Why do you not call her up?

Herman practices the piano every day.

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Jerrie filled the car with gas.

Would you please turn down the TV a little?

I'd rather not discuss Lievaart.


Sanity devoted his life to helping the poor.


They're interesting.

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If you want something to be done right, sometimes you've just got to do it yourself.

I rolled out the dough.

You're not helping.

What Timo did was stupid.

That concept germinated here and thrived overseas.

She seems to be unhappy.

How did you recognize me?


Do you have any idea why Marsha disappeared?


I cannot shoot with a gun. My fingers are broken.

This lighter won't catch.

I listened, but I heard nothing.

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I am a single mother of four children.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

You can't be serious?

The teacher said: "Let's set off right now."

The winter has passed, and spring has arrived.

In 1968 on December 21, Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders carried out the first Apollo mission which orbited the Moon.

So, Francois, are you doing anything tonight?


Syed told Ravindran that the cake she baked tasted good.


This vehicle eventually became a successful family car.

I'd like to speak to Barbara if I may.

Why do you say that?


Someone is definitely lying.

I heard otherwise.

"Who here has a panda at home?" "I do!"


"This conversation has never occurred." "What conversation?"

We're not as stupid as you thought, right?

Why can't you be grateful for what you have?

Men become more attractive from their thirties on.

I don't for a moment doubt your honesty.

You have a noodle on your nose.

I love animals. I have two dogs.

Can't this boat go any faster?

I speak Lakota.

Did you work as a cab driver in Germany?

Warren gave Ross the bad news.

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What did you want to say to me yesterday?

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Any man that tries to rob me of my dignity will lose.


Whether you believe it or not, I want to get this thing over with as much as you do.

My eyes weren't keen enough to distinguish whether the black spot on the ceiling was a spider or a fly.

Jordan doesn't want me to go, but I'm going to go anyway.

I consider Erick one of my closest friends.

You are a cold-blooded person, aren't you?

Keep it down, will you?

My parents live in the country.


You should take photography lessons in order to be a photographer.


I have a very good opinion of Damon.

Ned had no one but himself to blame.

I tried to convince him that I was perfectly capable of it.


What an achievement!


They lodged by twos and threes in the cottage.

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I saw Bruno sitting in the third row.

We're so proud of you!

You'll change your mind.

I have fond memories of all the time we spent together.

Maybe it's not interesting.

What do you think Patty is going to do?

Barton, you're a genius!

Your words have freed me from every doubt.

Skeeter passed away three months ago.

Please turn up the sound.

I take two teaspoons of sugar with my coffee.

Our wheelie bin was stolen.

It's only the poor who are generous.

Myrick is a really good driver.

I can hear that all the way from over there.

As the elevator is out of order, we must go down the stairs.

She's five.

Brazil hosts the Olympic Games.

Theodore, my friend, I know that you loved me, but I could not be yours.


I feel confident.


Sue waited for Mariou to speak, but she didn't.


Julia was the only one who knew how to start a fire without matches.


Such things as television and computers could not have been dreamed of fifty years ago.

I needn't have been so worried about you. I should've known that Kamel would look after you.

Shari has a gift for music.

It was very amusing.

Our company has annual sales of a thousand million yen.

This is a representative, not a comprehensive, list of various types of vaccines.

A stranger came up to her and asked her the time.

What Susumu saw surprised him.

SOPA and PIPA are two bills in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively.


He's in his fifties.

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Troy can go first.

I'm going to pick her up.

Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth hath the Lord, the God of heaven, given me; and He hath charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whosoever there is among you of all His people, the Lord his God be with him, let him go up.

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North Americans are more conservative in terms of sexual morality than Europeans.


The radio next door gets on my nerves.

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She tried to bring the flowers into focus.

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What were you arguing about?

We woke up at the crack of dawn.

Timothy should be able to tell us a little about Boston.

I appreciate good music.

I asked him to help out today.

She bought that dictionary too.

Felix was kind enough to lend me some money.

Go to the store!

This week he works the early shift.

That's not my name.

I'm glad you called me.

I'll deal with this problem later.

It's easy to see why people like Slartibartfast.

The priest will take some of the blood.

I get paid more than most people here do.

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Stuart heard Drew just had a baby girl.

I walk a lot, because it's healthy.

Why don't you reply to my message?

The factory produces cotton goods.

Bobby has a bad headache.


We passed through a town at night.

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Could you come to collect me?

Do you want to talk about it at all?

I've been helping him out.

Is that good or bad for me?

She has otherwordly powers!

I would like to read some books about Lincoln.

She's meditating.

Leora translated the letter from French into German.

The negotiations have ended.


He and his wife had eight children.

Pride will have a fall.

Why do you say these things, brother?


We delegated him to negotiate with them.

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Sue was sarcastic.

We're all vulnerable.

Maurice told the police he had been framed.


It's not that I seriously like him. I just find him very attractive.


The thermometer says it's thirty degrees.

Let's hurry. We don't want to be late.

The atheist is God playing at hide and seek with Himself; but is the theist any other? Well, perhaps; for he has seen the shadow of God and clutched at it.


Antonella will tell us.

Love moves the world.

Leadership calls for tough choices and, at times, tough language.


Shean tried to sneak into the movie theater without paying.

Holly certainly isn't the worst player on our team.

Julia doesn't think it was his fault.

Oh, so you think you're a tough guy, huh?

What sort of things make you feel sad?

We believed her.

The Vikings sailed most of the North Atlantic before entering the Mediterranean sea.

Hon told Joubert to wait a minute.

You'll be busy tomorrow.

Tanaka and Susan broke up last week.

He seemed vague about what he wanted to do.

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You aren't funny.

Jock is so handsome.

I am your sun.

Is it what I think it is?

You don't want to go there.


The one and only reason that Srikanth learned Mongolian was for the "party effect", namely, in order to show off at events.

Daren put out his cigarette.

I got my monthly salary today.