They're immature.

Herman and King are going to get married on October 20th.

Can I get a witness?

The train pulled out on time.

I don't think there's going to be any food left by the time we get to Isabelle's party.

Which language do you use when you speak to your parents?

He was absent from school.

Ammonia's molecule is composed of four atoms.

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I offered him a double-flame lighter that I bought in the United States.

You know his name, don't you?

We have to start doing that.

My family loved Kusum.

I definitely need some more money.

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I've given him the benefit of the doubt one too many times.

You have not seen him.

Samir nodded once.

Thank you very much for patronizing our store for a long time.

The supplies are beginning to give out.

She was asking for it.

Ami hated his own name.

I am too tired to keep on walking.

Renting a car was the best option.

We bought our plane tickets two months in advance.

In the Carteret Islands, near Papua New Guinea, some people have already had to leave their homes because the seawater is washing around their houses.

Is this restaurant open?

Vladislav tells me everything.

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Pratap and Janice had a medieval wedding.

Some other boys came along.

What is this jeans?

What kind of person is Dawson?

It's about time you told Randy anyway.

I think you must be hungry.

We could've been great together.

I'm a citizen of the world.

There was still a glimmer of hope left.

He is in possession of this land.

They tried to put us out of business.


I thought you had found someone else.

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They said nothing.

Have some more.

Well, what was I supposed to say?

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Lemon is a sour fruit.


Are the students sitting in the auditorium?

She is known as the Japanese Picasso.

So, are you just going to do nothing?

Kristian loves Randy.

Insure it, please.

An indecipherable glance passed between them.

Tim leaned over and whispered in Charley's ear.

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"Um, teach?" "Yes, Christofer?" "I think I broke the flask."


Uzbekistan is called "O'zbekiston" in Uzbek.

I was reading the book.

Pierette didn't have to apologize.

Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.

Timmendorfer Strand is a well-known beach town.

Do I need to wear a tie?

Oslo is the largest city in Norway with a population of 629,313.

Don't worry about whether or not you get the right answers.

Or would I were a little burnish'd apple For you to pluck me, gliding by so cold, While sun and shade your robe of lawn will dapple, Your robe of lawn, and your hair's spun gold.

Will you watch the Olympics?

The lesson being over, children ran out into the hall.

She leaves you breathless.

When is the next flight to Boston?

Matt isn't a college graduate.

Anne got to the bus stop just in time.

Wilson is in some pretty hot water.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.

Shouldn't we go look for her?

Vic couldn't hide his feelings.

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Gay marriage should be legal.

His behavior is above suspicion.

I wonder what he will say.


They won't be here long.

I was fool enough to marry Lorraine.

He is trying to keep up with the current of the times.

Galen finally had to retire.

When a police officer pulls you over for driving in the fast lane, does he have carte blanche to search your cell phone, too?


Lynne takes yoga very seriously.

It's difficult to speak with him.

We have a lot of work to do before that happens.

Doyle isn't as old as I am.

We have lots of things to do.

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Fiber-optic cables are made up of tiny glass fibers which are as thin as human hairs.

I listen to music while I'm jogging.

If it rains tomorrow, there will be no excursion.

Mosur doesn't eat as much as Mari.

Modern technology gives us many new things.

Just come to see me any time you feel like it, George.

All persons shall have full and free liberty of religious opinion; nor shall any be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious institution.

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She said that her husband hit her, but in fact it was the other way around.

This is the boy whom I met there yesterday.

He looks to his uncle for advice whenever he is in trouble.

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I'll tell him that.


It's clear from his actions that he loves her.


I should've gone fishing.

We're weak.

I wanted to save her.

I think we're getting close.

We probably won't do that again.

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Could you tell me the way to Madame Tussaud's?

Joseph fell over and landed flat on his face.

She's Laurie.

The girl rowing the boat is my cousin.

Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to Central Park?

Sheila seems to be afraid of just about everything.

Jackson's health quickly became much better.

I asked him why he is so sad.

You have to be more careful when you play ball.

They're talking to Sofia.

I've got to be somewhere.

He probably forgot about it.

I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue boat.

Hein is always mooching off of us.

I feel really good now.


Are you attracted to him?

Let's take the elevator.

In Japanese folklore, bakeneko are cats with magical powers.


Your parents adored me.

Are you going to eat that toast?

You're not the only one who's busy.


We have ample time to catch our train.

I'm trying to understand it.

Hillel decided to go.

The dog ate the fish, bones, tail and all.

Would you mind not talking about your surgery now - I'm trying to eat.

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Consider it done.


Al still doesn't understand French very well.

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Pedro isn't missing.


What're we supposed to do with that?

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The clock is wrong.

I don't understand politics.

Without the light of the sun, we could see nothing.

That gave her an idea.

He plays soccer.

Sorry, I don't speak very well Esperanto.

They seem code names.


Where can I find the tourist's office?

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Did you put it somewhere?

I knew Trevor meant no harm.

What an ugly cat.


That city is famous for its music industry.


Let's try Charleen first.


Wendy helped fight the fire.

Reid played with the baby.

We clashed on that matter.

You don't have to cry out. I can hear you.

Evan barely touched his breakfast.


Dalton has lost too much blood.


The dentist does not want you to eat any sweets.


Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.

Please don't try this at home.

Will you be in Boston next week?

I will not see him any more.

You've done your homework.

I have to have a little chat with Dawn.

And you didn't even say that we've arrived!

It gets very humid here in the summer. In the winter, on the other hand, it gets very dry.

Are you sure Moe didn't pick Merril up at school?

We were all so busy.

The summit conference was held for world peace.

What started the fire?

Patrick hurt himself on a rusty nail.


He has the reputation of being an incorrigible liar.

How could Louie have known about that?

If you thought that we were "on a little planet with little peoples," you would not want to propagandize anything.