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First Harmony starts with ass spanking making it bright red and grinds her teeth on his boner. Then, he is tied in rope bondage to a chair and forced to keep his tiny dick hard. So mistress can ride him tool mercilessly, not permitting him to ejaculate, of course.

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It is hard to understand David’s mind when he agreed to satisfy DragonLily in her femdom punishment room. This horny woman demands a hard boner all the time and she gets always what she wants.

DragonLily grabs sub’s worthless dick and flogs his body. David’s but gets whipped hard and a cock is cruelly teased. Mistress starts milking his tool permitting him to cum before she is satisfied. Slave’s cock is brutally milked one more time and he understand that this cruel woman will do with it what she pleases!

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Two demanding mistresses – double trouble

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Can You imagine what can do two hot mistresses if sometimes one can be enough to make slave suffer? I think Lefty was a little bit shocked when he saw couple of demanding woman entering factory. Can he satisfy them both?

It will be really hard for a sub to suffer from double humiliation, but as a good sex slave Lefty is willing to try! These cruel dominas are Audrey and Madison. Sub is gagged with a big dildo and ordered to satisfy Audrey first as horniest of this couple. Later sub is bent over like a worm boy and sodomized hard. Horny girl fucks his butt hole while another orders him deep throat big strap-on.

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Les was too late and it makes his mistress really mad. Looks like it will take much less time to make this sub understand what he is doing wrong. Slave begs for mercy but cruel woman punishes him even harder.

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Lots of face sitting and painful domination ends up with Bill’s cock milking! Brutal ass spanking makes Bill’s but bright red and warm enough to be strap-on fucked. Watch sub having deep anal penetration in doggy way!



Submissive Billy enters the dungeon almost naked with a ball gag in his mouth wearing strait jacket. A few moments later cruel mistress Sydnee grabs him and chains down. This black female looks really hot, but sub is hardly could see her beauty under the cloud of humiliation.

Ebony mistress shocking sub’s balls with the violet wand and spanking his ass, there is no mercy in her movements. She wants to make slave’s dick hard right away! When Billy is unable to satisfy Sydnee with his man power she start smothering him with her black round butt.

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This guy was invited at the interview in recruiting agency for a new investigating company. Main part of it was to put all candidates in stressful situations and test if they could keep secrets even being humiliated and punished by woman.

Looks like a sub had no idea where he getting into, but Amber fast makes him to understand this situation. He’ll learn, fast. Mistress ties him hard to the chair naked with his balls stretched into the air in bondage. Thane Amber sits on his face smothering him with her pussy and slapping his body. Amber loves to use her strap-on cock fucking all guy’s holes…

Kade submitted by two cruel women

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Subject Kade should be a perfect slave to get a present from a hot chick shackled to the wall. His mistress Audrey is good in making pain to her submissive and humiliating them like it should be in her femdom factory.

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