I don't feel like going to the movies. Let's take a walk instead.

An old man sat surrounded by his grandchildren.

Health is wealth.

Tessa is a good violinist.

Logic and common sense suggest that Russia, the European Union, and the United States must act jointly.

Tell Manny I'll call him back.

This desk is used by me.

Alexis was already finished with life and was ready for the end; then Maria stepped into his life.

Would you like to join us for a game of cards?

I think that he has mumps.

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You did ask me to help you, didn't you?


I'll get him ready.


I am short of money.

Hey, it doesn't work that way.

You're working late tonight, aren't you?


I don't like it as much as taking care of children.

Where is the Indian embassy?

We'll get socked any minute now.

We heard someone go upstairs.

I really like this guy.


Isn't this Central Driving School?


I think it's time for me to get a new email address.

This place is arguably the best restaurant in London.

Vicki only saw Vladimir once.

Socorrito talks like he knows everything.

Ian was pardoned by the governor.

I have a few things to do.

Johann wants me to give him some space.

I have to work tomorrow.

What did you eat this evening?

Gail was trapped in the cave for three days.

That's going to be a problem.

We spent three hours in the open air.

I don't know what you heard about me.

I didn't know that Victoria could swim.

I lead a busy life.

Hillary showed Hy how to boil water in a paper cup.

I doubt we're going the right way.


The moon came out from behind the clouds.


I'm good friends with him.

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Your husband's dead and sends his love.

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She has been invited to give the keynote speech at their annual conference.

Can I have the bill, please?

For the sake of children in need, we cooperated to collect donations.

Was your father right?

They're not busy.

I have to study for the exam.

There's a guy named Kent Jackson on death row.


Marco said something to Manolis that I didn't hear.

Peter always makes a mountain out of a molehill.

Hey, the water is cold. I just hope I don't get sick.


They loaded the tank on the flatcar.

The principles of building a German sentence differ remarkably from those of building a Russian sentence.

That man is on trial for the murder of a little girl.

Why do you think Allan doesn't like me?

I attempted to solve the problem.


I wish Byron had come with us, don't you?

I didn't give him anything.

Why did you bring him here?

It's very obvious that he likes you.

I just ate sushi and drank beer.


He sighed with regret.

Let me help you out a bit.

A ghostwriter is an author who writes for someone that, in practice, only supplies his signature.

A bad penny always turns up.

Kelvin runs faster than anyone else I know.

Briggs kept every letter Vickie wrote him.

Never say never.

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She's acting on instinct.

Nicolas and Noam played draughts.

He spoke with a Taiwanese accent mixed in.


This ticket is valid for three days.


I'm ready now, Randal.


Ilya decided not to buy it after he looked at the price tag.


I would hate to work shifts.


One ticket costs five hundred yen.

We're grateful for your help.

The snow lay on the ground, frozen into a thick, hard crust.

There aren't so many gays here.

Loukas knew he was in trouble.

Anarchy can happen during wartime.

I thought you might like to know that Jim is planning to be here tomorrow.

I can't get married without my parents' permission.

They have a degree of concern about their son's safety in the city.


Don't blow out the candle.

A high degree of specialization is required in that company.

Can I stay here and watch TV?

Happy birthday, dear friend!

The living room in my new house is very large.

Spy immediately called 911.

They do not want the worker to be free.

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I'm not wealthy.


Allen and Curtis are still in the kitchen.


I don't know what else I can say.

Let's just let Ian handle it.

This is between ourselves.

It is dangerous to lean out.

She looked around in wonder.


I guess sooner is better for you.

I've already read this report.

The manager of the hotel is very kind; he spoke kindly to the girl.


Is there any problem with feeding my dog ice cream?

Lorraine is a stupid boy.

He tricked her into agreeing to his proposal.


Are you telling me I'm stuck here with you?

Luke cleaned it up.

Get me an ambulance.

It just didn't seem important at the time.

I think you should think about the future.

The police found Old's footprint in Boyd's room.

We should be very concerned.

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Whether we will go on the trip depends on the weather.

Lisa owns a blue car.

You just ruined three years of undercover police work.

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Patricio and Po moved in together last month.

Thanks a million.

Could you tell me how to use the telephone?

The sons sorrowfully buried their parents.

Whereas he was weak as a baby, he is now very strong.

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Ahmet should've asked Ravi to marry him while he still had the chance.

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All of my kids want to learn how to swim.

We can't promise anything.

Her lovely voice was a real feast to the ears.

Thad doesn't need to do this.

Van finally did something right.

From then on, flower fairs were held in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival every year.

He may have lost his way.

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"...That's why I require your services. Help me, Phoenix Wright! You are my only hope." "Are you sure you have a valid case?" "Yes. Link is living the good life." "Don't worry. We'll have this case settled very soon." "Do not be so sure. I know the prosecutor." "Could a young warrior from another land know any good prosecutors, I wonder? ...Who's prosecuting?" "Miles Edgeworth."

Ragnar has threatened to kill me.

The manager balanced the strength of his team against that of their opponent and sighed.

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Pablo's ego has been bruised.


It would hurt your reputation if you went to the party with Marilyn.

Poor as he was, he did not borrow money from others.

He's an old plutocrat.

It rained for the first time in ten days.

Can we have a menu, please?


The shadow falls upon the wall.


Kerry burst into the kitchen.

This effect was noticed by the creators of the full-screen editors, such as PyRoom, FocusWriter and DarkRoom.

Put some ice on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

She's very bitter because she knows the situation.

Please don't get mad, sir! I'm a new worker!


I want you to know what really happened.

Eugene is exceptionally good-looking.

When was the last time you smelled gas in this room?

She got to the station at seven.

I didn't catch their names.


"Link!" "What happened?" "You are my son!" "Great!"

These aren't ideal conditions.

I'm scared to talk to them.


Is this Latin?

It's all about technique.

I don't know if I'm ready to do this yet.

Someone is always there.

Lots of women both run a home and go out to work.

We're sure of that.

In that village only one family remains.

Are you crazy, or what?

These flowers have a unique smell.

She sang happily.

What has happened to my passport?