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If you step into a career counselor's office in order to choose a profession that you can be in throughout your life, and one that can keep providing for your family, then without beating around the bush, the expert will confidently suggest the certified nursing assistant occupation. The reason is the statistics presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. The figures claim that demand of health care service providers will grow exponentially due to the baby boomers touching the senior citizens mark by 2020. Therefore, to get ready for the future and help those elderly populations, you must act now without raising the slightest of the doubt.

The action for a lifelong career must start with a CNA program. The program is the preparatory course through which you will learn in performing and handling the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant. The unique feature of the course is its short duration and affordability. This means you can cut away the thought of years of schooling and paying through the nose for the course. All that you have invested in the training course can be recovered in less than six weeks.

Program Sources

The healthcare industry is expecting thousands of certified nursing assistants who can help in offering quality care and services to their clients. Since there is a torrential demand of nursing professionals because of the shortage, the U.S. government is acting rapidly in promoting the nursing training programs. It has appointed a Nurse Board in all the states to promote the training. Each Board gets in contact with colleges, universities, technical schools and medical facilities and gives them approval to conduct the course. Of course, the Board checks if the institute has the requisite infra-structure, workforce and resources to teach the students.
CNA programs

The program coursework includes all the topics a certified nurse aide must know. The State Nurse Board understands what a person working in this position must have so that she, or he can offer nursing care without causing any injury to the patients. Classroom training, laboratory work and clinical practice are included in the coursework. The topics included in the program are the following:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Basic Nutrition and Monitoring Food Intake
  • Work Ethics and Legal aspects
  • CPR
  • Controlling Infection
  • Medical Terminology
  • Bathing, Feeding and Grooming Techniques
  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Taking Vital Signs
  • Basic Hygiene Skills
  • Documentation and Reporting Skills
  • Safety Measure while Lifting and Transporting Patients
  • Recognizing Emergency Situations
  • Identifying Changes in Medical Conditions
  • Learning Symptoms and Causes of Diseases


Putting the right figure on the table is not possible given the different types of Institutes offering the training program. Like the CNA salary differs from state to state, so does the cost of the program. The Board is only concerned with the quality of education offered to the students. There is no benchmark by which the cost of the program can be measured. However, looking at the disparities in fees charged, the average figure we have come across for the training is around $400 on the lesser side, and $2500 on the higher side. The type of institute you are enrolling in will also have an impact on the fees. However, there is nothing to worry about the tuition fees since there is several financial help available in every state for those who have no proper means to pay the tuition fees. Check for any grants or scholarships wherever you are applying for an admission.


The programs are scheduled according to the needs of individuals. If completing the course in lesser time is your aim, you can enroll for a full-time course. If you are working and have only few hours in your hands to study, then take the part-time course. The full-time course will make you study for seven hours and five a day in a week. As such, the course can be completed in four weeks. You will be attending the part-time course for five days in a week too. But since the numbers of hours are less, it takes six weeks to culminate the program.

General Information

All the programs offered by the accredited institutes are approved by the respective Department of Health and Public Services. Students are required to sit in the exam which is administered by Prometric and Pearson Vue depending where they are operating. There is also a rule to take the exam within a certain time limit. Most states expect you to take the exam within one year of completing the program. In case of failure to act in time, you are supposed to redo the training program.

CNA program is necessary to start a career in the nursing field. It is the most popular way thousands of people are resorting to make their career. You can checkout for frequently asked questions about CNA issues.

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