Who are you angry with?

Vivek is groggy.

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I think it's possible that we may win.

Why don't you go help him?

Give me some money.

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It was true that she had gotten married twice.

Do you want to hear about what I did last summer?

They're already occupied.


Just wait!

I think you'd look distinguished with a beard.

The lake is certainly swimmable, but there's no point to swimming in it.

Failure is the best way to learn.

We need help.

She hasn't done anything.

No one would hurt them.

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Little is known of this curious plant.


You have our respect.

We're having guests tomorrow night.

This remote cavern is known only to him.

Why are you out here?

I wonder why it's so crowded here today.

Old practices died hard in the country.

As soon as Hy finished work, he went home.


Isn't Frederick courageous?

He asked me if I knew his father.

How long have you been staying in Osaka?

The charm of Kyoto consists of the beauty of its old temples.

A boy and a girl are sitting on the fence.

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Do you like women with large or small breasts?

I have been to Kyoto.

That is impossible for me.

Did they tell you why you had to do this?

The discussion was nipped in the bud.

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No arrests have been reported.

Kenn resolved to stop calling himself an idiot.

Let's make it three.

What Murray did helped a lot.

My lower abdomen feels bloated.


You have to trust your instincts.

He emphasized that tens of thousands of people would come to that concert.

I did it out of curiosity.

I am about to suffer.

I wish that Blaine were still alive.

I deserve happiness, too.

I need a new challenge to challenge myself.


Where do you think Trey wants to spend his summer vacation?

I haven't seen her in three months.

Nobody supported her.


What are they drinking?


Knut is scared of the dark.

Can you recommend any vegetarian dishes?

This bill is safe to pass.

He still wants to come.

Last night I was caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.

We cannot subdue nature.

Let's give Aimee the benefit of the doubt.

Charley and Isaac went to a very expensive restaurant for dinner.

She's a total bitch.


Do you ever date her?

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They can't see him.


We have to do more than that.

There's a telephone here.

Stagger is currently working on that problem.

Julia declined to offer specifics.

I saw Julia tonight.


Was this man an enemy of the church?

We did not evolve from monkeys. We share a common ancestor.

What time do you take the children out?

He is very nervous about the exam in his English class.

Hawks are birds of prey.


If you're bored, you can contribute to Tatoeba.

Maybe Angus and Milo aren't so different.

Follow this road till you come to the river.

Wilson must've paid a fortune for it.

Adrian and Myron have an open relationship and have agreed that they can each see other people while in the relationship.

Saumya looks awkward.

Did you hear the click?

I couldn't find him.

I don't have all that much money with me.


Scientists continue to discover new medicines, so there is always hope for people who are in comas.

What's your favorite bar in Boston?

Is this car new?

Roxanne obviously needs our help.

The month of May is the month of mothers.


Tell him to let the dog in.


Heavy downpours are increasing nationally, especially over the last three to five decades.


The whole neighborhood was surprised at this news.

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Beth told Chris that if he didn't take a bath, she wouldn't go out with him.


No arrests were ever made.

Everything went horribly wrong from Naim.

I am training to be a forwarding agent.

Things keep getting better.

It was almost impossible to get around on that street.


It is windy today.

We're going to hang them.

What have you gotten us into?


The government is trying to bring down inflation.


Speaking in some languages sounds like playing.

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Those twin brothers have similar faces.

The whole nation is waging a war against poverty.

Kim is four years older than I am.

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Fear left, hope came, and then the first real improvements began creeping in.


I don't think they like me.


The cauldron was steaming and bubbling.


Their daughter studies in that school.

I love you... as a friend.

Are we ready to eat?

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I've been helping her out.

He took it for granted that one knew everything that he knew.

They set out for New York.

Water is wet.

Merat, having risen from his chair, began to speak.

A solution to this problem is still some way off.

Dad isn't home.

The main idea of the book relied on a false premise.

Have you met him already?


Mechael sealed the envelope.

Claudia grew roses.

Rodney raised three children all by himself.

She's selling drugs at concerts.

The secretary gave me an agreeable smile.

I want to go to see a movie.

There wasn't a hurricane, but the house doesn't have a roof.

You're a mess.

I was born on June 4, 1974.

This storm, too, shall pass.

Eli won't talk to me.

Between the upper and nether millstone.

I can't wait to tell Charlene the good news.

Christophe refused to accompany Maria to the ball. He didn't want to fill in for Johannes who had fallen suddenly ill.

That's neither a crow nor a raven, but a magpie.

Many people don't realize that antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

Has American English become the common language of Europe?


Which woman was talking to you?


They didn't even know whom they were to meet.

Surcharges are not included.

Our problems are nothing compared to hers.

It's pouring with rain.

Land prices are running higher every year.


The King went away, and did not find out that a false Queen was lying in the bed.

This is the best cake that I have ever eaten.

She takes her dog to the park before breakfast.

A gentleman should open doors for his girlfriend.

"Have you reserved a hotel room?" "Sorry, not yet."

Dwayne is the one who told us what to do.

These books aren't for children.

I'm still thinking about her.

I haven't fallen in love like this since I was seventeen.

Steve looked very happy.

Pablo brought us each a gift.

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The U.S. is in hock up to its eyeballs.

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What makes you so sure that Rebecca won't be here tonight?


Her work is superior to mine.

Tanya is visiting Boston.

I must speak with you immediately.

Why do you detest Frederick?

Roland was kicked out of school.

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The new shoes pinch my feet.

Al watched Jan as she slept.

I hate coffee.