Implications of

Establishing the correct diagnosis is the main driver of good healthcare outcomes. Errors in the diagnostic process can have serious implications.

of medical cases are misdiagnosed

JAMA, “Bringing Diagnosis Into the Quality and Safety Equations,” (2012)

of diagnostic mistakes can be life threatening or result in death or permanent disability

JAMA, “Diagnostic Error in Medicine,” (2009)

Second Opinions Matter

of second opinions result in major changes to diagnoses or recommended treatments

Mayo Clinic Proc., “Patient-Initiated Second Opinions,” (2014)

Adding the perspective of another medical opinion to confirm the diagnosis is frequently recommended. However, getting a truly independent second opinion can also add a significant delay before starting treatment and can require even more decisions to be made at an already stressful time:

  • How to select the appropriate medical specialist?
  • How to evaluate their expertise and independence?
  • How to get into their already packed schedule?
  • How to pay for their service?
  • What if their opinion differs from that of the treating doctor?

*Payne, Singh, et al, Patient-Initiated Second Opinions: Systematic Review of Characteristics and Impact on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Satisfaction, Mayo Clinic Proc. 2014; 89(5):687-696.

Collaborative Diagnosis is the Answer

Our collaborative approach to diagnosis puts the patient at the center of the process, so they can make the best decisions regarding their own healthcare. It offers all the benefits of a second opinion, while ensuring that the treating doctor and our expert Physician Specialist are both on the same page, thus minimizing errors while also resolving any potential conflict regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan.

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