Another attempt at the Real Hardstarting Fiesta

Oh dear, oh dear the Fiesta is in quite a mess.After the hard cranking from the previous clip, we now have a car sitting on the driveway, unable to start, but still shows signs of wanting to start.This is the next clip after ‘A Real Hard Starting Fiesta’ with Kelly again donning some stockings and high heels in trying to get this old heap going.Viewed through the windscreen for the first 3:25 of the clip, you watch Kelly struggle to start and keep running the Fiesta as you see her stocking thigh moving as she trys to start the Fiesta.The engine tease’s her during this segment with some hope at the beginning, but then the problem with the battery kicks in at the end.The last segment is viewed from the passenger leg and pedal angle with the Fiesta continuing it’s stubbornness, as Kelly trys once again to get this heap started with a second battery attached.She cranks and pumps with some choke usage used, only for the starter motor at the end of the clip to give up and just click. Lovely views in this clip and once again, another very cranky Fiesta.Also available on our site for PayPal users.Running time – 5:45

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This one where it tried to depict the female pedals stepping into its original form. At the same time as each other. With the deep shiny high black stiletto patent pumps it already requires some practice to pass therethrough while the sexy stockinged instep properly and bulge. The location is an old, no longer ready for operation hydraulic-excavator. When the pedals are multi-functional forward/backward-drive and brake. 1 of the 2 could also regulate the engine speed and the power. These were responsible for the control ring chain for locomotion, too. When possible, we also have in front of future, possibly with these and other machinery to produce more of it and this also busy with a bold, very elegant and sexy feminine lady dressed to show the real operation.


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On cold workdays PP

Sometime it will be winter again, and thus colder. For many secretaries also begin frosty times what the representative clothing strategy concerns. Gone are the days where they once could possibly save the hosery themselves. Now lined, thick, but also quite chic business costumes are in demand with warming gossamer tights. So some lady likes it here, even slightly shorter in terms of skirt length. But no later than the shoes she has to do with closed snow cover already their minds, as in this three-part-clip. If they had so far failed to buy a few in kind matching winter-boots, she will now, because of the strictrules office apparel nothing else then with their pointed black patent high heeled stiletto pumps to driving to the office through the winter roads. Good for us to see and watching secretly from the back seat, how she does this carefully. Its still better than having to go through the cold snow for them … or … I just thought something wrong !??? ;<)

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Nikki Driving her Mom’s Caddillac


Watch Nikki walk out to her Mom’s car in her pumas with capri jeans get in slip off her shoes and rev her Mom’s car a little. This is one you will love to watch. Different angles of her feet on the pedals barefoot of course. Some shoes showing her feet arching and pressing on the pedals taking you on a nice casual ride. Once she finishes driving you get to see her slip on her gladiator sandals that she will be using in the next clip as a teaser for you fans. Stay tuned!


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Jetta Flooring in Clogs


Switch of pace Jetta throws on a pair of her work clogs and guns it up the highway. Yet again flooring it until she hits 125MPH.

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246 Amber Floorin’ It

246 Amber Floorin’ It

Sexy babe Amber is in a fun mood and loves to her sports Audi fast. Wearing a sexy top, hot denim shorts and sexy black sandals, this hot leggy sexy beauty mashes her high heel into the carpet, flooring it hard, bombing down the freeway!, Amber loves her sports Audi and likes to push it as fast as possible! This clip oozes sexy pedal pumping. Enjoy!

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