We will begin as soon as possible.

Please pass the carrots.

Paramedics were called to the site of a light plane crash.

I know Guillermo is hurt.


There needs to be a full stop at the end of a sentence.

I turned off the radio.

It's not easy to understand his ideas.

I see Hsuan pretty often.

Let's try again.


I'd like to hear Joe's opinion at least once before we come to a conclusion.


I'd better call them again.

Elizabeth doesn't think that Santa looks like her mother.

Add and delete buttons from the OE toolbar.

My grandfather lived to be ninety.

The hotel was in sight.

School reopens in September.

Trying told me that he had bacon and eggs for breakfast.

He paid as much as a million dollars for the painting.

Appreciate the little things in life - they will bring you to a bigger end target.

I am thinking of changing jobs.

There's no harm in looking.

I won't be ready for weeks.

Over the past 50 years, American and Soviet scientists have utilized the animal world for testing.

I don't like a negative sort of man.

I cannot make up in the month of Ramadan.

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It all felt good.

I've already tried that.

It's unclear why Marie isn't here.

Did you come here yesterday?

I want to go mountain climbing.

I said goodbye to a friend at the train station.

Kamiya said that he lost his key.

Space was trying to give his money away.

Yes, I will take care of buying the tickets.

You know your stuff.

We ate a quick lunch in a coffee lounge.

Bird is the word.

I need a flight that leaves on Monday afternoon.

I must leave Boston at once.

What's your connection with Bert?


I wore a beautiful dress.

I'm the only one who knows how to do this.

I suppose it will have to do for now.

It isn't what you say, but just the opposite.

He has a son and two daughters.

There is no point in giving him advice.

They look busy today.


What does this smell like?


I think Chet didn't understand the joke.


Her eyes flashed with joy.

What do people eat in Egypt?

Did he ask you about me?


I have no idea what would make our dog behave like that.

I went to his house at 3 o'clock, but he was out.

I wouldn't think of it.

It was thought that seaweed and plants were similar, but today they correspond to two different kingdoms.

I don't think this is any of your business.


I didn't give Galen anything.

Donna wants to stay single.

Ask Mat where he put his keys.

This is beyond the compass of my ability.

That's altogether wrong.

I love being at Harvard.

Do you think he'll like it?

That is quite absurd.

He is by far the cleverest student in the class.

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All his friends backed his plan.


He will have done his homework by tomorrow.

I want to believe.

They are looking at only the sunny side of the American economy.

I'm sick of waiting.

Will the weather be good tomorrow?

She has been sick in bed since last Monday.

Liza never told me how successful you were.

He believes that he is a hero.

For Markku Liisa's comment was a slap in the face.

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There once lived a merchant whose name was Mark, and whom people called 'Mark the Rich.'

Were there any other people in the house?

I am going to be an engineer.


You and Dirk would make a perfect couple.

Maybe Chet has had an accident.

I'm completely knackered.

There's a fine line between assertiveness and aggression.

What do you see from your window?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who lived and worked in Calcutta, India.

Shatter says that Tait is innocent.

It was lucky that you left when you did.

I don't want to sit next to Leslie tonight.

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Turkey has the world's largest refugee population.

We need a car big enough for the whole family.

I think I'll buy some more food.

I don't mind the cold, but I can't stand the heat.

We all live in the same neighborhood.

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Did you forget to feed the dog?

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Michelle looked through his binoculars.


I just organized my closet.

I heard about them.

We don't need money.

It's windier today than it was yesterday.

You were the one who told me Cathryn couldn't be trusted.

He prayed that his daughters would forgive him.

The pigeon has flown away.

The problem's being looked into as I speak.

There was quiet in the room.

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I saw him sawing a tree.

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The exception does not void the rule.

Smile now, cry later!

My grandchildren attend this school.


This stool needs to be repaired.

Please don't push any of these buttons.

You were pushy.

Colin berated Jerald.

It's not right for you to do something bad just because someone else has done something bad.

He may well be proud of his house.

If nuclear war broke out, mankind would perish.


Do your work.

Students are impatient for the summer holidays to come.

I said something.

We consoled each other.

You want me to go?

Maybe you shouldn't tell him.

Michel is the only guy I've ever loved.

That will happen to you too.

Hey. What's going on?

Didn't it ever occur to them that they would be punished?

We didn't have the chance.

Don't worry too much, or you'll go bald.

Maybe we should take a step back so we don't fall?


Optimists capsize easily.

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Both my sisters are teachers.

I'm going to take off.

Jin stared at Rodent icily.

Potatoes were being cooked in the kitchen by the girls.

You're after her.


Living conditions were hard.

Where are my shoes?

That music is worth listening to many times.


You should buy yourself something to eat.

It's Monday tomorrow so Ken might come.

My guess is that Joon is looking for you.

Why isn't Tarmi asleep?

I think he's looking at me.


Donn has attempted to escape at least three times.


I hope you like what we gave you.

Magnus likes all of his teachers.

I'll go anywhere you want.

Currently, many students have a dictionary but don't know how to use it correctly.

The price of bananas hasn't changed much over the past few years.

The man is buying beautiful roses for his wife.

Michael is Yvonne's former boyfriend.


This cloth sticks to your skin.

I don't care what's happened.

An explosion blew the house apart.

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Victoria doesn't always tell the truth.


I will lend you what little money I have now.

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Rain is unlikely.

You're competitive, aren't you?

Do you enjoy studying?

Is the bar open yet?

I think I just heard something.

I'll walk you out.

She ran out of money.


"I saw Denis today." "Who?!"

Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'.

You can tell them.

Jesse doesn't feel like cooking.

I won the lottery.