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          Management Consulting firm specializing in four primary disciplines:
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is Design 2T
?   A Management Consulting firm with professional experience in Engineering, Design, Product Development, CAD, Studio Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Tooling, Quality Systems, Program / Project Management, Business Management, Sales and Business Development, Marketing, Organizational Development, Leadership, and Strategic Management.

Why Design 2T?     We are engineers, designers, leaders, strategists, innovators, and problem solvers who thrive on design of solutions and opportunities with ideas, people, products, and processes.   We have extensive professional experience, training, and education,
driven by our values of integrity, ethics, teamwork, leadership, initiative, and innovative spirit. 

How Design 2T thinks?     Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to focus on the needs of our customers, skillset to assess issue resolution, vision to see the 'big picture', expertise to ask the right questions, and.....THINK.    We are driven by functional assessment, conceptualizing ideas, strategy development and execution, creation and design of dynamic solutions.   

Who is Design 2T?  2T represents Todd and Tim, identical twin brothers, and principals of Design 2T. 
Tim LaMore brings expertise in Business, Finance, Management, IT, and Systems Development. 
Todd LaMore brings expertise in Engineering, Design, Program Management, Leadership, and Sales.   
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