Stefan has never liked Darrell.

Is eating fish every day bad for you?

She wanted to get a divorce.

Charleen became a billionaire when his company sold shares in an initial public offering.

He cried, "That's good!"

Stagger was here yesterday morning, wasn't he?

Turns out that the house is infested with Garter snakes. They're everywhere!

What mistake was that?

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The price of this computer is very low.

Norma and Kiki sat down together.

I rented a videotape this morning.

You never told us why there was a delay.

I'll tell them you said that.


Do you like red wine?


Samuel wore long johns.

I really hate this.

Bobby put a finger to his lips.

People make mistakes.

Where's the boss?

Raphael couldn't see very much.

Murthy really doesn't like you.

His disappointment was obvious to everyone.

The batter has two balls and two strikes on him.


You need to get on your way as quickly as possible.

Go and see if you can find her.

Ravindran caught Irfan.

She helps you to write it.

All Major really wanted was glass of water.

Now we see more and more foreigners.

Let's ask them.

The dispute was finally settled.

My grandparents never liked coffee with milk.

Let's sit where there is some shade.

Right now I'm not thirsty.

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No one knows when the Earth came into being.

Today, the Ministry of Health announced that it has stopped distribution of and is recalling a medicine for children due to the problem of heart related side effects. The government has taken this into account and has forbidden the importation of this medicine.

Tony couldn't help showing off.


I know you want to see Cecilia.


My house is north of the library.

What were we talking about, again?

Every morning I buy a newspaper at a newsstand.


Please say that again!

For many books, the covers are too far apart.

Is Ernie serious about this?

It is considered impossible to travel back to the past.

Have you had enough of me yet?

You have only to ask him if he'd like to join us.

We sat talking about the remote past.

They say they need help.

I met my classmate.

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They are my grandfather's books.


Kee pretended he was my brother.

Now, tell me something about yourself.

They importune their parents for money.

You'll be safe.

I'm on my way out.

How could the colonists declare independence? I think that's against common sense.

I'll tell her you're here.


This is too short.

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We got involved in a traffic accident.


The milk boiled over.

I'd like to book a bedroom.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

Esperanto is a flexible and practical language, easy to learn and memorize.

The world of dreams is a multiple stage where virtual realities permeate one another.

Vilhelm knows how to make everything.

Frederick shook hands with me.


Hughes does seem to be in control.

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The mosque was torched in the middle of the night.


She's outraged.

She shot her.

Gingerbread Man hanged himself.

They have three children, six grandchildren, and their first great-grandchild is due in the winter.

Maybe you're not as stupid as you sound.

Dan eventually confessed that he got the gun from Linda.

We're not selling our house.


He has little feeling for others.

I have bad cramps when I have my period.

God made the country and man made the town.


My mother said there was nothing I could do to completely prepare for parenthood.

I wanted to be just like him.

Guido is now talking to the office staff.

That is madly expensive.

If you were in Nelken's shoes, what would you do?

Daryl seems to be much taller than he used to be.

I'm going to write Kemal a note.

It took a while for Wolf to respond.

You should not waste your time.

Piet was hopping around on one foot and yelling because he'd stubbed his toe.

What happened freaked him out.

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Sherlock Holmes could deduce much out of the smallest details.

A trip to Hawaii will cost you about 200 dollars.

This is the book about which I told you.

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Mac gave Myron a thumbs-up.

They are longing for city life.

I'm sexy and I know it!

We visited Nikko the next day.

Susan sat down on an empty chair.

I don't feel like going for a walk.

Keep a tally of what you owe.

Put the dough in a greased loaf pan and let stand for 15 minutes.

The detectives found no other evidence.

It wasn't a stupid idea.

It's become very easy.

We don't even like him.

You can trust John. He will never let you down.

You don't think Lila is here, do you?

I was asleep when Mark arrived.

Comedy is much closer to real life than drama.

Maybe I'll go, and maybe I won't.

These three pretty girls are all nieces of mine.

The law is on our side.

I do not have much money on hand.

I expect to do it soon.

Who had injured her?

Bjorne has gained thirteen pounds.

Susanne started using anti-aging cream when she was 14.

I can be exactly what you want.

John wanted to be completely independent of his parents.

Let's give Ralf another chance.

I didn't meet any of my friends.

Name and address, please.


Japanese should not forget that America is a multiracial nation.


Dr. Patterson: She made the sign for cat.

I'll tell Nate we'll pick him up.

I am not sick.

I'd like a money order for ten dollars.

I'm looking for some job or other.

You know this.

My house needs considerable repairs.

If you want to, you can use my car.

That's a pretty big assumption.

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Yesterday's party was an unforgettable one.


As anticipated, there have been some problems.


It's just a theory.


When will I see you next?


That's why I told you not to go by yourself.

Huashi gave Jagath a brief hug.

Sofoklis opened the door and went inside.


The clock is fast.


Can you e-mail it?

It's not going to be long.

We need to get rid of the guards.

Herman is impassive.

She looks very much afraid.

I expect him to come at any moment.

I know Vistlik isn't alone.

Many obstacles were put in Ping's way.

He sat on a mossy tree stump.


In brief, the party was splendid.

I want everything to work out just right.

He's a huge fan of trains.

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None of those involved had any visible injury.


We were kids together.

She was born in the United States and grew up in Japan.

Don't touch the paintings!

The bus was almost completely empty.

It couldn't have been easy.


I didn't expect Calvin to get here on time.

Bitter medicine will not necessarily do you good.

The big question is why.

Who should I give this to?

I want to go to the sea again.


Why would Pandora help us?

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We sweep with a broom.