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For learning a language, there are different aspects you need to work on – the grammar and the vocabulary of the language as well as speaking, listening, reading and writing in the language.  To hold a conversation in a foreign language, the importance of listening clearly is as much as, if not more than, that of speaking. Podcasts are an effective way to improve your listening skills while also learning more grammar and vocabulary.

Here is a list of my favourite podcasts for  learning and practicing Spanish.

No. 1 Coffee Break Spanish

No. 2 Podcast En Spanish

No. 3 Hoy Hablamos

No. 4 The Unlimited Spanish Podcast


There are several reasons why you should learn a new language but here’s a list of the top seven.

No. 1. A better curriculum

No. 2. Access to a new culture

No. 3. A healthier brain

No. 4. A new perspective

No. 5. Self introspection

No. 6. Conversation topics

No. 7. Friends