This is all that I can say for now.

I don't think it's them.

I don't think we were invited to Manuel's party.

I came to apologize for what happened yesterday.


You slept on the train.

My father's company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

I never said you were lying.


I am fine, and you?


I don't believe that some day a majority of the world's population will speak Esperanto.

Waiting is just a waste of time.

There were only six people at the party.


Listen up if you want to.


The candle smells nice.


We share a broadband subscription.

I'm cool with that.

Alain bragged about how well his son is doing at school.


Scorpions have eight legs.

If I'd known it, I'd have told you.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with that aircraft.

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Don't people tell you you look like Audrey Hepburn?

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Who likes insects?


Give me more milk!

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Malloy might do the same.


We need to find out who he is and who he's working for.

It is good and is small.

The dentist told me to open my mouth.

Abortion is an act, a most violent act.

Sarah seems troubled.

I know nothing but this.

You don't want to know!

It's a big company.

I didn't want to tell you.

They fooled the boy into stealing his father's watch.

His roommate would blacken her toast until it set off the fire alarm.

I think Leif will always love Charles.

The Canadian governement has closed the Experimental Lakes Area research site.

Thank you so much for coming by.

Everyone loves an exquisite turn of phrase. And he seems to have the knack of finding exactly the right words for any occasion.

I wish I had Rajarshi's brains.

I don't remember my dreams.


He lives six houses beyond my house.

Who do you want?

I usually take a shower after I play tennis, but today I couldn't.


The girls danced in the gym.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to get married.

France is adjacent to Spain.

She managed to run away under cover of darkness.

I like your smile.

The only way to know if it fits is to try it on.

I performed the work reluctantly.

Ethan beat the drum at a slow tempo.

I don't see what else we can do.


Will weighed himself.

Dave came to the party dressed as a pirate.

He didn't deny that he was formerly involved in the program.

What is it you want?

Was he in Hokkaido last year?

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The baby seemed to be in a deep sleep.

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She cut off the carrot tops.

Everyone but Joachim has already gone home.

Elvis takes a shower every morning before breakfast.


The responsible persons are going to carry on in the same old way.

Tear gas was fired into the building.

A most credible hypothesis is the one that limits the number of elements in the domain T.


Is this the place?

I can't figure out the reason why Louise did it.

Bjorne is very sure of himself.

I think many of the people here today would rather not be here.

A language isolate is a language with no demonstrable relationship with other languages.


Why does this surprise you?

It's going to be huge.

Even though Dean doesn't drink beer, he does drinks wine.

That could work.

This man is not my husband.

They consider it impolite to disagree with someone they don't know very well.

Terry doesn't have to tell Mick if he doesn't want to.

I'll have Rajendra take out the trash.

Douglas fell into a panic.

He was wounded in the battle.

Suppose that we miss the last train, what should we do?


There was a big rock concert in 1970.

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Alan wanted to talk to Jingbai, but he couldn't find her.

The stranger strangled the stranded stripper.

Brenda is thirsty.

If you pass the exam, how about we go to the bar to drink beer?

Urs admitted he didn't do what we had asked him to do.

She came very near to being run over by a car.

I was playing here.

I'll do the dishes.

Animals have sharp teeth.

I got up at the crack of dawn.

Old men are children twice over.

By looking for bargains and scrimping a little on many everyday items, Arnold can afford to splurge once or twice a year on a spa treatment or going to a beauty salon.

Her eyes darkened.

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"Yes, I did," he said.

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She is stunningly good-looking.


How much is that penny?


I'm fine. And how are you?

Gerard studied after dinner.

I managed to escape.

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Give him a call.

Guido told me not to do that.

She is quite a poet.

I love my dog.

You don't fall in love with somebody because he's perfect.

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Everett didn't realize what was going on.


Jagath's married.

Weather permitting, I'll depart tomorrow.

He didn't like that very much.

How far are you going for a drive?

You can't hang out here.


If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

I'm sure that our team will win.

Let me speak to Carl.

The captain is dead.

Delicious refreshments were served.

Jennifer reached for the door.

You should let Alex help you.


Adlai told me a strange story.


Duane should've told Myrick that he was married.

I really liked Johnathan, too.

Mats appealed his conviction and won.

Elisabeth admitted that he had stolen the bike.

I haven't seen Woody for a few weeks.

I was never good at math.

He often gets worked up over little things.

Something remarkable happened.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple.

If someone criticizes you, it's because you have something which he will never have.

I only answer when I'm asked.

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I was about to leave when Daniele appeared out of the blue.


I'd like to help him prove it.

We believe her.

I want to go overseas.


I just got a raise.

Can you come with us, please?

Take your time over it.

Where's the sunscreen?

What do you like to cook the most?

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Mistreated illegal foreign workers often fall between the cracks of the social system.

Russ put the folder on the table.

Do you have any idea how unhealthy that is?


The Chicago Tribune was wrong.


The teacher admonished his pupils for carelessness.

You always tell me to think for myself.

You should wear a hat that covers your ears when it's cold outside.

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I can't concentrate. Do you mind turning off the TV?


You're extremely ingenious.

Don't let us down.

I suffered through all sours but didn't find bitter than needing people.


She's looking at us.

Did I get any mail this morning?

I'm sure it can be done.

Go away. And don't come back.

I've married the wrong person.


Maybe we shouldn't have come here.

The word before his name should be underlined.

Our hearts are broken, our spirit is not.