Do you have attacks of dizziness?

Anton died in October.

Because the lecturer speaks quickly few people could follow him.

I hear Spass has been quite busy.

Graeme and Per are very hungry.

Belinda tried strict diets, grueling exercise routines, and some sort of esoteric New Age detox, all amounting to nothing--she had curves, and that was that.

I had to stop Hank from making the biggest mistake in his life.

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Because it quit raining, he went out for a walk.

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You'll never believe what I found.

I can't speak French very well.

Starbuck stayed behind.

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That doesn't make it any easier.

I never expected I would end up crying today.

I wonder if a day will come when money will be something found only in museums.

I haven't actually told Fletcher yet.

You can go out and play as long as you stay in the yard.


All of us approved of the plan.

She expressed her sentiments on the war.

If you need a fountain pen, I will lend you one.

Bob is keen to pass the examination.

When Pandora looked down at the apple he was eating, he realized that he had eaten half a worm.

We can't let Lila in.

He gave her an engagement ring last night.

I am injured.

Rick won't even look at Valentin.


Do I have to help Jeannette?

If you need help, just ask.

Real decided that he wouldn't tell Sylvan anything about the incident.

I ironed my handkerchiefs.

Your Honor, I shall have to dismiss the entire panel.

Can you understand why they have to pig it in one sordid room?

She observed how butterflies fly.

"I'm not hungry anymore." "But you haven't eaten anything!"

He displayed a great deal of patience.

If the source is not specified, a quote is not a quote but plagiarism.

She stayed at a hotel.

Meeks happened to sit next to Valeria at the concert last night.

It's a very good question.

I wonder if you could help me solve the problem.

Clifford showed me a drawing he did of Metin.

How many e-mails do you write every day?

Gene had never been to Boston before.

You really made an impression on Suzanne.

Maureen asked me why I was wearing a coat and tie.

You need not stand up.

Garlic gives off a strong odor.

I love the way you look at me.

I hope my boss agrees to my plan.


Thad may not want to do that.

Francois ran into the house.

This book was accused of having a bad influence on youth.

I remember that night.

There's no way something like that would really happen, but it seemed just right to drive the point home.

What's really bothering Sandy?

Presley said he didn't feel safe.

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Could I see you a minute, please?


Val stopped playing.

He was laid off until there was more work to do.

She was surrendering to despair slowly.

A lot of people swim here in the summer.

I prefer reading.

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She is hungry for affection.

We're waiting to talk to her.

Do you want my help or not?

Don't forget to lock the door!

I'm calling the cops unless you leave right now.


Her mother was more wise than intelligent.

They went all out to beat the record, and they succeeded.

We sit on a bench to rest.

I have only myself to thank for this mess.

He had complete mastery over the necessary mathematics formula.

Damn you, you always have good luck!

The girl always looked happy, but she wasn't at all happy.

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Let's share the money.


I wonder what Shai is thinking.

She must be about 40.

People in that country are pressed by hunger.

You want to know about sumo? Here's the champion. Even if all six of us attacked him at once, we would lose. If he hit you, your neck would break. If he were to sit on you, you would die. That's how strong he is.

I'm not sure I want to see it.


Pavlov rang a bell just before he fed his dogs.


Hey guys! That's not funny!

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The old man died last week.

Curtis seldom speaks to Shakil.

Who do they belong to?

They're absolutely right.

Stacy is at his office.

That was pretty big.

You need to go back and apologize to Deirdre.

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Do you know anything about training dogs?

Is that why you won't help us?

I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in English.

She's a smooth talker.

I'm here with Patrick.

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I couldn't hear what you said.

They forecast it will be cloudy tomorrow.

Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

I have a pretty good idea where Wolfgang might be.

Unfortunately, this house has already been sold.

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All the tournament's matches will be streamed live on the internet.

A green and yellow parrot, which hung in a cage outside the door, kept repeating over and over: "Allez vous-en! Allez vous-en! Sapristi! That's all right!"

That's good enough for him.

I thought Clark was sleeping.

Silicon is a semiconductor.

Someone broke into my apartment.

Owen wants you to ask him to your party.

The small dog crossed the road.

No one was in the room.

It's hard to speak English well.

I have my own way of solving it.

I'm very disappointed in him. He has been such a disappointment.

Let's dance, my darling.

I felt myself being lifted up.

Were you to know the fact you would be surprised.

It looks like we're almost out of the woods.

Van is sitting alone in the waiting room.


Krzysztof is at the pool with his friends.

Why silent? Thou shouldst not be silent.

Do you copy?


We called on him last night.

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Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a little girl.

I don't see your point.

Jennie is not a liar.

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We can all agree on this.

When I reflect upon the number of disagreeable people who I know have gone to a better world, I am moved to lead a different life.

My sister is older than my brother.

The square was illuminated by bright lights.

I will do everything in my power to help.


I saw a ghost last night.

Would you like me to stop?

I can't bear the sight of him.

Aaron doesn't know when Suzan got married.

This lid is so tight I can't open it.

I'm so happy you found me.

Jacques shot a deer.


I'm analytical.

I suppose you want me to tell Brandon what happened.

Wow, the water is cold. I just better not get sick.

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There are as many vipers hiding in the grass as there is evil lying beneath a beautiful countenance.


How many hours are you going to sit in front of the TV?


Patricia talked to a lot of people.

What do I need to know?

The talks will deal with the problem of pollution.


I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but ...


You're always playing computer games.


Huge areas of swirling gases can be found in Jupiter's atmosphere. The largest swirling area of gas is called the Great Red Spot. Scientists believe this is a large hurricane-like storm which has lasted for hundreds of years.

Next week, I'm taking the plane to Chicago.

They serve delicious food at that restaurant.

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What elements can occur?

To the Hilton Hotel please!

There is a threat of a storm.

The original qipao covered most of a woman's body, revealing only the head, the hands and the tips of the toes, in order to conceal the figure of the wearer regardless of her age.

Ken said he'd be home for dinner.


You gave me no choice.

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I went there in private.

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It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

I fell down and hurt myself.

Patrick didn't ring me like he said he would.

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The three fundamental factors for happiness are: financial security, a sense of purpose in one's life, and good personal relationships.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel agreed to continue consultations both in the bilateral format (through the two nations' Foreign Ministries) and multilaterally to promote the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

Bart's dog followed him into the house.


If you really want to know, all you need to do is ask.

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Even though I know a little French, I think we should speak in English.