I don't know how many times we'll need to come here.

One day their father said to his sons: "My dear boys, take each of you an arrow, draw your strong bow and let your arrow fly; in whatever court it falls, in that court there will be a wife for you."

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Luke is a brave man.

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Expect the unexpected.

This'll only take a minute.

The trip was long and I want to rest.

We had three airplanes.

Dwayne made me leave.

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A good deed lightens a dark world.

Do you think it's a good idea to feed your dog table scraps?

We're already married.

My body is painful, my head hurts, I have been affected in different ways.

Mahmoud bought a silk rug.

Music is a common speech for humanity.

I want to solve this puzzle before I go to bed.

Whatever it is, we're not interested.

He was busy with his homework.

He doesn't come any more, the one smoking said.

Adlai doesn't like spinach, so he didn't eat any.

Did you tell them to do that?

I guess we wouldn't have been able to carry out the plan if it weren't for your help.


I will be in Boston for two months.

I'm meeting a friend after school.

Would you relax?


I don't know anything about cricket.

You must fasten your seat belts during take-off.

I gather you were unsuccessful.


When you travel overseas, you usually need a passport.


He stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up to leave.

He wore a mask so no one would recognize him.

She wasn't ready for marriage.


It's just a piece of paper.

Barbra and I are both on the same team.

I don't think I can get along with him.

Beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium and radium are alkaline earth metals.

There's nothing else I can do for you.

Everyone knows that you hit Elijah.

I have a fatigue problem.

You think that she is strange because she is not just Caucasian.

But he believed he had good reasons.

He is busily at work.

She washes her skirt.


And the tokens he received as wages could only be spent at that shop.

Sandra wants to help, but obviously can't.

You don't have what it takes to be a leader.

Pablo will be a centenarian next year.

Since you're a minor, you aren't allowed to enter.

Erik was out of town yesterday.

I thought it was a foul ball.

I'm going to find it.

Have you been invited to their wedding?


There is a pen between the apple and the book.

If you dangle a shoelace in front of my cat, she'll play with it.

Rolfe loves him.

I owe it entirely to him that I have thus far succeeded.

I have eaten at Chuck's Diner on several occasions.

It was a small wedding.

If you eat a spoonful of sugar or a small piece of whole wheat bread, it seems that the bread would be less detrimental.

How far did you go?

Knowledge is a comfortable and necessary retreat and shelter for us in advanced age, and if we do not plant it while young, it will give us no shade when we grow old.

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Some people jumped into the pool.

It's real, isn't it?

You're on my land.


The event was very well planned.

I'll bring sandwiches.

Was it a nice trip?

Neither Bob nor Duncan was in a talkative mood.

Terrance ordered another drink.

Casey is usually punctual, isn't he?

I'm not the least bit worried.

Kenneth quickly developed a friendship with Chris.

I admire Cristi.

I know this isn't exactly what you wanted, but it's all I could find.

Don't worry. I'll pay you for everything.

Does anyone here think that's a good idea?

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

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I see him from time to time.

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I've never lied to you before.


It's time for your therapy.

Why didn't you take Randal?

Would you excuse us one moment?

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I don't feel lucky.


I don't like it down here.


Pleasure in and of itself isn't bad, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.


He had been reading for two hours when she came in.

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Vice got a job at a local pizzeria.

I don't want to get a full denture.

Some people compare life to a stage.

The team will be ready.

Jussi doesn't seem much happier.

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I'm not invincible.

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Mr Smith sued them for damages.

We did not get your letter until yesterday.

A lot of cars speed by on this expressway day and night.

Galileo discovered that the Milky Way is made of many stars and that the Moon has hills. He discovered four moons in orbit around Jupiter, which are now known as the Galilean satellites.

That will show him!

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The mist cleared.

Come on, you can do this. Just one more sentence!

I have to trust them.

Carolyn skipped a grade.

No autopsy was performed.


I think we're going to win.

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I've seen that look before.

Cynthia held open the limo door for Bryce.

The headline is somewhat misleading.

I'll meet you outside.

The coach watched the team practice.

It seems quiet enough.

My father does not eat much fruit.

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Tell us everything you know about where Sally grew up.

Jackye didn't like French class very much.

What a horrible dream!

Is everything OK between you and Denis?

It was a dark, moonless night.

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Gerald was rejected.

It's cool today for July.

Don't forget to turn off the stove.

The crowd is cheering.

Their music makes me dream.

Why didn't she tell me?

Those aren't mine.

Dennis doesn't have a pet now, but he used to have a dog.

To make matters worse, there were signs of a fearful storm.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Hamisi uses sugar.


We need to handle this in a lawful manner.


Matthew didn't say a word.


Traveling makes people knowledgeable.


Put the chair in front of the desk.


Dan moved out of the area.

Already two weeks went by and I have not seen you.

I think I like Rhonda.

Donovan accepted the invitation.

I'm sorry for acting like a jerk.

Can we speak French instead?

Louder please, I cannot hear well.

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The principal called the teachers into his office.

Wolf doesn't have a clue.

Joan broke her left arm in the accident.


There has to be a reason.

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I don't live in Boston now.

Words are windows, or they are walls.

You've got to go home.

Could you carry these suitcases for me?

I have no time to write to her.

A person who follows Islam is known as a Muslim.

In my view, you are wrong.

Are ghosts real?

Thanks a lot for helping me today.

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I've been back home for a week, but I'm still suffering from jet lag.

Don't get me wrong, Kanthan.

Call Ishmael.

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How much money has been spent on building the museum?

Sandeep's drinking has caused a lot of problems in his marriage.

Hand me a towel.

The union is pressing for a ten-percent pay hike.

I love being your teacher.


I'm not going to marry her.

I'll need several of those.

We won't be buying anything.

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Would you like me to talk to Pierre?