We think we'll be successful.

You have to do that somewhere else.

We'll see each other later!

You can buy anything you want.

They train you to act before thinking. Just execute orders.

I had already spotted him from afar.

Nanda bumped into Jarl and almost knocked her into the pool.

Don't throw the soup away, the grandfather will eat it up!

That made us angry.

Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.

Let's get out of Stu's way and let him do what needs to be done.


No one could believe it.

That would be awfully sweet of you.

My advice acted as an encouragement to her.

Leave that there.

We want to harm the environment less.

Sedovic heated the milk.

Grace is in the lobby waiting for Vassos.

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I'm just a little surprised.


Can you skip me?


That's true enough.

My sister is a very beautiful girl.

How can you be so optimistic?

I've got to catch some Z's.

It was just an idea.


I go to any party I am invited to.

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I know what you were hoping for.

Fritz admits he often plays truant.

Donald is a friend of ours.

Boyd hits the pedal to the metal.

Raghu told me to treat others with respect.


Lievaart can speak French as well.


That's my son.

I can't tell you how stupid this makes me feel.

The White family will arrive in Tokyo at ten thirty.

I think Mickey works in this office.

Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

That's why I'm giving you this.

It can also be said this way.


Canberra is the capital city of Australia.

You and Douglas must be hungry.

There's not much happening here.

I'm still not sure.

June fifth is World Environment Day.

I don't know where I am exactly.

She wept all the night.

I was left out in the cold by everyone.

Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.

All Tibetans over 25 years of age, have the right to run for office for the Parliament of exiled Tibetans.

His jokes really slay me.

You must not be jealous of others' success.

It's too heavy for me to easily carry.


Have you ever cheated on me?


I'm going to my grandmother's.

In Colombia, the population is classified into social strata ranging from one to six, one being the poorest and six being the richest.

How long have I been asleep?

"Have you talked to Rathnakumar?" "Everybody's name is Siping here! Which one do you need?" "The one that is Norbert's friend!"

I have to do that every day to keep living.


Bruno is now well enough to work.

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Judy spends a lot of time looking in the mirror.

I'd feel happier if you three went outside again.

I don't like that woman.


Sabrina needs glasses.


This is how time is all wasted.


The results of the study are indeterminate.

If you want a man to propose marriage, feed him well.

It is impossible for me to do the work in a week.


I believe him to get up early.

She pruned a tree.

Does anyone know the Japanese language?

I know something about it.

Yes, it is. You were three months old then.

What are you inferring?

I hope you'll get fired for this!

Perhaps I shouldn't have told Cindy anything.

Where have you been all week?

Jarvis goes out with Frank three or four times a month.

Pray forgive me!

The fat man jumped over the ditch and fell to the ground.

It would seem that the weather is improving.


Dorian couldn't get to sleep last night.

I asked for Mr Smith.

It was terrible.


He is now either in Rome or in Paris.

She has a submissive personality.

A hasty hyena bites the horn.

In fact, she's quite unreliable.

Syd came out of his hiding place.


She took a sip of her drink.

Leslie has been under a lot of strain recently.

A group of militia saw him and began shooting.

Please delete this sentence.

Your kidneys are doing fine.

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The two boys are much the same in English.

The singer is very popular with teenage fans.

Put down that pen.


Christie told Michael about his plan.

The space ship will get to the moon soon.

To give a definition of word is more difficult than to give an illustration of its usage.

Are you coming back tomorrow?

Can you sing a song for everyone?


Things are going too fast.

What advantage do they have?

A dream... I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue, because I didn't want to be too explicit.

I never really was nervous.

I don't want to go to the dentist.


Lawrence doesn't have to explain it to me.

The two fixed on the day for their wedding.

They usually have breakfast at half past seven o'clock and eat their lunch at twelve.

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I'll talk to Suzanne.

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How much of winning an election is down to looks?

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How does this work?

We walked across the ice.

Kyle is ridiculous.

Sam carefully cut the fabric with a pair of scissors.

He looked for a profitable investment for his capital.

Have these cakes.

Don't you know how much sugar that biscuit has?

Do you speak Russian?

A man appeared at the door.


Not all the students of this school go on to university.

I hope Rhonda writes soon.

You should've called us.


John has hardly ever gone to bed before midnight.


This damned computer won't work.

Dieter loaded the van.

Brandy has an imaginary friend.

The musician began to play the violin on the stage.

Sandeep is still upstairs.

Polly can tell me about it later.

Even monkeys fall from trees.

The plural of ox is oxen.

They identified him with God.

We are making advance plans for our holidays.

A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.

Real never told me that you were so beautiful.

We'll wait and see what happens.

When are you going to tell Ray about what happened?

I took him on his word when he said he'd never seen her before.

I feel very sorry for him.

Victims have the right to be compensated for their damages.

Let's think positive.

You're not allowed in here.

Where is your business trip report?

He is a good fellow, to be sure, but he isn't reliable.


She suggested to me that I call off the meeting.


That isn't the case in Japan.

She asked for my help.

My boyfriend never leaves the flat without cigarettes.

I thought Indra probably did it.

I work in Central Park every morning starting at six.

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When it's hot, please dress according to your body, not the body you wish you had.

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My mom bought this shirt for me.

That's not why I'm telling you this.

Should I give the signal?

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Marci made a promise to come home early tonight.


She's neither in the kitchen nor in the living room.

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it.

All of us were happy at the table.

The commentator began yelling when the referee gave the defender a second yellow card.

Can you go around the world in a day?


Shai wants to know how he can gain weight.