Are you the one who spilled the paint?

I want to learn all the words on this list by the end of July.

I have a good sense of smell.

In the first place, he's a lazy boy.

Manolis's boss's behaviour smacked of crass arrogance.

Let's pace ourselves.

This is the best time of year.

No one's looking at you.

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Answer my question carefully.

Graham acts like he's exhausted.

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city.

I've got a secret.

I want everyone to be there.


That's not a choice you have.

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She took a book at random from the shelf.

He got down the book from the shelf.

How exactly do you know her?

Panda bears live only in China.

We have enough room for everyone.


The food in this hotel is very good.

He bought a new car.

I can see right through you, Ken.

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No one spoke up in his defense.

You've lost the ability to concentrate.

We'll be there in three hours.

It doesn't really affect me.

Never open the door for him.


I didn't know you were unhappy.

They hold the same opinion on that subject.

Pleasure's a sin, and sometimes sin's a pleasure.


I have no special skill.

Go and help your sister.

What are the options?

I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do.

She asked for my resignation.


A concerted effort is required to eradicate malaria in the country.

What is the principle reason for going to school?

The disposal of bioplastic waste represents a big problem.

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I've nothing to do today.


Do you like this perfume?


Marsha shouldn't be down here.

His brother is always watching TV.

Where was your daughter?

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Dan was assaulted by a mugger.

I can tell it all to my best friend.

He seems to have been a very popular actor when he was young.

We'd better cancel the hike.

Alexanderplatz is in the center of Berlin.

It was a strange night.

The cat ran right in front of the bus and was run over.

Water is essential to life.

I can't get her out of my mind.


I'll see you later.

I haven't been here in three years.

The best way to know a foreign country is to go there yourself.

The frame still has to be sanded.

Do you really think this is a good location for a store?

How was the movie?

If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything.

I took these statistics from a government white paper on education.

Lord must be here.


When you pose a question, you expect an answer.

I'm not so lucky.

He doesn't run.

I hope I'm not too late.

The real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.

To master English is difficult.

You mean a lot to me.

You'll make Phiroze a very happy man.

What a foolish suggestion!


I worked for Victoria.

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You've got a lot of nerve.

She opened like this.

He accomplished the great undertaking at last.

I have to bathe the cat today.

Getter Jaani is very sweet.


Jingbai is doing pushups.

What's the secret number again?

He believes that he is rich.

I didn't tell Ping you're here.

That's not really enough.

It's me, open the door.

Sidney and Kanthan talked all night.


You remember them, don't you?

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I'm right over here, Saiid.

The name of the playwright character in the game MARDEK 3, Akhmed Wobblescimitare, is an obvious pun on William Shakespeare, and I find it pretty amusing.

You burned the French fries.

Lynn told me to stay here.

Is he a teacher?

Forty percent of food in the United States is wasted.

They worked all night.


When will your assignment be completed?

I don't think this is a wasp.

Did you try to talk to him?

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Cory and Carisa look very tired.

Technology has failed to ease the conflict between man and nature.

That's against the law.


You'd have to expect that.

The computer is undoubtedly a valuable tool.

London, the capital of England, is on the Thames.


I know you were born in Boston.

Rome is always too far away.

Triantaphyllos is the only one here with a driver's license.

I was able to knit.

How can we afford all of this?


I'm sick of it.

Repetition plays an important role in language study.

Why don't you just calm down?

Let's explore the forest!

This is a disaster.

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The king is the best.

Milner must've hated leaving it behind.

Being on time is a symptom of a boring life.

I was thinking of inviting Dion to dinner.

What is this thing used for?


People are weird.

If I could visit any North American city, it'd be San Francisco, California.

He always turns to drink to get away from his troubles.

I'm trying to save room for dessert.

Himawan will need some help.

He who wants to travel the path of wisdom must not fear failure, for no matter how much progress he makes, his goal remains unattainably far off.

Madonna is known to every high school student in Japan.

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace.

Oscar was a smart woman, but proud of her nobility. That's why she always wore fine clothes and costly jewels, that would have suited even a queen.

How long ago was it that you lived in Boston?

Say that you love me.

He has good credentials as a conductor.

Is it cloudy?


Why must you tease me?

I still don't understand what you're talking about.

That isn't what I said.

There are some things in this world that will never come true, no matter how much you wish for them.

Why didn't you tell me you were sick?

I got back to Boston yesterday.

I almost never listen to the radio.


I can't put up with the way he spits.

I admire Susan a lot.

His name is known to everyone in this town.


Child as he was, he worked hard to help his mother.

Tell her what you need.

Ernst, wake up. It's me.

He studied day and night so that he might become a lawyer.

Those remained still.


I'm really irritable lately. My favorite soccer team is in a slump.

That's a bit extreme.

She has green eyes.


Don't rush me.

I should've started earlier.

You have to cross the ocean to get to America.

All the sugar fell on the ground.

I want to spend time with Prakash.

The CIA runs a thorough background check on all new employees.

Is there water there?


The children haven't studied division yet.

Soldiers go on patrol in a military vehicle.

Let's make believe that we know nothing about that event.

I have to admit that you're right.

How much cash do you have on you?


The doctor received encouraging results from the study of the new drug on impotent mice.

Do you think we convinced her?

I wish my dreams would come true one day.

The plenary seat of the European Parliament is in Strasbourg.

I want a steak dinner.

The writer George Orwell was watched for about twelve years by the British police.

He finally comes out after all these years.


The entire crew was afflicted with food poisoning.