I wish I knew where we could find others like Johnny.


Hughes disappeared without leaving a trace.

Feed me, please.

I lost the watch.

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Her dream of a lifetime finally came true.

This, in essence, is the secret of science.

You need to come home.

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The book is mine.

Sometimes I use the scissors as a can opener.

I'll go and get her.

Five and three is eight.

He has changed his mind about going abroad by air.

Frankly speaking, it's difficult to understand why you want to go.

He is very brave.

Has Tanaka already returned?

Why do you want to come with me?


They're from Greece.

Naresh seems mildly interested.

I am greatly blessed in my children.

The stock prices are at an all-time low and this fact casts doubt on the existence of true competition among pharmaceutical companies.

How long were you down there?

Is Miki for real?

You asked after her? What did she say?


I'm not going without you.

Jakob promised Mitch to find a place where would be safe.

I'm with him now.


I felt kind of awestruck.

Sue accommodated his schedule to Sorrel's.

I'll lend you all the money I have on me now.

You look different today.

I need to ask you about them.


Venkata drinks at least three liters of water a day.

I dreamed of coming to class naked.

It's pouring down.

Give them something to eat.

No pain, no gain.

I've found a way to overcome my habit of always picking fault with others.

Jeanne tried to focus on the task at hand.


Are you guys busy?


Churches were erected all over the island.

Vladislav wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Luke.

No, he's our business manager.

Humans descend from apes.

He introduced me to his relatives at the reception.

How many months have you been pregnant?

When I awoke this morning, I felt hungry.

I'm sorry that you've been badly injured.

I knelt down to tie my shoes.

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She admired him.


Are you really the one who did that?


The house is painted white.

Have you spoken with him?

I don't produce their films.

We can open the window.

If you want to become elected to government, you must understand the party policy and you must be able to sell it to the public.

I have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

Masha prefers coffee without caffeine.

We've been waiting for you, Kevin.

It takes literally a minute to make the sauce.

If you really want to get to know a place you have to go off the beaten track.

Driving across desert landscapes can be dangerous when the summer temperatures are high.

How can you speak such flawless German?

That's good to hear.

Mariou is photogenic.

If any harm comes to her, I will hold you personally responsible.

Do you really need this suit?

How much does it cost to get a haircut nowadays?


Kamiya likes camping on the beach.

John didn't need lessons.

Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, while in fact you are looking at your monitor.

It seems appropriate to apply these rules to the voiceless consonants.

Go get help.

This story has an unhappy ending.

I could understand why Eddy hated me.


Mason doesn't need to be told that.


I like reading books.

I don't have to worry about my weight.

I really need to talk with someone.

Can I have a pizza, please?

Ruth is loving.

Do you want some time to think about it?

Could you call a doctor, please?


Jianyun confessed that she prefers well-endowed men.

Hey, buddy, can you spare some change?

I'm not hiding anything from you.


Ricardo bought some squirrelfish for his aquarium.


I'm worried about you, too.

It seemed that there was no one in the village.

Your problem and mine are similar.

Gerald had a puzzled look on his face.

I almost called him.


I will examine your report.

Glynn always complains about the food.

Have you found a job?

Seymour helped John tie his tie.

I haven't thought about that in a long time.

I decided to become a scientist.

They kept silence.

I'll see you at the airport.

They train you on how to do something without thinking twice about it.

What will they think of next?

Where was your daughter?

How much more work do you have?

He walked on and on in the rain.


At first he didn't take kindly to his new house.


We must do this again soon.


Shaw asked Harold to go with him.

I got lost, and to make it even worse, it then began to rain.

The singer is very popular with teenage fans.


We'll soon be able to send you to jail.

Come help us out.

Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend?

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Let me explain for those living under a rock.

They would compare people to cattle.

While reading the book, I felt asleep.

Margot and Fay are both therapists.

I believe it's my duty to protect these children.

I wish Sundaresan had asked us for advice.

List is losing it.


I don't need to know this.


Laws to prevent computer crimes were enacted in the USA.


Oh no, I didn't do my homework.

Don't be afraid of speaking in public.

Some good-for-nothing at this gutter paper here, spread this mare's nest.


Everyone knows everyone.

I'm not leaving.

The holiday ended all too soon.


As soon as he saw what he had to do, he ducked out.

How long have you been in Bulgaria?

I've been out running around all day.


Brett could trust Tiefenthal to keep her word.

Get me my pills.

Your speech suits the occasion.


I wonder whether Ned will help us.

I'm excited about the move.

"Love has never killed anyone." "Really? Ask Romeo and Juliet."

His dream has come true.

His helplessness appeals to her motherly sympathy.

Please find him.

The factory will begin to produce next year.

This time, the same as always, I crammed at the last minute.

He came out of the barn with his hands in the air.

The number of fish caught in this river was very small.

I just had my hair done.

I never forget too.

Dori claims he was misquoted.


It might not freeze tonight.

Maybe I could talk to her.

Can I get a glass of water?

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It's your first time doing this kind of work. You should follow the manual exactly until you get more experience.

It is impossible to substitute machines for people themselves.

I'm supposed to make sure Harmon doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

She's an excellent general surgeon.

A little knowledge of Spanish will go a long way toward making your trip to Mexico enjoyable.


The first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar is Spring Festival, the most important festival for the people of China.

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Today at noon we'll eat cherries from Italy.

Inspector Dan Anderson had two crimes to solve.

How much snow is there at your place?

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Can you get it repaired?

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It's okay to be a gay.

He doesn't drink.

The cake is ready to be decorated.