Don't tell me you dated her?

A reward has been offered for information pertaining to the incident.

I love the way you dress.

Are you saying you can fix it?

Well, what more do you want?

Aaron might be writing email now.

You're fantastic.

It's important to take care of your skin.

Why don't you just piss off?

Your support means a great deal to me.

I'm going to forget you said that.

This is one of the best dictionaries I have.

I grew up in this small town.

Are you telling me you've never studied French?

The two companies plan to unite.

You get closest to Jesus in the tough times, not the good times.


I heard him sing a song.

Taurus will be punished.

You have totally lost your mind.

Look who's there

Are Kenn and Joachim really engaged?


Ethan carried the tool box into the garage.

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Allen forgot to tell Marty what time he'd be there.


I have very few books in English.

I don't understand why all of these are necessary.

The museum is open from nine o'clock in the morning.


Butler is being supportive.

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We celebrate November 28 as Tatoeba day because it is the day when Turkish, Esperanto and Greek were added.

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Izchak reminded Janet of John.

I accept the risk.

Do you believe you can mock me and get away with it?

If I had got a penny each time Donald said something stupid I would own a fortune of more than a million dollars.

He put his hands in his pockets.

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Marguerite crossed his arms over his chest.

Novorolsky and Suyog have the same last name, but they aren't related.

He went there instead of his father.

The adventurer grabbed his Uzi and set out to find the man responsible for stealing 12 million Mexican euros.

Hirofumi speaks French better than me.


Lea can fix anything.

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Don't throw that away.

I may be plump, but I'm vigorous.

You should at least wear a tie.

When the rain stopped, the game of tennis was continued immediately.

The students of this school are friendly.

I wonder if he can lend me his guitar during the vacation.

That applies to him too.

Gordon understands what it takes to survive.

We need to leave here at once.

When do lessons start at your school?

Hank flipped the coin.

If the machine is damaged, you are responsible.

Solar energy is a new source of energy.

They greeted us with a smile.

The new plan may bring into being a peace which will be lasting.

After playing a theremin, all other instruments make you feel like you're in a straitjacket.

In some countries, when a herd of elephants encroaches upon the agricultural livelihoods of farmers, the elephants can be exterminated.

She had a narrow escape.

The room was in total disorder.

Listen, I'm sorry we bothered you.

She was born and brought up in Osaka.

Your composition is correct, as far as grammar is concerned.

This test is important.


I'm not talking about you.

The translation is accurate.

I studied French a long time ago, but now all I remember is "bonjour."

The squid ink in arroz negro blackens the rest of the ingredients enough to make the Spanish dish a Goth staple.

Laurence is giving the baby a bath.

It was irresponsible of him to break a promise.

That wasn't real.

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Why is Tai late?


Get a good night's sleep if you can.


Let's go out and have a party.


I wonder when Shean will graduate.


Oliver and Emma come from the same town.

Use your key.

Why would Holly hire a private detective?

Lowell had no money.

He gets along badly with his boss.


Kamel doesn't seem to know how to do anything on his own.

If I don't get the job, I'll tell Douglas.

He is deservedly popular.

Try to be a more rational consumer.

It doesn't matter whose fault it is.

They are going to exhibit many famous old paintings at the gallery.

It so happens that I know him.

I'm the one who has your helmet.

Where are the kids?


I'm not even sure whether Nigel will come or not.

The dinner they served was badly cooked.

Kylie Minogue is the best singer I've ever heard!

I'm not very athletic.

You can't be two places at once.

This house is not very large.

The fish is still raw.

The fish lives in the sea.

That terrorist was to blame for the disaster.

College graduates earn on average over fifty per cent more than those with only a high-school degree.

Would you like ice cream?


I'm glad he liked it.

Shamim has straight hair.

I'm supposed to meet Johnny at 2:30.

Is Murthy wounded?

Have you ever been in the newspaper?

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That's why I want to talk to Diane.

He is sure to make it in the next exam.

The media doesn't distribute this news.

She thought of the fine autumn day when she had rushed home from school with the good news; she was chosen to be on the relay team.

She got away from us by walking slowly.

She's Wolf's sister-in-law.

Why aren't you home?

I was on vacation.

Uri and Jef have decided to go to a marriage counselor.

I will notify you of the arrival of the goods.

Butler ought to help Sanjay.

You always learn in Tatoeba!

"Yes. I understand," says Mrs. Lee.


Israel can still wear the same size jeans he did when he was twenty years old.

You just have to ask for it.

Brender always puts himself first.


We're not leaving.

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Bring a shovel.

Why can't we tell Murthy?

Luis was genuinely puzzled.


He drank of the spring.

Now ten dollars buys less than five dollars did three years ago.

Who were you looking for?

Randy took what he wanted.

He must be stupid not to see such a thing.


It finally made sense to me.

It's very cold now.

Leaning on his bone-tipped spear for support, Marcos rises to his feet.

I didn't agree to meet Lucius.

I'm back! Oh? Have we got a guest?


Malloy fell off of his motorcycle.

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She doesn't stop writing letters.

Joel wasn't expecting anybody.

You refused to pay.

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Charge it, please.

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.

You've got to be yourself.


We think Jesse can help us win.


He baked her a red cake shaped like a heart.


Maria said that you'd help us.

The population of Japan is less than America.

I'm delighted to meet you again.

Andries is one of my technicians.

Lester doesn't want you to share this information with anyone.

They want to be lawyers.

The police dismissed the people.

She wants to donate money.

They don't know what they're talking about.

Call me sometime.

We're no longer working for them.

It's hard to take you seriously.

There were many cute dalmatians in the pet shop.


The atmosphere surrounds the earth.


I'm not finished.


I guess I should be going.

Quite the contrary, I'm the one who must ask for forgiveness.

I didn't speak with Ravindranath directly.

The chicken is undercooked.

What kind of wine do you recommend?


I am going to need your help.


That was the smallest RV that I ever saw.