2:30.

This store is currently selling vegetables.

I am poor at drawing.

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We can't trust Duane.

I won't have time this evening.

Tandy isn't good at driving.

I acted the part of a fairy.

The story was handed down from father to son.


I would rather die than steal from others.

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I cover twenty miles a day.

Noises interfered with my studying.

You seemed really upset.

We've worked hard.

Mario looks appalled.

Kenton wants to know how much ice cream June ate.

For 32 years, I've been living in suffering!

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What a complete failure!

We're going to kill them.

Ben isn't very different from anybody else.

Don't cross your eyes or they'll get stuck.

She is a selfish woman.

I dared not go forward.

We're not sure what's going on.

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Where's the park?

I met Oskar in the park.

Have you ever seen an elephant fly?


I see no problem with that.

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Marcia didn't seem pleased to see me.

Micah had a very foul mouth.

Pull out all the nouns from the text.

I'm in the bathtub.

I would like to express our thanks on behalf of my colleagues.


Did you water the tomatoes?

They say that you don't gain weight no matter how much you eat in the morning.

I suggest putting a comma here.

Let's start again.

I want you back here.

Ben turned towards Konrad and gave her two kisses, one on each cheek.

You're our best hope.

Bryan can no longer walk without a cane.

It's necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.


I've got a lot of work to do.

I just don't want to make the wrong choice.

I wonder where Louise is right now.


Boyce misses his family a lot.

Did you want me to call the police?

How many symphonies did Beethoven write?


You'd tell me if you weren't having fun, right?


I find you very attractive.

My German is not good enough.

To protect your head, you need to wear a helmet.

Could you let it out?

You should have been at the party last night. It was a lot of fun.

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I'm going to follow them.

The train left at five o'clock to the minute.

People have eaten with their fingers from the beginning of history.

If you want to speak to me, please call me up.

Andy has been unlucky, hasn't he?


I think we'd better buy more food.

You can't compete with her.

The room is fully furnished.

French isn't as difficult to learn as some people think.

You can't make up your mind, can you?

Did you know that Johnnie had left town?

The thief ran quickly.


If it means that much to you, I'll get rid of Kylo.

Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.

Tareq would like to speak with you.

Nobody trusts Ramadoss anymore.

I didn't know you were so good at French.

He cut the meat with a knife.

Please don't leave me.

That's because you don't want to be alone.

Just tell the truth.

I'm not placing blame.

Nobody told Barrio what he should do.

No one was able to escape.

This book belongs to Paul.

I know you're licking it when I'm not around.

I'm not sure I can trust Winston.

Recently, he's been drinking too much.

Emil told me his father wasn't at home.

Tracy is not the shy boy he used to be.

They hate opera.

John couldn't play the guitar.

Just don't tell them.

All of my kids know how to swim.

The woman did not say anything; she just buried her face in her hands and burst into tears.

Rakhal agreed with Raj's assessment.

I succeeded in getting what I wanted.


Mother was surprised at the news.

We want to learn some songs in French.

We call him Pilar.


"How many girlfriends do you have, Konstantinos? How many?" "Actually, I have 4." "Whaat?"

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This shoe fits me well.


"Kristi, I have to tell you something. I love someone. His name starts with T and ends with M." "Er, who would that be? Is it someone I know?"

I was beautiful once.

It's just so frustrating.


I think fashion models today are too thin.

Please do not touch the record side.

No complaints have been reported.

Izumi is watching the baseball game with his friends.

He extended the knowledge of biochemistry.


I am tired of homework.

Why aren't you using it?

Check out this video I filmed with my friends.

Edible means good to eat, and wholesome to digest, as a worm to a toad, a toad to a snake, a snake to a pig, a pig to a man, and a man to a worm.

I think it's about time we told Harry that he's adopted.


I need to practice my French.

Nothing special is planned.

I don't even know what that means.

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Is this community safe?

Although I was tired, I did what I was able to do.

So is this man your friend?

I'm in charge.

I love to cook.

He was a brave sentry.

I suppose he will be late.

The news upset me.

The squirrel ate out of her hand.

Can I ask you guys something?

Let's move the sofa.


Everything is going horribly wrong from Jeanette.


Would you please tell me your name again?

I just might do that.

Alf told me how to do it, but it didn't register.

Mechael put on his jacket.

While she distracted Mayo, her boyfriend stole his wallet.

The old teacher began to talk about the good old days.

What are we going to tell Lanny?


Are you in much pain?

Esperanto pronunciation is easy.

Ariel is a crony capitalist.


Cathy is the one who deserves to be promoted.

I suppose it's going to rain this evening.

Woman as she is, she can lift this barbell.

I told you it was stupid.

Caroline couldn't believe it was already time to go home.

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It is a curse.

Does a dog have a Buddha-nature or not ?

It was sunny this morning.


This is so ridiculous.


I punished them.

Leith is a lot better.

We can go somewhere else if you want.

A tablet is a mobile computer with display, circuitry and battery in a single unit.

What's your excuse now?

I don't see her much.

Lars began working.


It was Jay's idea to try it this way.

How did Laurianne know?

The boys are all the same age.

Samantha has arrived.

It looks like Those has an alibi for the night Dave was murdered.