I went to the hospital to ask about his health.

Believe what you will.

I don't understand this gobbledygook.

I'd like a Manhattan.

This exercise is easy enough for me to do without help.

It goes against logic.

Triantaphyllos is unkind.

My mum likes tea very much.

Damon seems happier than before.

Why do you know so much about Australia?

Do you think you could lend me some of your records?

If you had a million, what would you do?

He has a good case against her.

Bryce didn't really like his job.

Why did you tell Barrett before you told us?

Don't worry. I'll look it up for you.

I often go yachting on weekends.

Never forget who you are!

Excuse me, I have a request.

Let's move back to Boston.

Why do you want to switch jobs?

Can't you get him to stop?

Pratap tried to talk Norman out of leaving.


Bret crawled out of bed.

We began to sail in the direction of the port.

Try to prioritise these things.

Josip is just a friend, not my boyfriend.

Dan wants to see the manager right now.


His parents acted to calm him down.

Do you think he still loves my letters?

All my friends like him.


That's a fantastic idea.


A few days' rest will do you good.

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Like a headless chicken.

We're having a wonderful time.

When Angela Merkel rang Barack Obama, he already knew what she was going to say.


I want a little bit of coffee. I don't want anything else.

Reinforce your inner sense of connectedness.

Jeffrey arrived in this prison in 1976.


I thought it might be nice for us to spend some time together.

I feel much better already.

I saw it after the seven o'clock news.


He denies nothing to his children.

"How was the test?" "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be."

I don't know who wrote it.

Srivatsan wouldn't do that.

I'm eating dinner now.

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I'm not fat.


I've been accused of murder.

The set of real numbers is uncountable.

Will you be finished by 2:30?

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I've no idea what's happening.

I have got a cat and a dog. The cat is black and the dog is white.

For a girl, after 30, it's downhill all the way.

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I'd forgotten about that.

Just be careful what you tell Luc.

The winter was cold and snowy.


Without a doubt!

All our money is gone.

You be quiet.

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Joyful let the soul be in the present, let it disdain to trouble about what is beyond and temper bitterness with a laugh. Nothing is blessed forever.

The Chinese are a friendly people.

Did I wake you guys?

I think he's hiding something.

They took enough provisions for three years at sea.


I hope you've been paying attention.

I can't think of anything to write about.

The machine was working at full blast.

You should stop smoking.

The picture was held on by a pin.

The knife had a very sharp point.

Are we ready to go?

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Love happens when you least expect it.

He began buying gold in huge amounts.

The paradise was in my heart.

I can't even blame her.

That's quite helpful.


My opinion was irrelevant.


Since I've been on this diet, my weight is down, my cholesterol is down and my sleep apnea has completely disappeared.

That was interesting, wasn't it?

Tomorrow, we are to recite a poem at school.

He met Malloy here.

We must cut down on prices; we can't compete.


Marsh told me that he'd decided to quit his job.

She cannot have done it.

Should I cut my hair?

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

You can see millions of stars on this hill.

They snuggled tightly beneath the blankets.

This car has more than a hundred horsepower.

Will you show me on this map, please?

Tobias had no choice but to do what he had been told to do.

You're stupid!

I didn't tell you to fire him.

Mwa was bored.

A special taskforce managed to catch a suicide terrorist downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

Hopefully, we'll arrive tomorrow.

Carol drove Siegurd all over the place.


Motivation is the key to success.


Jesse threw a stone into the pond.


We really want to impress them.

Are you happy with the service?

He bought this truck from Poland.

Gale is somewhere here on the campus.

This will be his car.

I wouldn't push him too far. You don't know what he might do. I'd say you can't be too careful. They say even a doomed mouse will bite a cat if he has no choice.

I bought all sorts of sexual toys for my honeymoon.

Slowly, their bond grew ever deeper, amazingly enough. Clarence found that repeating what he'd learned of her and nodding a lot tended to help.

Clyde made a frantic attempt to finish painting the fence before dark.


Turn down the TV, please.


If you want to come with us, you're welcome.


Himawan should've arrived by now.

The teacher asked Janos to read his essay aloud.

We went to Boston to visit Stagger.

I think it's time for Mongo to leave.

He is now on the way to recovery.

What is he so angry about?

Go to the park.

What's your favorite video game?

Just take my hand.

I really wonder what Sandra is doing now.

John's business has turned out to be a complete failure.

Can you pass me that thingamajig?

Dory will be scolded by his father.

There's nothing to be bothered by.

Has she ever snored?

She designed beautiful costumes for the movie.

The party's on Sunday.

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We do not believe in immortality because we can prove it, but we try to prove it because we cannot help believing it.

You are confusing me.

I feel exactly the same way I did three years ago.

I've been trying to teach our baby to eat from a spoon.

She's practising for her piano exam.

I'm in the bathtub.

I bought it at a garage sale.

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We want to capture all the uniqueness of each language. And we as well want to capture their evolution through time.

You'll find it difficult to meet her requirements.

Do you really want to see a French film?

When can we meet again?

Val got stuck in the mud.

These computers are mine.

Louie died a few months later.

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She is noted as a singer.


A man who knows two languages is worth two men.

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This Japanese chef only uses traditional Japanese knives.

He is fatter than when I last saw him.

Harold kept on singing.

We have not had much snow.

Thomas was lenient.

What are we going to do with Rodney?

The cheetah is the fastest animal.


I thought you were coming to the mall with us.

Do not use this apparatus near water.

Oh, look, a shooting star!

Were you expecting someone?

This place is cool.


Sanjay thinks I did something wrong.

Here, try this.

Father is in his office.

Isidore became flustered and a bit nervous.

My pastime is reading.

What tripped the alarm?

We try to go to Boston at least once a year.


I've known him since college.

He came home just now. Didn't you know that?

That's the way he likes it.