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Latest Book Read “God is Always Hiring” Lesson 8

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!

   I started reading a new book called, “God is Always Hiring”  50 Lessons for finding fulfilling work.  It was written by Regina Brett and it basically outlines her life experiences and how each one of them has given her a skill or insight that has prepared her for the job she has now.  I’m only as far as lesson 8 and it has really given me some great insights and the chapters/lessons aren’t that long so it would be an easy read at lunch or before bed.  Of course I like to read with a note pad beside me so I can write little tidbits, but I wanted to share them with you in case you too might benefit from Ms. Brett’s insights. 

These are the things that stood out to me. She refers back to some scriptures in Matthew 25, and the basic lesson learned is that when you have been faithful with what you have been given, you get an abundance and if you don’t use your talents/gifts you won’t get anything.  2) I really like this, Your calling is written on your heart.  I think we know what we like to do as opposed to what we don’t like to do and when you do something you like it brings you great joy, which could be because that’s what’s written on your heart.  3) saying Yes without action isn’t truly a yes.  This is so prophetic, how many times have you said yes or okay to something to get someone off your back, with no intention of really doing it?  I have done it.  4) Every morning before work/school/events of the day, decide who you want to be and go be it.  Its up to you, nobody else.  No one except you is in charge of building your resume or giving you challenging work or making your 9 to 5 day meaningful.  Every job can be as magical as you make it.  Your worst job can be someone else’s best job.  I think this is definitely true, I know I have taken on jobs that the previous person made look so hard, so complicated and so busy, but when I took over, I didn’t see it that way, I took one task at a time and did fine.  Or I made it my own by adding parts of myself to it, using sticky notes with quotes or pens with a purpose as I call them, pens with things attached to the top, crowns, diamonds, bananas etc.   I also like this part, where she writes, sometimes the magic isn’t the paycheck or perks, but in the mark you leave behind.  This is definitely true, I’ve had bosses who left such a presence behind in organizations that you longed to have them back, but you could go on because they left some of the best pieces of their selves behind which kept everything running great.  Also, you can tell you left behind a legacy so to speak because people who often leave, comment on how they never realized how great the office was until they left it!

Please have a safe and happy holiday!

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Talking it Up a Notch (aka To be or not to be…me doing his laundry)

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This topic came up today, “do you do your husband’s laundry?” So I’m just wanting to throw it out to you.  Are there specific chore assignments in your household between you and your husband?  Does he/she make sure the vehicles are taken care of or take out the trash so in turn you do the laundry and clean house?  My husband and I do our own laundry.  I’ve never been opposed to doing all the laundry, but my husband told me he has always done his laundry and would do it and I’m okay with it.  We both do other things around the house, not that any of them were ever verbal agreements or expected by the other.  Except the dishes, I did offer to do them (load the dishwasher) since I am working part-time now.

The other ladies in the discussion, one that had been married for well over 30 years said she does all the laundry, cooks, cleans etc. and he does other things that need to be done, they are a more, what I’d refer to as traditional, but work like a team.  Then the friend that started the conversation, said she does all the laundry.  There are two of them in her house and she doesn’t mind at all.  She feels like it is doing her part and he does things as well.  However, one of her other girlfriends who was not with us today had asked her, why do you do his laundry?  He’s a grown man and should do it himself.  She just couldn’t understand why she did his laundry.

I am interested in your comments.  I’m taking it up a notch, because I know housework can be a big issue.  I don’t know that it’s the chores specifically, but we are all busy and tired.  So having more to do at the end of a long day just adds to our frustration.  Plus, we can feel inadequate or like a failure when we look across the room at the clutter, dust and disarray throughout the house, even if it’s that way justifiably.

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Interesting Talking Titles

As I open this online journal of sorts I was thinking what might be some good “topic” titles or categories to include for 2018.  Here are a few I have so far.  “Talking it Up a Notch,” “Talking Back,” “Life is a Stage,” and “Life is Short.”  There is also, “Talking until you are Blue in the Face.”  Then of course, how do you categorize what goes into each topic?  Life is Short is kind of obvious – reflection, making changes, removing the clutter from your life.  Life is a stage could be a segment on adventure and travel.

I’m also going to link to some of my favorite pages which lean mostly to the creative, like people into lettering, art or decorating.  I’m definitely looking towards growing into a site which provides some sort of talk with value.  People talk all day, but not always to the benefit of those around them.

We could do “Talking Light,” which I guess could either be about eating healthier or spirituality.  I will probably talk some about my “Lifestyle changes” which has zero to do with sexuality and everything to do with living to be 100 and still enjoying the top 3 for me, glazed donut holes, Hershey’s chocolate and movie theatre buttered popcorn.  I think of moderation as ordering the small waffle fries. lol

I also want to continue to ask some of my friends to write articles on things that matter to them or something they’d like to share.  Lots of great stories out there for sure!

So, I’ll say welcome and if you like subscribe or send me an email on something you might like to see added to this, yes another blogger site.

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Personal Dreams

     Greetings from the very hot & humid state of Oklahoma, whew!  I am sitting here at my desk which is behind the love seat and overlooks the living room.  I was in a small office for years so I don’t like the thought of being in a small bedroom.  So I have an open concept house and I can look across the living room, dining room and kitchen.  The desk itself was a small dining room table I bought with bar stool seating so it looks like a wider sofa table.  I have it between the love seat and the window…yay window! and it works for me.  When people come over they can sit in my open concept conference room (aka living room) and they don’t even notice if I don’t tell them.

     Anyway, I have been listening to someone talk bout how to format a book in Microsoft word, while I’m thinking about a book cover, how many words, what the magically written words would say and so on.  My grandchildren and I have a concept idea for a chapter book for children – probably 4th to 6th grade level.  Then my head which pings thoughts constantly moves me from one thing I’d like to do to another and another and another.  So I got to thinking do you my friends have so many dreams that you get overwhelmed by how you could possible do all of them to the point that sometimes you do nothing?  That’s where I often find myself, or I think I’ll think about it later.  Then later, I can’t bring myself to do anything.  Now that I read back over this paragraph, perhaps these other things are not personal dreams at all…just other brilliant ideas of things I could do.  So this next technique is probably a great idea!

     I know through training one thing you can do when you are trying to focus on something specific is you can put thoughts that don’t relate to what your doing in a place that can be called “the parking lot.”  Its just a place to let you mind know that although that is a great and important idea, we will look into that later, for now we will stick to this topic.

I’m so glad I started this topic, its letting me put my projects, ideas personal dreams into some perspective just writing it out!

Lesson 1: write it out

Lesson 2: Brilliant off topic ideas to the “parking lot” or you can name it something that appeals to you.

Lesson 3: “Live your Personal Dreams”

Thank-you for spending time with me…leave a comment!