He came back two days later.

I should've asked.

He was careful to mention it in the letter.

Sir wanted to tell Eddie about John.

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Don't interpret their silence as obedience.

I had a feeling you were going to say that.

I wish I could sing like you do.

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Why are there pork wings on the menu when pigs don't actually have any wings?

Brender would like that.

I'm an atheist and an anarchist, a professional disbeliever, if you will.

Sandra and Greg never criticized each other.

The shepherd always tries to persuade his flock that its interests and his own are one and the same.

He will not do it.

We love Rafik.

There's nothing down there.

Adam has been brought to justice.

I have to study really hard.

Don't get your dander up, but I have bad news to tell you.


He kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

He's an amateur actor.

I don't get much mail.

I am unthirsty.

Isidore is my ideal man.


Accidents often result from carelessness.


No one understands how I feel.

Did you get robbed?

My car is a gas-hog.

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Richard spends a lot of time on the phone.

Gregg did a really good job.

Stewart is taking figure skating lessons.

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I have to help him no matter what.

Stevan saw that Dannie wasn't in the room.

How do you do.


They picked apples from the trees.

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How about another piece of cake?


I have no more than ten English textbooks.


The child is playing with Meccano.


I know you hired a lawyer.

Do you ever sleep?

You must be very naive to be taken in by such a story.

My neighbor complained about the noise.

She refuses to say what happened.

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The restraining role that the community once played is losing its force as adults become reluctant to reprimand other people's unruly children.

Would you rather wait outside?

Shadow went to the park with his dog.

I've still got some time.

He's a professional photographer.

They were fine.

Nothing's out of order.

I saw him today.

I don't see anybody inside.

You'd better find them.

It's nearly six.


American bombers attacked Japan's largest cities with napalm.

Isidore apologized.

I think I've figured out which horse is most likely to win the race.

They are not happy.

Where is Rome?


Del pointed out the mistakes that Dewey had made.

My parents are aged.

He was walking in front of me.

Don't say bad things about others behind their backs.

Barbara knows many famous people.

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No more of your jokes, please.


Let's see if Josh can manage to do it by himself.


The police found no sign of forced entry.

Why doesn't he tell the truth?

If you are not firm with the children, they will get out of hand.


The soldiers fought valiantly, but finally they had to give in.

Tell me I'm wrong.

I'm disappointed in you.

Sho really didn't say much.

If you're not busy, could you please help me?

How did it work?

It was what I needed.

Are you sure it was her?

There are many people in the world who complain that they are too busy to read.

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Alejandro is a very powerful swimmer, isn't he?

I have three questions for you.

Christophe is in the house.

Nils bought a Chinese-Japanese dictionary.

Tanya is a lot smarter than Tao, I think.

She's a geisha.

Dominic doesn't walk anymore.

We got lost in the woods.

All license number plates of all countries are different.


Walking is nice.


The manager put forward a new proposal.


Kathryn had an early breakfast.

Did the police arrest her?

Joshua is listening to a TED talk.


Well, I'm busy, too.

She is apt to keep a secret to herself.

While he likes English, he is weak in mathematics.

I met him three years ago.

I need a doctor!


How did you enjoy the concert?


Micah never looked this way.

People want to feel safe.

After the storm, the road was blocked with fallen trees.

She listens to him even though no one else does.

I wish he could have come.

He has half as many books as me.

Tao had something he needed to talk to Pitawas about.


There's the problem.

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There were two bridges.

There were several reasons why we decided not to do that.

Edith didn't look comfortable.

Trent was a medical student.

He was all smiles.

The police recovered the stolen jewelry.

London's squares are wonderful.

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Some Chinese food has a lot of MSG in it.

I shut the door quietly so as not to wake the baby.

The store is notorious for charging high prices.


Rebecca looked down at his feet.

Who do you think wrote this note?

How wistful a memory you won't ever recall again.

She has reminded him many times to do his homework.

This beach is a popular tourist spot.


He is the person to whom I gave my dictionary.


The area has been built up since I came here.

I need you to pull up a website for me.

I saw a funny clown with a big red nose.


She had to take a painful decision.

I live in Savigny-sur-Orge, a small town in the Paris suburbs.

Shooting stars can fly across the sky in less than a second.

Bert told us the reason why he was late.

Take the oranges out of the fridge.


No one has ever said such things to me.


The tower can be seen from here.

No one's allowed in.

Don't you want to have kids of your own?

I know what Val is likely to do.

We learned that the earth goes around the sun.

I made a dive for his knife.

My mother gets up early in the morning.


He tried to make the robot run.

I'm actually very excited about that.

You don't know my dad, do you?

I didn't know who was going to meet me at the airport.

They're always fighting.

Do you know where the hospital is?

Ordinarily, urban planners do not view pedestrians as important traffic.

Hebrew is a difficult language.

Fortunately, the older part of the city was spared from the Allies' bombs.


Do you have any idea why Antony did that?

Marion will probably go to Boston next week.

I wanted you to be the first to know.


Not everyone is as considerate as you.

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My interest in politics is strictly academic.


Thanks a million.


I didn't want to work there.

I'm not doing it anymore.

Per would never try to steal my job.

He is an environmentalist.

Give a hug to your parents before you get far away from your hometown.

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This is the best day of my life.