Angus and Kusum both nod in agreement.

Even though he's very old, he's healthy.

I think we should go out sometime.

Hohn didn't tell me he was married.


It was one of the best days of my life.

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Earl remembered something.

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Do you know how old I am?

Oral tradition has existed for hundreds of years.

His doctor told him not to drink alcohol.

I'll never be back.

Do you refuse to leave with us?

The queen was an extremely clever woman, who could do a great deal more than just drive in a coach.

He has become fond of sports.

He is advised to keep to a strict diet.

The room charge is 100 USD a night plus tax.

His driving skill is very amateur.

Gunnar stared at the envelope in Hugh's hand, wondering who the letter was from.

I spend most of my time at home.

It's so easy to write good example sentences, that even if we accidentally delete a few good sentences in the process of getting rid of a whole lot of bad ones, I think we could drastically improve the quality of this corpus by doing a lot of deleting.

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You work in Milan.


You broke her heart.

Everyone looked.

She used to be my girlfriend.

Do you see the big book?

There's a piece missing from the machine.

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I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.

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Eat whichever one you like.

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You'll never get ahead in this place unless you go through the proper channels.

His grandfather died of cancer a year ago.

Because of his determination, he was able to tide over the crisis.

I'm not the one you should be talking to.

What did she want?

Non-smokers are rallying behind the new anti-smoking law.

Finance Ministry officials tried to boost confidence in recovery.


Do you live alone?


Why didn't somebody help you?

We're actually on our way to Boston.

The truth is that nothing is totally true or false.

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No is such a hunk.

I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Gigi thinks Brenda is strange.

The parade had already begun when we got there.

Sharada was finally able to get in touch with Glenn.

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Duncan wants to go back to college.


Why isn't Kyu wearing a nametag?

Is that Andrew's girlfriend?

Can I really have it at this price?

Bonnie can't leave yet.

There is some sugar in the bag.

It's a very large property.

Alfred couldn't say anything.

Fiona's letters gradually came less and less.

No one saw anything.

I'm sure you can manage on your own.

Even the experts took the painting for a genuine Rembrandt.

I like playing sports.

The governor's speech was published in the magazine.

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I'm on a diet.

Don't look so surprised.

Brian didn't have the heart to tell Rolf the truth.


Would you mind saying that once more?

I knew you were a smuggler.

It doesn't look that way.

Mongo seems to be biased.

He was convicted of murder.


He backed us up during that incident.


Spass is one of my technicians.

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Tell us about your new book.

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I found the pencil I lost.


Billy doesn't like kids.


I am a flawed person, but these are flaws that can easily be fixed.

Cyrus was hurt slightly.

What kind of a party do you want?

He went to Austria for the purpose of studying music.

I told you I was doing that.

School isn't for me.

The apple-blossom was touched by the frost.

This CD belongs to her.

Pardon me for not getting back to you sooner.

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I'm not taking my eyes off her.


Are you going to go on holiday this year?

The young man bade farewell to his comrades and relatives.

I want quick action subsequent to the decision.

Mr. White arrived in Tokyo at 10:30.

Terry pays Jos three hundred dollars a week to clean his house.

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Do you really want to talk about that now?


Why are there so many people?

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I cooked the pasta too long.

I want to discuss a very important matter with you.

Let's meet at one o'clock.


I have known Taro since ten years ago.

When listening to a lecture, you should be quiet.

You shouldn't eat just before you go to bed.

Our civilization ended the day we invented the nuclear bomb.

Jin isn't the one who helped me.

I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.

I thought Dimitry would be thrilled to see Emmett.


They saw their former employer at a conference.

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Why is everything so complicated?

She prayed that her daughters would forgive her.

The boys and girls are playing in the garden.

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That reminds me of him.

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Some days before the test, he put the wind up him properly.

The temperature has stayed hot this week.

What about the office?

Forget the anxieties of life and learn to relax.

I don't know if she wants to come with me.

Saiid forgot to bring a flashlight.

Hamilton was sent to a state penitentiary.

What do you feel like doing this evening?

I need a day off.

That's what I loved about them.

What do you think of censorship?


They saw the ship.

He seems to be indifferent to politics.

She threw a disapproving glance at me.

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My mother is on good terms with my aunt.

How does he do it?

Tricia stood in front of a full-length mirror, looking at himself.

It is six years since I started to study English.

Bono and Sinatra toast their new friendship.

I'm too angry to think about all this for now.

A country ought to be loved by the citizens.

Pratapwant gets overemotional at times like these.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this.


Why don't you put your best foot forward?

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I have never been particularly strong in mathematics.

He was expelled from school.

It may cause lung cancer, too.

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Takayuki was tempted to tell Hotta the truth.


You are watching.

Max is wealthy, isn't he?

Klaus kicked the stool out from under Duane.

Rudy can swim, but Nathan can't.

I was hoping Jimmy would be here.


Does anyone want a beer?

We have fun together.

Sandra will enjoy doing it.


He, who had been lazy, failed his exam.

Can you tell what's wrong with it?

Do you have something to say?

Cary didn't have much time to clean the room before Cory arrived.

I'm not the only one who doesn't want to be here.

I'm not sure Sid would help.

I'm gonna withdraw some money real quick.

Evidently, Fred didn't want to go.

We aren't burning anything.

Are you having a good time?

His parents go to church every Sunday.

The truth will be got at before long.

When was the last time you dived?

Who would have thought that she could be so thin and small?

She dialed the wrong number.

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They got to a village under a hill.

Do you think you can handle this problem?

Look it up on Wikipedia.

There is an unbreakable link between language and culture.

We had scarcely returned when it began raining.

How about holding a barbecue party next Sunday?

Duncan looked down at the sidewalk.